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Coiltech 2017

Pordenone 27/28 September 2017  

What visitors think about Coiltech


Coiltech keeps growing and has now become an important meeting point in the Coil & Winding field.
Every year a higher number of professionals from all over the world come to visit and see for themselves the reasons for this growth.

Have a look at what visitors of our previous editions think:

Quality of exhibitors and products

Internationality and growth

Level of the conferences

Quality and quantity of the meetings




Smart and quick format

Accessibility of the venue


We enjoyed the atmosphere of professionalism that we breathed during the fair


Quality of exhibitors and products

"I received several invitations from my suppliers so, after looking at the exhibitor list, I decided to visit Coiltech.
As I travel a lot and I don't have a lot of time left, it was nice to see that the show can be visited within a day. Compared to other bigger field exhibitions, I feel that I did not miss anything. Coiltech probably has the advantage that the exhibitors are a lot more specialized. Overall, I found what I was looking for and I am satisfied with the visit."
Bogdan Kreca - Head of Motor Development Department
Bosch Home Appliances Group - Slovenia


"We build the largest particle accelerators in the world, and I am in the technology group specialized on magnets.
I visited Coiltech so that I could meet business partners who work in the electromagnetic field. What convinced me to come was the interesting international companies in the exhibitor list.
I already knew some of the companies that were exhibiting. I was pleasantly surprised to meet small and medium-sized companies which whom undertake new projects.
Unlike other fairs, Coiltech is more focused and business oriented.
I will definitely come back next year and invite other colleagues to visit it.
Attilio Milanese - Engineer
CERN - Switzerland


"It is the first time that I visit Coiltech, it is beautiful!"

Boris Alzetta - Electrical Designer

Electrolux Laundry - Italy

Benoit Petitgas - Emerson, Leroy-Somer

Click on the picture to listen to the testimonial of Benoit Petitgas (Emerson, Leroy-Somer - France).

Ralf Schneemann - HTT
Click on the picture to listen to the testimonial of Ralf Schneemann (HTT Hochspannungstechnik und Transformatorbau - Germany).

"Coiltech is a nice exhibition, well organized and where we got the chance to meet suppliers that we already knew and also discover new ones. At the Berlin exhibition we met some of the suppliers but not all, we found at Coiltech what we needed for our business."
Frank Breunig, Procurement Strategies,

Siemens Energy Sector Power Transmission Div. - Germany


"Coiltech is a good university and industry meeting point."
Nicola Bianchi
University of Padua - Italy


"I am responsible for rotors in start motors with low voltage and high power, which is a niche of the Coil Winding Industry.
I decided to visit Coiltech just one day because I had some appointments with our suppliers.

Although I have seen only three companies that I already knew, the visit was very efficient for me because I could discuss, face to face, a lot of technical aspects that are more difficult to be dealt with via phone or e-mail.
Next year I will try to arrange to visit Coiltech during both days of the exhibition so that I have the time to see also possible technicians from new suppliers, to compare and to follow some presentations of the conference.

I think that a visit to Coiltech is recommendable to anyone involved in the decision making process concerning materials and components."

Daniel Ciuk - Methods Engineer
Valeo - Poland


Growth and internationality

"We manufacture motors and I like Coiltech very much, as it is well organized and I usually find what I am looking for.  Visiting Coiltech gives me a chance to meet all the players of this fieldOver the years, I've noticed that the exhibition has become wider, there is more choice and I make more contacts."
Yozmane Hassen - Technical office manager, R&D
AACO Manufacturing Srl - Italy


"This is the second year that I come to visit Coiltech and I always find it interesting and growing. In just one day I can meet the companies that interest me. I will be back next year. "
Alessandro Barbieri - Technical Purchasing Plant

Ansaldo Energia - Italy

Francesco Cirulli - Bonfiglioli

Click on the picture to listen to the testimonial of Francesco Cirulli (Bonfiglioli - Italy).


