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Why book Coiltech 2018 already now


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Coiltech 2017

Pordenone 27/28 September 2017  

Why book Coiltech 2018 already now

Coiltech 2017 is held in halls 6 to 9 and is sold out.


In 2018, we will add Hall 5 to the floor plan.


The allocation of spaces is organized in the following way:

  • Companies that have signed up before July 21st to Coiltech 2018, that have sent us their preferences in the preliminary floorplan and that are in good standing with the economic agreements:

    The allocation is being elaborated at the moment (on the base of the ranking - number of participations at Coiltech and the date of sign-up at each edition) and the results will be published in the beginning of the month of September.
  • Companies that sign up in the course of September and during Coiltech 2017:

    The allocation will take place at the moment of sign-up.
  • Companies that sign up between September 30th and October 31st:

    Preferences will be allocated based on the ranking (number of participations at Coiltech and the date of sign-up at each edition) and the result will be published around mid-November 2017.
  • Companies that sign up after November 17th:

    They can choose the position in the on the online floorplan on the base of the availabilities in the moment of sign-up. It will not be possible to sign up between November 1st and November 17th.

6 good reasons why get in touch with us now to book your booth immediately:



Because it is the fastest growing exhibition in the electromechanical industry


Since 2010, Coiltech has enjoyed a growing number of international companies offering materials and machinery for the production of highly efficient electrical machines.

number of exhibitors



Full exhibitor satisfaction is one of the reasons why Coiltech grows by an average of 30% each year.


certified number of visitors



At first the Italian electrical machines manufactures, then the Europeans and since 2014 from all around the world, contribute to the increase of the number of visitors year by year.
A positive trend driven by the quality of the product shown, the marketing and co-marketing strategy, the innovative format of the exhibition and by the word of mouth.
Please note that the figures consider visitors only. Coiltech does not count exhibitors' staff as visitors, as many other exhibitions do. Also, Coiltech is the only exhibition in the industry that has an independent auditing company certify the visitors' data. More details

The quality and international variety of visitors have allowed exhibitors to establish interesting contacts, thus encouraging them to confirm their presence every year.


Coiltech is the Coil&Winding industry exhibition with the highest confirmation rate on the market, around 90%.



The view of Metech


We want to make our compliments for all the work you have done over these years, that has made Coiltech in Pordenone grow and be more known.
We have obtained in the years, to our great and pleasant surprise, contacts with transformer manufacturers from different countries, including from last year even Japan, that are now developing into interesting projects.
This convinced us to book immediately in the next edition of Coiltech, to take part in this exhibition for the fourth consecutive time and purchase a larger stand to welcome the increasing number of visitors.

Alan Verardo - Metech

The views of Balance Systems and Roechling Plastics Italia

Roechling at Coiltech Balance Systems at Coiltech

Every year, we have seen constant growth in interest: more exhibitors, more visitors to our stand and, above all, a highly satisfactory quality of contacts made at the event.
The presence of international visitors has also enabled us to pass on contacts to Roechling Group entities in other countries.

On this level, we consider Coiltech a meeting point that cannot be missed by those operating in the industry. It is also more effective than other events which may be bigger but are also less well organised.

We must repeat our compliments to the organisers who have managed to streamline the preparatory phase of the exhibition, leading to savings on time and resources.

We'll gladly see you again next year!

Andrea Lombardo - Roechling

Taking part in Coiltech fully lived up to our expectations.

We met a lot of interesting people with excellent follow-up prospects for the contacts made at the exhibition.

Our work was made easier by the support of an organisation always ready to respond to our requirements.

Coiltech deserves to grow so we had no hesitation in booking our stand for the next edition.

Massimo Ballabio - Balance Systems



punto2 Because technicians from Europe's leading manufacturers of electrical machinery visit it every year

QUiCKFairs® has invested in the competence of its internal staff which strives constantly to extend and improve its database of producers of electrical machines, electric motors and transformers on a global level.

Function within the company

About 80% of visitors carry out a technical or management role in their company.


A staff of 5 resources takes care exclusively of the updating and qualification of our database calling every single company, creating relationships with the visitors and ensuring that they are definitely your potential clients.


Every day QUiCKFairs reaches on the phone technical managers, heads of R&D and general managers from companies which manufacture and/or assemble electrical motors, generators, electrical pumps and transformers.

The exhibitor package includes the possibility for you to use our staff to invite to your stand on your behalf, companies that you would like to meet at Coiltech.

At the end of the exhibition, we will give you the updated database.


The view of C.D. Wälzholz

C.D. Waelzholz at Coiltech

We are pleased that a 'low cost' exhibition specialized in materials and machinery for the construction of motors, generators and transformers has been very successful with first level international exhibitors and numerous well-informed visitors.

The results of our participation encouraged us to exhibit again at the next edition.

Sigrun Voß, C.D. Wälzholz


Coiltech takes place at the heart of the European market and the Italian market.


3 airports close to the show

3 airports and more than 100 flights makes it easy for visitors to get to Coiltech

Venice, Treviso and Trieste airports make Coiltech easy to reach from all over the world. Moreover, all of these airports are served by low cost airlines, keeping down the travel costs of your customers. Further to this you have the possibility to meet a large number of companies of this field, which are based in the wide industrial area around Pordenone.



Check out the list of all flights connecting Coiltech with your customers

The views of Aussafer Due and VonRoll

Aussafer at Coiltech VonRoll at Coiltech

Coiltech has confirmed itself as a very important appointment. In particular, this year saw an increase in visits by potential foreign customers.

Roberto Movio - Aussafer Due

We enjoyed two highly intensive and commercially interesting days at the event.

