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Coiltech 2014

24-25 September 2014  (venue Pordenone Fiere)


The fastest growing international trade show and largest meeting point for the Coil&Winding industry in autumn 2014. Materials and machineries for the production of electric motors, generators, transformers and winding systems.


Fifth edition

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Franchising Nord 2015

in collaborazione con
BeTheBoss Italia Il portale leader per il Franchising in Italia
23-24 maggio 2015 (Venue PiacenzaExpo)

Launched in 2011 by QUiCKFairs in cooperation with BeTheBoss Italy, Franchising Nord is becoming the leading Italian exhibition in the field of start-ups with Franchise systems.


Photos 2014 edition
Photos Stands 2014 edition

Why exhibit at Franchising Nord




Events realised in the past


Franchising Nord 2014

in cooperation with
logo BeTheBoss
24-25 May 2014 (Venue: Piacenza Expo)

With 70 exhibitors and almost 2000 visitors ready to invest in a new entrepreneurial activity, Franchising Nord is becoming the leading Italian exhibition in the field of start-ups with Franchise systems.




Coiltech 2013
25-26 September 2013 (Venue: Pordenone Fiere)

During the two-day long international trade show for the Coil&Winding industry, more than 180 companies have met technicians and professional buyers from all over the world.
Coiltech 2013 has also been the venue for the Coiltech Energy Efficiency Award.






Franchising 2013 Nord
25-26 May 2013 (Venue: Piacenza Expo)

The third edition of Franchising Nord Fair closed with the satisfaction of exhibitors who welcomed visitors from all over Europe that were interested in starting their own business.

Good luck with your new endeavours!



Coiltech 2012
26-27 September 2012 (Venue: Pordenone Fiere)

International trade show for the Coil&Winding industry. Materials and machineries for the production of electric motors, generators, transformers and winding systems.






Coiltech 2011 Nord Alpe Adria 
28-29 September 2011 (Venue: Pordenone Fiere)
The international Coil&Winding industry has a new and valid meeting point with a truely international atmosphere. Immediately after the show, almost two out of three exhibitors signed up for the next edition.


Franchising 2011 Nord
28-29 May 2011 (Venue: Piacenza Expo)
Combining the forces of the advantages that internet offers with the groundbreaking concept of a down-to-earth event format, privileging a conveniently reachable venue to the alleged atmosphere of a metropolis has proved a winning bet.


Regalo 2011 Nord Ovest
Regalo fiera B2B
23-24 May 2011 (Venue: Piacenza Expo) 

Shop owners, retailers and purchase managers meet selected manufacturers, importers, and distributors of gift items. To keep abreast about the trends and finalize orders.


Coiltech 2010 Nord
30 September - 01 October 2010 (Venue: Pordenone Fiere)
The launching edition of Italy's first trade show for the Coil&Winding industry proved that the concept of an event in a ready-to-play, low cost format creates high value leads to the market players.


Regalo 2010 Nord Ovest 
 Regalo fiera B2B
13-14 June 2010 (Venue: Piacenza Expo)
The test edition of Italy's first trade show in the 'low-cost' format. Some expectations met, others only partially.

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