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Exhibitors' list 2012

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Coiltech 2012 Tradeshow for Coil Winding, Electric Motor, Generator and Transformer Technology

Trade show Coiltech 2012 > > Exhibit > 2011 Exhibitors' statements

Coiltech 2012

Pordenone, 26-27 Settembre 2012  

2011 Exhibitors' statements

"Large attendance and competent visitors ..."
Alberto Perini, Albesiano

"Lowest cost per contact in the industry..."
Mark Carter,AWE

"Interesting encounters and excellent perspectives in the follow-up of the leads..." Massimo Ballabio, Balance Systems

"Ideal platform to sustain and build contacts..." 
Alexander Chiappa, Cibas

"Remarkable echo among international exhibitors and competent visitors ..." Sigrun Voß, C.D. Wälzholz

"On the right way to create a landmark event..." 
Andrea Ravera, DMG Meccanica


"Significant growth..."
Sergio Iori, Euro Group

"A level playing field for all exhibitors..." 

Rinaldo Folco, FASP Automazioni

"Interesting contacts for our business development..."
Marco Lucchetta, Gielle Plast

"The fruits will show..."
Paolo Gasparini, Ing. Brizio Basi

"Finally a good alternative to the monotony of Berlin ..."
Marzio Scuratti, Isovolta


"See customers in two days..." Bruno Tropeano

"We will exhibit with a larger booth next year..."
Silke Krauss, Kienle+Spiess

"An excellent opportunity to meet customers and prospects..."
Alex Bertuzzi, LAE


"Over 40 encounters with customers and prospects..." 
Giuseppe Pasquarella, LCD LaserCut AG

"Encouraged to sign up quickly for Coiltech 2012..."
Sebastian Wältring, M-Pulse

"Advertent observers of exhibitors' offer..."
Remigio del Col, Office GSP

"Quick and uncomplicated sign-up, preparation and organization..." Giannantonio Peloso, OMM2


"Only at few weeks after the show we got the first results..."
Davide Zeminian, R&D Components

"Excellent success for the branding of our name..."
Andrea Lombardo, Roechling Machined Plastics

"Excellent  perspective for development ..." 
Simone Mazzucco, Sigi / Trielec

"We will exhibit at the third edition with an even bigger booth..." 

Federico Donato, SKF

"At the second edition already all the characteristic features of a leading event..."  Vito Poles

"Excellent organization, friendly and flexible staff, very good contacts..." Jutta Jerabek, Stiefelmayer Lasertechnik

"Meet the right people..."
Emanuela Lovatti, Tecsystem

"Many interesting reunions, innovative and easy management of the organization ..." Aldo Arminio, Traser

"Exhibiting in Coiltech costs less than some business trips..."  Riccardo Brivio, VonRoll  



Albesiano Coiltech

"We have passed two very dynamic and interesting days for our business.

It appears that the promotional strategy has succeeded to target the right visitors: we noted a large attendance of competent and interested visitors.


Last year we had visited the fair and we decided to participate at in the second edition. The results achieved by Coiltech 2011 were beyond all our expectations. It's an event not to miss and we are looking forward to returning to Coiltech 2012."


Alberto Perini, Albesiano


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AWE Alliance Winding Europe Coiltech Nord

"In any specific manufacturing sector, it is essential to insure our advertising costs are used to reach our customers. The CoilTech 2011 exhibition has the lowest Euro/Contact cost in our industry.

We were pleased with the support and helpfulness from the Coiltech organizers."

Mark Carter, Alliance Winding Europe  


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Balance Systems Coiltech

"Exhibiting at Coiltech has fully satisfied our expectations; we have had interesting encounters and excellent perspectives in the follow-up of the leads.

Our job has been facilitated by a highly customer-oriented organization. This show deserves to further grow!

Therefore we have not hesitated to book our stand for the 2012 edition immediately after the end of the event.

Massimo Ballabio, Balance Systems

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cibas Coiltech Nord

"Our second experience of participation was the confirmation of the positive path undertaken by Coiltech.


A very specific and technical trade show, the ideal platform to build and sustain valuable contacts, with the right investment. "

Alessandro Chiappa,  Cibas


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C.D. Waelzholz Coiltech Nord
"We are happy to note that a trade fair in the "low-cost" format, focussed on materials and machines for the production of electrical motors, generators and transformers enjoys a remarkable echo among international exhibitors and a large attendance of competent visitors.

The results of our participation in Coiltech 2011 encourage us to exhibit again in 2012."

Sigrun Voß, C.D. Wälzholz

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DMG meccanica Coiltech Nord
"Coiltech is on the right way to create a landmark event for the industry.

We confirm to be exhibiting in Coiltech 2012, appreciating the growth and specificity of the event. "

Andrea Ravera, DMG Meccanica

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Eurotranciatura Coiltech Nord
"We are delighted that the the number of Coiltech's visitors and exhibitors has grown significantly.

We are sure that the exhibition will further develop. Consequently, we have already confirmed our participation for 2012."