"I have been visiting Coiltech since 2010, and every year I see it grow regarding quality and number of exhibitors. Here I generally have the opportunity to meet our usual suppliers and within the day discover the latest news of our business, something for which I would not normally have time. Every year I try to involve colleagues from the technical area as Coiltech is an excellent opportunity to exchange opinions and evaluate new materials and machines"

Valter Grifoni - Operations & Supply Chain Manager

Bonfiglioli - Italy


"As I have been working for years in the field of electrical machines, plant engineering and power systems, I have always appreciated the exhibition Coiltech. It allows a broader participation and it has been growing year after year, attracting more and more international participants.
The technical seminars are consistent with the context as they treat current issues illustrated by professionals and academics working in the sector.
Pordenone, this small town chosen for the exhibition Coiltech, proved, and I sincerely wish that it will continue to be, a good international reference provinding an excellent opportunity for creating relationships and giving insight on the state of the art applications, innovations, materials, and services equipment related to electrical machines."
Ing. Gianluca Stanic - Technical Sales Manager
Electro Adda S.p.A. - Italy

We enjoyed the atmosphere of professionalism that we breathed during the fair 3

"I come almost every year to visit Coiltech and I have seen a huge growth in recent years. Even though the time is always short, the exhibition Coiltech is interesting and it is always worth the visit.
I visit mainly to have a clear idea of how the market is developing and to have the opportunity to meet the majority of my suppliers so that I can talk to them in person about ongoing negotiations and technical aspects. "
Giuseppe Lucci - Purchasing Manager

Getra power Spa - Italy


"I have been visiting Coiltech since 2012 and if the growth rate continues like that of recent years, the show will turn out to be an excellent alternative to some of the most important trade shows of this field. In order to take full advantage of the exhibition there were a lot of us that came to visit. We were looking in particular for a winding machine and visited the booths of different suppliers. With some of them, we decided to deepen the discussion even after the exhibition. I hope that in the future the number of manufacturers of winding machines that display in Pordenone will grow even further."

Alessandro Sartorello - Ingegnere Ricerca e Sviluppo/Progettazione

Lafert Servo Motors S.p.A. - Italy


"My colleagues and I have been visiting Coiltech for the past couple of years. It's nice to see that it's growing year after year and we do find all at once most of our suppliers. I will certainly try to come again next year."
Matjaz Avbelj - Director

Mintex d.o.o. - Slovenia

Chandra Shekar Mallina - SSE
Click on the picture to listen to the testimonial of Chandra Shekar Mallina (SSE - India).
Giuseppe Cannavale - Tamini
Click on the picture to listen to the testimonial of Giuseppe Cannavale (Tamini Trasformatori - Italy).



Level of the conferences
Alessandro Castagnini - ABB

Click on the picture to listen to the testimonial of Alessandro Castagnini (ABB - Italy).


"We are studying solutions that use electric motors and we found that Coiltech is very useful because it is more focused compared to similar exhibitions (at the end one doesn't need 100 suppliers of the same material ..). We had a list of suppliers that we wanted to meet and, in addition, we found some new ones that we did not know before thus improving our list of suppliers. As per the conferences, our general opinion is positive - we found very useful the one referred to the trend of engine design."

Valerio Galizzi - Advanced R&D Technical Project Leader

Brembo S.p.A. - Italy


"Since 2012 we are speakers at the World Magnetic Conference Coiltech and we are pleased to note that every year the event grows internationally.
We have always received positive feedbacks and we are willing to be here again next year. "
Leonardo Vitaletti - R & D Manager
FIME BU Motors / Elica Spa - Italy


We enjoyed the atmosphere of professionalism that we breathed during the fair 12

"Coming from Lyon, the exhibition is not really around the corner but it is certainly worth the experience. The "family size" exhibition gave me the opportunity to meet different suppliers, improving this way our sourcing, and talk in a friendly environment about specialized technical issues that we had. I had the opportunity to attend some of the conferences and was very pleased by their technical quality and how they were really applied to the working world."
Nicolas Lemaitre - Project Manager

