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Coiltech 2019

Pordenone 25/26 September 2019  

Coiltech International Coil Winding Expo and Conference



Coiltech is the fastest-growing international Coil Winding exhibition.


Coiltech - International Coil Winding exhibition   Coiltech - International Coil Winding exhibition
At Coiltech you can meet suppliers and potential new ones for every product or material you need for your production.


It's focused on materials, machinery and equipment for the production and the maintenance of electric motors, generators, and alternators as well as power distribution, industrial transformers, and coils in general.



Coiltech - International Coil Winding exhibition

Every year, the number of Coil & Winding companies that come from all over the world to visit and exhibit at Coiltech, increases.


At the show:
  • Electrical steel;
  • Insulation materials and resins;
  • Magnet wire;
  • Laminations - motors and transformers;
  • Coil winding machines - motors and transformers;
  • Aluminium die casting;
  • Test equipment;
  • Impregnation and encapsulation equipment;
  • Magnetic cores;
  • Transformer coils;
  • Development software;
  • Bearings and permanent magnets;
  • Accessories - motors and transformers.
Have a look at the exhibitor list.


Coiltech - International Coil Winding exhibition

Coiltech involves companies that cover every branch of the supply chain in the field.


World Magnetic Conference

Coiltech hosts the World Magnetic Conference (Chairman: Prof. Marco Villani, Università de L'Aquila), the biggest conference in its field. WMC offers both visitors and exhibitors an excellent opportunity to update one's knowledge about innovation of materials, methods, and technologies for further improvement of efficiency in production, distribution, transformation and consumption of electrical energy.


For more details, refer to the dedicated page for the World Magnetic Conference.


Coiltech - International Coil Winding exhibition Coiltech - International Coil Winding exhibition
The World Magnetic Conference is the biggest conference in its field.


Coiltech is the fastest growing exhibition in its field

After its launch in 2010, the exhibition has rapidly developed into an internationally renowned event and the leading exhibition in the Coil Winding field for:

  • first for visitor-per-exhibitor ratio;
  • highest exhibitor-retention rate;
  • best cost-per-contact ratio.
Have a look at Why exhibit at Coiltech.


Coiltech - International Coil Winding exhibition Coiltech - International Coil Winding exhibition
The compact format of the show gives the opportunity to meet with more companies in less time while walking less among the corridors.


At Coiltech, you get a lot of things done in a short time:

  • the compact show format allows a complete overview and visit within a day and creates a professional atmosphere, where it's a pleasure to discuss projects with partners and suppliers;
  • the clear and compact exhibition structure allows a maximum of straight face-to-face contacts between customers and suppliers;
  • the average size of the booth is less than 20 sqm; it means more partner concentration in the same area and more meetings in less time;
  • the exhibition has a horizontal development; all on the same level and at hand, no structural situation that creates waste of time during the visit of the fair (for example the passage from the first floor to the second);
  • the venue is located in the heart of one of Europe's most interesting areas for the Coil and Winding industry and it is excellently connected with low-cost flights, high-speed trains within walking distance and jam-free motorways.
Have a look at Why put Coiltech in your agenda.



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