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Ten tips for exhibitors
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CLiCK&Fit turnkey stand and services
  "Base" (12 & 15 sqm)
  "Plus" (18 & 24 sqm)
  "Maxi" (36 & 48 sqm)

Stands at QUiCKFairs exhibitions

Your stand at QUiCKFairs® exhibitions

The benefits of the QUiCKFairs® concept for exhibitors:

  • simply show up at the event and do nothing else but business
  • easily plan your participation
  • rapidly find out your return-on-investment
  • no red tape, no waste of time.

Your stand

  • a perfect platform to do business
  • a transparent and comprehensive package at low cost
  • an all-in bundle without hidden surprises
  • all ready and waiting for you when you arrive at the show with everything taken care for.


Standard look and equipment

'Base' module

Furnishings QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Standard

(12 & 15 sqm)
'Plus' module
Furnishings QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Standard (18 & 24 sqm)
'Maxi' module
Furnishings QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Standard (36 & 48 sqm)


Included services

Included services QUiCKFairs exhibitions

Participation fee includes, for example:

  • unlimited access to internet via wifi
  • parking right next to exhibition center
  • online visitor invitation tool
  • online customer tracking tool

Complete list


Photo gallery stands at QUiCKFairs® exhibitions

'Base' module

Furnishings QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Standard

(12 & 15 sqm)
See more
'Plus' module
Furnishings QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Standard (18 & 24 sqm)
See more
'Maxi' module
Furnishings QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Standard (36 & 48 sqm)
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Available optionals for your stand

Conveniently orderable through the exhibitors' personal account MyQUiCKFairs

Corporate DesignFurnishings

Stand walls

Furnishings QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Stands


Furnishings QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Tables

Company Name Tags

Furnishings QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Stands

Reception Desks

Furnishings QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Reception desks

Cubes and Show Cases

Furnishings QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Display Cubes in Corporate Design

Show Cases

Furnishings QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Showcases

Stools and high table

Furnishings QUiCKFairs exhibitions: high table and stool


Furnishings QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Chairs

Brochure holder

Furnishings QUiCKFairs exhibitions: brochure holder

Cabinets and lockers

Furnishings QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Lockable furnishings

*Our guarantee: if you participate at a trade show in the same sector and pay for a comparable furnishing or production an inferior cost than at your QUiCKFairs exhibition, we'll reimburse you the difference; just show us the invoice of the other show.


Attracting attention at the exhibition

Investing in QUiCKFairs® shows is advertising without scattering loss.

Public areas

Sponsoring QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Public areas

Your company will be visible
  • check-in/entrance
  • conference room
  • restaurants/bars
Badges and Lanyards

Sponsoring QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Visitors

Your logo will be applied on
  • visitors' badges
  • badgeholder lanyards
  • online-registration on event website

Sponsoring QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Visitors

Promote your company by
  • attaching your flyer to the event's mailings to visitors
  • inserting your logo in event's e-mails to visitors


Other services at the reach of a click

All exhibitors need to do to find them ready at the event is conveniently order them online in their personal account MyQUiCKFairs®.

Temporary staff


QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Interpreting

The better the understanding, the better the business.

Negotiating interpreters

  • Italian/English/German
  • Italian/English/Franch
  • Italian/Chinese
  • Others

QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Hostesses

Welcome your customers
  • professionals
  • English speaking

Fiere QUiCKFairs Facchinaggio

Locally sourced craftsmen for
  • professional manual labor to work under your instruction
  • assembly and displacements

Where to stay


QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Hotel discounts for exhibitors

Hotels on offer in the personal account MyQUiCKFairs
  • close to the venue
  • discounts for exhibitors
  • various classes

Technical services


Spedizione merci e consegna nello stand

Send your materials
  • before the event: directly to your stand
  • after the event: from your booth to your company

Fiere QUiCKFairs:movimentazione con muletto

If you present a machine or take heavy material to the show
  • forklift
  • qualified staff
  • insurance included
380 V electrical current

Fiere QUiCKFairs:fornitura elettrica 380 V

If you take a machine to the exhibition
  • industrial socket
  • ready to use in your booth
  • consumption included
Compressed air

Furnishings QUiCKFairs exhibitions: Compressed air

For yor machinery
  • Compressor ready to use in your booth



CLiCK&Fit turn key booths
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