Fuji Electric - France 


"We were sincerely surprised because Coiltech is bigger than what we originally thought: there were a lot of exhibitors, both Italian and international, and it was nice to see that the conferences were cured by University of L'Aquila (underlining a close relationship with the organization of the exhibition). Overall a very good experience from which we got lots of contacts".
DI Albrecht Grießhammer - CEO
GET-Innovation - Austria

David Staton - Motor Design
Click on the picture to listen to the testimonial of David Staton (Motor Design - United Kingdom).

"I found the exhibition Coiltech easy to visit because it is compact and well organized. I was therefore able to make new contacts with many of whom I later developed business relationships.  I also found very interesting and specific the technical conferences."
Davide Zambianchi - Motor Design, R&D
Parker Hannifin Manufacturing - Italy

Luca Ferraris - Politecnico di Torino

Click on the picture to listen to the testimonial of Luca Ferraris (Polytechnic University of Turin - Italy).


"I work for an important player in the industry and I found out about Coiltech by browsing for motors in the internet as I always look for professional updates.
The topics of the conferences intrigued me to the point of organizing the trip from Bari. I found the conferences all-comprehensive in terms of notional and practical applications in my field.

I cannot give any suggestions for improvement as I believe the exhibition is already perfect.
I would recommend a visit to anyone working in this field."
Alessandro Lopriore - Electrical Engineer



Quality and quantity of the meetings

"I've been visiting Coiltech for the past three years and every year I find significant improvements - the exhibition as of today is perfect, I would not
change anything. I generally visit so that I can see the exhibitors (the show is so compact you can visit them all!) and to attend the conferences which I find technical and interesting. Visiting Coiltech gives me the opportunity to find the suppliers that I already know, and to find new ones, with whom I can talk in person about technical details. I would say that it's a positive experience that I recommend."
Giovanni Tartaglino - Motors Designer 

ABB - Italy


"For me this was the first year that I visited the exhibition Coiltech, my colleagues have been coming for a while now. The exhibition Coiltech gave us the opportunity to talk personally, within a single day, with already established suppliers and also to learn more about others, some of whom were already suppliers of the Emerson group for other realities.

Overall I consider it to be a positive experience for the quality of the contacts and the opportunity to begin interesting negotiations."

Angelo Serio - Manufacturing Engineer

Emerson Group, ASCO Numatics Sirai - Italy


"I found out about Coiltech from my colleagues and I found it interesting, a nice impression in general.
I came to visit as I wanted to talk in person with one of our suppliers of winding tools. The show gave me the chance to compare other suppliers that I had not previously considered."
Alberto Zecchin - Technician

Marelli Motori - Italy

Rita Moras - Nidec
Click on the picture to listen to the testimonial of Rita Moras (Nidec - Italy).

"I liked the Coiltech exhibition because it is interesting and constantly developing. Roughly twice a year we look for specific machinery for the production. Before the show I knew that I could meet some interesting Coiltech suppliers, a good opportunity to evaluate them better and talk about technical aspects face to face. In the end we're satisfied and we found what we were looking for."
Bernardo Curtolo - Plants Purchasing Technician

Nidec Sole Motors - Italy


"We had a good experience at Coiltech especially when we visited all potential suppliers. We feel that we are able to get first hand information and understand better the exhibitors' products because of our visit."
Austin Leow - Production Engineering Centre, Motor Section
Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration Devices - Singapore


We enjoyed the atmosphere of professionalism that we breathed during the fair 5

"My boss and I came all the way to visit Coiltech from Brazil,  where unfortunately there isn't a specialized exhibition like this one. At Coiltech we had the opportunity to visit multiple suppliers all at once and start negotiations for special parts needed in winding machines."