It is clear that an excellent promotional strategy has been adopted, attracting many, strongly interested visitors.

Alberto Perini - VonRoll


Because it has the potential to become the most important exhibition of this industry

Thanks to the specialization and vertical nature of Coiltech, producers of electrical motors, generators, electrical pumps and transformers find at Coiltech the right components and the best solutions for their production processes.

Coiltech Early Bookers
Sign-ups by end of April Year after year, more and more exhibitors decide to rebook Coiltech within the end of October.

The views of Euro Group and L.A.E.

Euro Group at Coiltech LAE at Coiltech

We are pleased that participation levels at Coiltech have increased so significantly in terms of both visitor and exhibitor figures.

We are certain that the exhibition will continue to grow further in future and have already confirmed our participation next year.

Sergio Iori, Euro Group

Coiltech has proven an excellent opportunity to meet customers and prospects.

In fact, we have increased our presence, involving all companies in the Trafogrid business network.

Alex Bertuzzi, L.A.E. Lughese Attrezzature per l'Elettromeccanica S.r.l.


Because Coiltech is an exhibition where business is done

Coiltech Visitors data

Coiltech confirms itself an excellent place to do business (source: customer satisfaction questionnaire for Coiltech 2016).

Coiltech visitors come to meet suppliers and, above all, to place orders.

Coiltech format and the focused business topics make the exhibition both time and cost efficient.

That's why visitors are extremely likely to come back to Coiltech or to recommend a visit to colleagues.

For more details, see the visitor profile


The views of Kienle + Spiess and LCD LaserCut

Kienle + Spiess at Coiltech LCD LuserCut at Coiltech

We have taken part in Coiltech since 2011 and, every year, we see an increase in orders from customers met at the event.

The cost/benefit ratio of Coiltech has become the benchmark for the exhibition in the industry.

Julia Weisse, Kienle + Spiess GmbH

I have been taking part in Coiltech since the first edition and every year I have picked up new customers with which we still have continuing relationships.

Management of the exhibition and customer support provided by the organisers were perfect again this year.

We have already booked our stand for next year.

Dr. Giuseppe Pasquarella, LCD LaserCut AG


Because it is very simple to organise


The simplicity of taking part in Coiltech begins even prior to registration: the floor plan is interactive and will be published on line after the fair, giving the preemption to 2016 exhibitors.


At Coiltech, stands are provided on a "ready to go" basis. This keeps the organisational commitment down to an essential minimum and creates a "level playing field". There is no need to invest money, energy and other resources in the design and realisation of the fittings of your stand.

Coiltech floorplan 2017

Click on the image to see the 2017 floor plan.

You will make the registration of your company online, it is quick and easy, just like booking a train or a flight.

Bureaucracy is kept to the minimum.

Upon registration, your MyQUiCKFairs account is created. This is where you can carry out online all the operations needed to organise your participation at the event swiftly and without wasting time: invoicing, selection of products, sending of invitations, banner downloads and other functions will make your participation a success.


Subscribing to Coiltech in advance allows you to have more choice in the location of your stand


Among the various services of your participation is included the QUiCKContact system, easily manageable from MyQUiCKFairs. By connecting an optical reader to a PC, you can register visitors to your stand and access their up-to-date details at any time.


Use this link to find a list of all services included in your participation.


The views of Meteor, Stiefelmayer Lasertechnik, Yokogawa and CST

Meteor at Coiltech Stiefelmayer at Coiltech

Excellent organisation, choose your stand easily online, click and its yours.

Excellent price. Well-organised and friendly staff.

Coiltech is industry-dedicated in the right way.

Other exhibitions are so big that they can be chaotic and confusing.

Francois Zussy - Meteor AG

- was very well organised
- has a very friendly team and truly excellent and flexible assistance - had interesting and relevant visitors - enabled us to make excellent contacts

We have already signed up for the next edition.

Jutta Jerabek, Stiefelmayer Lasertechnik



Yokogawa at Coiltech

CST at Coiltech

I greatly appreciated the excellent general organisation of the event and the quality of the pre-fitted stands. The choice of poplar makes everything look nicer and warmer than the usual stands fitted out in other materials

I was also very satisfied with the quality of visitors. I believe Coiltech has been well directed and has reached the right target. I was visited by potential customers looking for solutions to well-defined technical problems.

I also noted that the quality of the conferences added to the exhibition content, attracting interested people.

Luca Rizzardi, Yokogawa

We take part in many different exhibitions and events and we were extremely pleased with the assistance, availability and precision of the QUiCKFairs staff.

Everything was very simple, quick and clear. The quality of the support provided greatly reduced the time needed to organise our presence at Coiltech.

Nicoletta Carminati, CST - Computer Simulation Technology


Because it has a good value for money

The low cost format rewards those who sign up first. They can choose their position first, promote their business first and spend less.


You can participate at Coiltech from just 3,990€


If you want to book your booth for Coiltech 2017, call us at: +39 02 87 23 40 50


The views of VonRoll and Alliance Winding Europe

VonRoll at Coiltech Alliance Winding Europe at Coiltech

The budget necessary to take part in Coiltech is so low that it may be considered like an expense claim for a business trip by one of our sales managers!

Riccardo Brivio, Von Roll

In any business segment, it is essential to be sure that our marketing expenditure is used to reach our customers effectively. Coiltech has the lowest cost per contact in our industry.

The support and availability of the Coiltech organisers was very pleasant.

Mark Carter, Alliance Winding Europe



Do you want to talk with us? Call us at + between 09 and 18 UTC+2 during summer time, UTC+1 in the other months.



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