Sergio Iori, Euro Group
Gielle Plast Coiltech
"We have exhibited at Coiltech for the second time in a row because of its innovative format and focus and because it has been an excellent opportunity to present our company to potential new customers, both Italian and international.

Compared to last year, the show has grown significantly in terms of international visitors and exhibitors and this enabled us to get in contact with companies that are very interesting for our business development.

As we are confident that the show will keep growing we have not hesitated to sign up for the 2012 edition."

Marco Lucchetta, Gielle Plast

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Fasp Coiltech

"We are content because the organization of the fair creates a level playing field for all exhibitors and it's the companies with their products and services who make the difference.

Rinaldo Folco, Fasp Automazioni

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Ing. Brizio Basi Coiltech

"Every aspect of Coiltech, before, during and after the event, is very well organized.

We have met rather few prospects, but the perspectives are good and we know well that the decision making process to invest in a facility like the ones we offer takes its time.

We are convinced that the fruits will show and therefore we have already decided to exhibit again at Coiltech 2012."

Paolo Gasparini, Ing. Brizio Basi


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Isovolta Coiltech

"Coiltech is a good alternative to the monotony of Berlin.

In Pordenone we worked in a functional location  receiving our customers in a friendly and professional atmosphere, easily to reach and close to all market players, but especially to those who find a visit to Berlin too time consuming

Marzio Scuratti, Isovolta S.A.U.


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Jovil Coiltech

 "I consider essential for the growth of a company SEE customers, to know, learn and understand each other better. When I knew about Coiltech  I immediately thought:
 1. it will require a small investment;
 2. I could meet new customers;
 3. I invite my customers and see there in 2 days;
 4. during the days after the show I can combine visits to other customers;
 and so I immediately booked. Coiltech allowed me to do what I had planned and to recover the relationship with very important prospective customer.
 I then immediately re-confirmed my patercipations for 2012."

Bruno Tropeano, Jovil



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Kienle&Spiess Coiltech Nord

"Our participation at Coiltech 2011 has been very successful. We have established an interesting number of good contacts to potential new buyers and intensified the links to our customer base.

Immediately after the show we have signed up for Coiltech 2012 and, considering the show’s results and organization, we feel encouraged to choose a larger booth next year.”

Silke Krauss, Kienle&Spiess

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LAE Coiltech Nord

"Coiltech turned out to be an excellent opportunity to meet customers and prospects.

We will exhibit in 2012 again with a larger booth, involving our partner companies of Trafogrid."

Alex Bertuzzi, LAE

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LCD Lasercut Coiltech Nord

"Our participation in Coiltech 2011 was worth it again. We discussed concrete projects with over 40 clients and prospects, and not even 15 days after the show we already received the first order.


The set-up of the show and the customer-oriented support by the organizer were perfect in 2011 again.


We already booked our booth for next year."

Dr. Giuseppe Pasquarella, LCD LaserCut AG  


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M-Pulse Coiltech 2012

"The leads that we obtained once more have encouraged us to sign up quickly for 2012."

Sebastian Wältring, M-Pulse


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G.S.P. Officine Coiltech

"We visited Coiltech 2011with great interest.

We especially appreciated the materiality of the event and the absolute visibility of the all exhibitors.

We noticed that the visitors were very advertent observers of the exhibitors' offers and therefore certainly serious users.

That's why we have taken the decision during the show to come back to Coiltech in 2012 as an exhibitor. "


Remigio Del Col, Officine G.S.P.


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OMM2 Coiltech Nord

"For us it was the first participation at a trade show and the experience was positive.

Sign-up, organization, logistics arrangement and booth construction were very quick and of high quality.

We met some of our regular customers who were probing this young, specialized and quite comprehensive fair in the coil and winding industry.

We also had good contacts with prospects, and we are working at converting them to customers. Willingly we decided to participate again next year to increase the awareness for our company and to expand our business field and the customers portfolio." 

Giannantonio Peloso, OMM2

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 R&D Componets Coiltech

Our participation in  Coiltech 2011, strongly supported by my German partners of TMC, outcame especially  by a certain curiosity about an event with a strong potential.


First of all I could see a steady increase, the exhibitors has quadrupled in just one year.

We noted that almost all the exhibitors were also present at the Coil Winding Berlin, so we agreed that the target was that visitors could be interested in the windings and components used in electric motors and thus the thermal protectors TMC produces .


From the beginning  the organizers' approach was interesting because they found all commercial aggressiveness of low cost airlines companies, over the last decade have revolutionized air transport world, reducing, in a sense, not only the costs, but also the distances.

The concept of "read to use and all inclusive" (wi-fi internet functioning included) at a price that is half that normally used by other fairs organizers in Milan, Monaco, Lyon, Berlin, etc. ... has an enormous potential that can lead to results comparable to the revolution happened  in our skies.

My statement laying its foundation on the awareness, shared by many in the industry, that human relations and direct contact with the customer or the supplier continues to have enormous importance, irreplaceable, even with the internet today that you can talk and be seen, at low cost, from everywhere in the world. For this reason, in my opinion the fairs are very important.