Marcelo Zylan, Manufacturing engineer
Robert Bosch Campinas - Brazil


"It was a good idea to come to this exhibition. After one day of tour, I found a lot of suppliers that I had been looking for a long time."
Ali Hijrani
Tooska Applied Hardwares Development - Iran


"Generally we find our suppliers on the internet but face to face meetings really help. We came looking for different products and at the end of the exhibitions we got some really good contacts."
Jerzy Bober - Chief of Maintenance

Zelmotor - Poland


We enjoyed the atmosphere of professionalism that we breathed during the fair 4



"I rarely visited such a well-organized exhibition as Coiltech. We appreciated the possibility of free parking as well as the great service inside the exhibition halls. For an innovative company like ours it is a perfect place to get in contact with new suppliers. The concept of compact booths makes it possible to meet all the suppliers that are interesting for us, in just one day. We liked the atmosphere and we returned back home very satisfied."

Kai Böhner - R&D Manager

Böhner-EH GmbH - Germany


"I came to the exhibition Coiltech because I produce transformers and I needed a winding machine and impregnation system. At the end of my visit I found what I was looking for.
The fact that it is very well organized is something I certainly appreciate."

Werner Hildebrand - CEO

Elcar - Switzerland


Hirooki Tokoi - Hitachi 

Click on the picture to listen to the testimonial of Hirooki Tokoi (Hitachi - Japan).
We enjoyed the atmosphere of professionalism that we breathed during the fair 7

"Visiting Coiltech is very efficient for its technical focus and its visitor friendly set up. Since the stands are smaller than at other exhibitions, it is easier to get a broader vision of the offer. Coiltech is more human than other shows and therefore the atmosphere is friendlier which makes it more pleasant to do business with the suppliers and partners you meet."

Eric Renault - Export Manager

MERO-Tsk Sas - France


"This was my first visit to this exhibition – Coiltech. The organization and exhibition were perfect.
We have contacted with many companies who are offering permanent magnets, winding wires and insulating materials.
If we have the possibility, we would visit the exhibition again."
George Mutafov - General Manager
Micromotor Ltd - Bulgaria


"This was my first visit to Coiltech and I was certainly impressed by the organization (free close parking and the bus stops right at the entrance!) and by the quality of the exhibitors. I usually visit Berlin exhibition and although the number of the exhibitors were  lower, the Coiltech exhibition is a much more friendly place that allowed me to have really successful meetings."
Zoltán Molnár - Technical Director

Siemens - Hungary


Smart and quick format
Mario Dovo & Martin Marquez - Cramaco
Click on the picture to listen to the testimonial of Mario Dovo and Martin Marquez (Cramaco - Argentina).

"Visiting Coiltech has been very interesting and productive. We have seen most of our suppliers all at once hence the trip was cost and time effective. We're quite satisfied and will definitely come visit again next year."
Aleksander Loncaric - CEO

Elkosun d.o.o. - Slovenia


"I really appreciate the opportunity given by Coiltech to meet not just regular suppliers but also potential new suppliers with which, otherwise, we would not have had any opportunity to be in touch.
In addition, and it’s been a pleasant surprise, I discovered names and types of suppliers I would not have given a thought myself unless if I would have spent lot of time searching on the Web, perhaps without even finding a good solution. Being in contact for two days with so many companies has allowed me to save a lot of time and build those personal relationships that the Web doesn’t allow you to build.
Martino Vezzoli -  Electric motors designer

FIR Electromechanics - Nidec - Italia

David Staton - Motor Design

Click on the picture to listen to the testimonial of David Staton (Motor Design - United Kingdom).


"I came looking for winding machines for our factories around the world and now thanks to Coiltech we are in final talks with a specific company.  I generally visit other exhibitions but I really liked the format of Coiltech because it is more compact and I do not lose time to meet the companies that are interesting for me. I would say that at Coiltech I knew only about 50% of the companies, the other 50% were all new and could potentially be interesting for my colleagues."

