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Italy's first low-cost trade show organiser

QUiCKFairs® low-cost trade shows
What are their distinguishing features?

  • These trade shows - like low-cost operators in other sectors - focus on essentials, offering a better service at lower prices.
    For example, low-cost airlines almost always fly on time, focusing on the most essential part of the service and delivering brilliantly.
  • Likewise, QUiCKFairs® trade shows aim at making it easier for exhibitors to find customers willing to place orders or start negotiations and to ensure that visitors make the best of their time in the trade show. 
  • The direct costs (stand, set up, trade show-related services) and collateral costs (accommodation, meals) are lower.
  • They are easy to reach. QUiCKFairs® selects exhibition districts in which to hold trade shows according to the number of exhibitors in the reference area. Visitors typically can drive to the venue in less than two hours using the motorways and can park very near the exhibition pavilion.
  • They are highly effective. The choice of venue, the focus on specific themes, the exhibition layout, the organisation system (pre-assembled elements and IT systems), the duration (events last only two days), the web-based technology platform used for the registration procedures all contribute to allowing visitors and exhibitors to make the best of their time in the trade show.
  • Our best reference: exhibitors from previous QUiCKFairs®  trade shows


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