And in an increasingly global and ever-changing, ever-lower margins that leaves its workers, has become essential to be present on different markets, but also control and, if possible, to reduce costs. And in this context that the concept of this exhibition is intended to be low cost with can become a real instrument "to fight the crisis."


Analysing in detail the Coiltech you can say that even now, despite not having had a high number of contacts, these were still above our expectations, high quality, in fact, a few weeks after its conclusion, the fair has already borne fruitful results.


To the organizers I would only give two suggestions. The first is to improve electronic service invitations, because it is unique and of great interest with enormous potential, but unfortunately not yet enough strong to overcome the defenses of computing the individual computers that often have "trashed" as spam.


A second one concerns the conferences held during the event, which were only in Italian, and this is a strong limit for an event that aims to be (and surely it will become more and more) an International event. Thus it may be interesting to the presence of interpreters able to translate simultaneously, at least in English.


About  the rest everything is perfect, even the location.


Davide Zeminian, R&D Components


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Roechling Coiltech

"Coiltech is strategically important for our business and it has been very easy to exhibit: low cost, immediate responsiveness, everything trasparent and handy.

All our visitors have shown qualified interest and I belive that the branding of our name has had an excellent success."

Andrea Lombardo, Roechling Machined Plastics

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Sigi Coiltech

"A well-organized show, it pays to be present! I think is a fair with excellent prospects for development in the short term."

Simone Mazzucco, Sigi/Trielec

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SKF Coiltech Nord

"Our participation in the first two editions of Coiltech has been very useful: the first year we got many contacts and also this year we've had new ones. 

The feedback we got from the show looks good to us, so we will exhibit at the third edition with an even bigger stand.

We like the web-based organization of the show that has allowed us to save time and resources. The contacts made at the fair were useful and detailed."

Federico Donato, SKF


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Spelco Coiltech Nord

"We appreciated a lot the effort of the organization that, keeping unchanged the costs of participation, has been able to push the event in the right direction.

The previous edition of the newborn project was ambitious: to dedicate an entire fair to the theme of "motor-transformer".

It probably surprised many, including ourselves, that already in its second year the project had all the characteristic features of an exhibition of great interest worthwhile to participate at as an exhibitor and even more so as a visitor.

Our participation has exceeded by far any reasonable expectation and also succeeded to give us new confidence in a market that hasn't been easy for quite a few years.

Consequently, we promptly confirmed our participation in the next edition of this exhibition, being sure that it will give us a good support to our unresting willingness to be entrepreneur.

Congratulations to QUiCKFairs for having had the courage to try and see you Coiltech 2012."


Vito Poles,


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Stiefelmayer Coiltech Nord

Coiltech 2011 in Pordenone

  • Has been very well organized
  • the assistance on behalf of the friendly team has been excellent and very flexible
  • had interesting and important visitors
  • enabled us to make very good business contacts

We come back in 2012 with pleasure.

Jutta Jerabek, Stiefelmayer Lasertechnik

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Traser Coiltech Nord

"Our evaluation about the just finished fair is very positive.

We had many interesting reunions with colleagues and customers and the innovative system of organization and management of the event made it very easy to exhibit."


Aldo Arminio, Traser


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Traser Coiltech Nord

"What does it mean to choose Coiltech among the enormous offer of trade shows all around the world? Certainly it means to

  • meet the few right people of interest to us (transformers);
  • take part at a trade show in the low cost format in a strategical position in a nice town called Pordenone;
  • be able to count on the generous cooperativeness and welcome of the show's organizers."

Emanuela Lovatti, Tecsystem

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VonRoll Coiltech Nord

"The budget required for participation in Coiltech is so low that it can compete with the expenses for a business trip of a sales manager!"

Riccardo Brivio, Von Roll


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 "Visitatori numerosi e interessati..."-  Aberto Perini, Albesiano


"Coiltech è la fiera con il minor costo per contatto...- Mark Carter, AWE


"Fiera tecnica e speciafica..conferma del percorso positivo..." - Alessandro Chiappa, Cibas
"Parteciepremo per la terza volta...crescità e settorialità...." - Adrea ravera, DMG Meccanica
"Tutti gli espositori sono sullo stesso livello di visibilità..." - Rinaldo Falco, Fasp
"Un'alternativa nostrana alla monotonia di Berlino..." - Marzio Scuratti, Isovolta
"Essenzialità ed assoluta visibilità..." - Remigio del Col, Officine GSP


"L'adesione, la preparazione, l'organizzazione sono state veloci ed ottimi i risultati..." - Giannantonio Peloso, OMM2
"Ottima organizzazione...ottime prospettive di sviluppo..."- Simone Mazzucco, Sigi/Trielec


"Saremo presenti alla terza edizione con uno stand ancora più grande..." - Federico Donato, SKF
"Solo alla seconda edizione e Coiltech è già un evento rilevante per il settore..." -
Vito Poles,


"Incontri numerosi ed interessanti, gestione dell'organizzazione innovativa e facile..." - Aldo Armino, Traser


L'investimento in Coiltech è così contenuto da essere pari ad un rimborso spese..." - Riccardo Brivio, VonRoll


















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