Thomas Glutz - R&D

Schaffner - Switzerland


"We decided to come visit at the last minute because we needed a machine, and we were really glad we came as, we found what we were looking for.  Compared to the Berlin exhibition, it was very nice to see that Coiltech is very easy to visit and one can see it all within the day - this way saving time!"
Aleksander Boldys - Engineer Industrialization Dpt.
Schneider Electric - Poland


We enjoyed the atmosphere of professionalism that we breathed during the fair 6

"My colleagues and I came to visit Coiltech for both days of the exhibition, wanting to make the most of it and be able to see both the suppliers
and the conferences. This was my first year visiting Coiltech and I was very pleased:  we met all our suppliers, discovered some new ones and saw some very interesting conferences. For us the exhibition format of Coiltech (booths are all the same size making it a lot easier to visit) is a lot better than other important exhibitions of the same field where you are just tired from the exhibition itself, to be able to take full advantage of being there."
Thierry Tollance - Engineer Motor Dpt.

Somfy - France


"We received several invitations from our suppliers to visit Coiltech so we decided to come and were surprised to discover that the exhibition was actually better than expected. In comparison to the Berlin exhibition, despite our limited time, the format of Coiltech gave us the chance to reach people easier, which was really great!"
Olus Sonmez - Production Director

Sonmez Transformator Sanayi - Turkey



We enjoyed the atmosphere of professionalism that we breathed during the fair 1



Accessibility of the venue
"I visited Coiltech for the first time together with my colleague who knew the exhibition since the previous edition. I am currently working with the PCB boards and small motors that we use for our appliances, so I was looking for test equipment.
I found the show very interesting. Considering the logistic aspects and the cost efficiency, the location is great for us as we can afford to sustain the expenses for more people from the same office. I already saved the date for the next edition.
Alessio Vazzoler - Laboratory Technical Manager
Delonghi Appliances Srl - Italy

"Logistically it's very easy to get to the exhibition. Visiting Coiltech, gave us the opportunity to be updated on the latest trends in the market and to synchronize better with our suppliers so that we can save time and money."
Fabio Olmo - Department: Electromagnetic Simulations

Johnson Electric International Ltd. - Italy


We enjoyed the atmosphere of professionalism that we breathed during the fair 11

"From Slovenia, the exhibition Coiltech is very close, just one hour by car... Having very limited time, with this opportunity we managed to meet with different suppliers and place orders for winding machines. I should say that for our business, the exhibitor list was quite complete and we didn't need to look any further."

Primož Žakelj - Technology Department
Mahle Letrika doo - Slovenia

"The exhibition is very well organized and easily accessible.
I visit various industry exhibitions, both nationally and internationally, and I find Coiltech very interesting and always growing. Every year within a single day I can meet with all the suppliers that interest me (as well as finding new possible contacts) which otherwise would be very difficult to accomplish within normal working hours."
Loretta Casarotto - Purchasing Manager

Mecc Alte Spa - Italy


We enjoyed the atmosphere of professionalism that we breathed during the fair 9

"I've been attending Coiltech since 2012. For me it's the perfect place to get updates on the industry, both technically and commercially. The technical conferences are a good way to learn new things from Worldwide experts. I also like the logistic: the trade show is easy to reach and the free parking lots in front of the pavillions are a plus not to forget".
Angelo Russo, Sales Manager

Salzgitter Mannesmann Handels GmbH - Germany


"I have been visiting the exhibition Coiltech since the very first edition, in 2010, and I always left with a very good impression: the number of exhibitors has increased significantly over the years, the conferences are always interesting and the atmosphere is more relaxed than other
similar exhibitions, which helps to do business.
Coiltech is easily accessible and at the exhibition one can easily see all the interesting suppliers plus discover new ones. We'll sure come again next year."
Andrea Fongaro - Head of Electric Department

Sumoto Srl - Italy


We enjoyed the atmosphere of professionalism that we breathed during the fair 10




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