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Trade show Coiltech 2019 > > Exhibit > Why Coiltech is smarter than others

Coiltech 2019

Pordenone 25/26 September 2019  

Why Coiltech is smarter than others


Coiltech aims to make it as easy as possible to be an exhibitor. The format is designed so that both the cost of the booth and the collateral costs are drastically reduced.
We believe that human contact is necessary for creating business opportunities and this is the reason why we believe to have such a relaxed atmosphere at Coiltech.

Participating in an exhibition must be an opportunity to meet customers and start new business relationships, and should not be a source of stress or complicated as writing a thesis.  
We analyzed all the individual steps related to the organization of an exhibition and we thought how to simplify and speed up each process.


Duration of the show - just 2 days

Time is the most valuable resource. 


Generally, exhibitions last 3-5 days and the largest influx of visitors is concentrated in the first 2 days or in the central days.

Only 2 days exhibition


The choice to organize Coiltech in 2 days meets the need to avoid waste of money and loss of time.


With our format (although we do not recommend it if you exhibit for the first time), exhibitors can even choose to arrive 1hr before the opening time to visitors, display the samples, flyers, arrange the booth and be ready to do business.


Your staff will minimize the time of the out-of-office allowing a better management of the daily activities.


A comment of an exhibitor:

"We exhibited since the very first edition of  Coiltech in Pordenone in 2010. It is fast, it is economical, and it is effective."
Sebastian Waeltring - M-Pulse


Know what you are buying - transparent costs

Our policy is clear: you find all the cost information online. You know, with a simple "mouse-over", the cost of the stand that you are interested in. 

Ready to Play booth at Coiltech
The basic look and what's included:
  • table 
  • chairs 
  • foldable shelves 
  • LED spotlights
  • wastebasket 
  • nameplate the with company name 
  • multiple sockets 
  • orange carpeting 

  • coat hooks
  • internet Wi-fi connection
  • electrical current usage; 
  • general daily cleaning
  • promotion by phone (marketing service)
  • promotion by flyer
  • digital promotion
The numbers of items may vary on the basis of the size of the booth. A convenient online shop is also available.

At many shows, the exhibitor has to source the various services (space rental, booth building, electrical current, various fees and taxes, parking etc.) with various suppliers and draw the sum.

At Coiltech you know it immediately.

The price, inclusive of basic services and furnishings and more, is lower that the bare surface at many other exhibitions.

The booths are supplied with an identical structure with the necessary tools (furniture and services ready to use that you can see under "specifications" in the floor plan) for you to do business in.

All the exhibiting companies at Coiltech realise their stand with one of our turnkey packages that aim at a reduced cost.

How our exhibitors appreciate this:

"We appreciate the clever concept of the fair which aims to reduce the cost of participation from every single point of view. We like the absence of hidden costs and the perfect location of the show. We’ve also noticed with satisfaction that the number of visitors grows every year. (...)"
Riccardo Brivio - Von Roll

"Everything is easy, quick and clear. The quality of this support drastically reduced our time to organize (...)."

Nicoletta Carminati - CST - Computer Simulation Technology


One contact person for all your needs - customer care

In other exhibitions, the services and furniture are generally provided by external suppliers with the result of a loss of time and frustration, due to endless e-mails needed to coordinate them all. 

At Coiltech everything you could need to participate is available online.
As we believe and value human relationship, we are happy to help you should you have any questions. A member of our sales staff will guide you step by step and will follow you for all your business needs.
Call us at +39 02 8723 4050.
At Coiltech everything is easily available in your personal account MyQUiCKFairs. Should you get an offer from another supplier, please disregard it as this has not been approved by us.


In MyQUiCKFairs account you can manage everything related to your participation:

  • change your merceology data necessary for your clients to find you in the catalogue;
  • add additional furniture;
  • book the shipping/handling services of goods and packages;
  • book extraordinary work;
  • book the assistance of technical translation during the fair;
  • book a partner hotel room;
  • reserve plants and flowers on the stand;
  • order supermarket shopping to get something to eat/drink for yourself and for your customers;
  • booking an executive shuttle to and from the airport;
  • sending electronic invitations and download banners;
  • book one of the sponsorship opportunities;
  • check the statement of your account. 

What our exhibitors think:

"Coiltech is a customers and exhibitors-friendly exhibition. (...) The user-friendly website is easy and uncomplicated. The option to clarify a question in person is always available, thanks to multilingual interlocutors. Coiltech takes very well care of the exhibitors before and during the fair."
Frank Scheiing - F.W. Scheiing

" (...). The set-up of the show and the customer-oriented support by the organizer were perfect.

We already booked our booth for next year."

Giuseppe Pasquarella - LCD LaserCut


Understand quickly your costs - simplicity

Look at the floorplan and choose the booth you wish by yourself. The red booths have already been booked; the green are the only ones available.

  Discover your neighbors 

10 months before the exhibition starts, the floorplan is available online and you can easily find out who is beside the stand you want.

If you would like to know the booth size, price and what is included in the standard equipment, go to the floor plan, select the booth you are interested in, and look at the pop-up.

What our exhibitors think:

"Excellent organization, you can choose the stand easily online, click and it's yours. Great price. Staff is friendly and well organized. Coiltech is focused in this industry in the right way.

Other fairs are so big that they are dispersive and confusing."

Francois Zussy - Meteor AG

"This (2017) was our first time exhibiting at Coiltech, in Italy, and so far this has been the best-organized fair we have ever participated in. Taking possession of our stand was more like a check in at a hotel, where the guests were personally brought to their stand."


How to purchase your stand - paperless and quick


Choose the green booth you are interested in, click on buy on the pop-up, fill out the form that will appear and activate your personal account.

buy your booth   

Your MyQUiCKFairs account will allow you to manage everything related to your participation.

It is paperless and faster than a coffee break. 


What our exhibitors think:

"The organizational effort to participate is considerably less than at other exhibitions. At the same time, the prices at Coiltech are abundantly lower. Besides that, the customer care is very good, before, during and after the show. QUiCKFairs is a benchmark for the exhibition industry."
Frank Behrens - Strunk Connect

"(...) In other fairs, the costs continue to rise while Coiltech is keeping stable low prices compared to others.  The show lasts only 2 days and there are no costs for bureaucratic things. We now have lowered the number of fairs we will attend and have chosen to invest more in Coiltech by increasing the size of our stand at the exhibition."
Riccardo Brivio - Von Roll


Organization of your booth - stress free

When you arrive at the show your booth will be clean and ready to meet your customers. You just have to set up your samples and brochures.

  Booth with showcase


We will check with you that everything you ordered is in your booth and that everything is as you wanted it.


Should you realize that you wish to add something else, there is a convenient shop that can meet all your last minute needs (examples: cubes, display cabinets, brochure holders, extra stools, food and drinks, etc.)


During the set-up day, Coiltech organizes some informal meeting opportunities between exhibitors (such as workers' lunch and wine tasting session) where you can discuss common projects or just simply relax in front of a good glass of wine.


What our exhibitors think:

"I really appreciated the excellent general organization of Coiltech, the quality of the shell scheme: the choice of the poplar makes everything much more attractive and warm than usual standard equipment that other exhibitions give you. (...)"

Luca Rizzardi - Yokogawa

"This is (2017) our second year in a row that Cunext group participates at Coiltech, in Pordenone. We believe that it is the right context for developing our brand and will certainly be here next year. The management, the organization, the contact with all the staff helps us a lot with our work.."
Marta Sanchez - Cunext Group
Do you want to talk with us? Call us at + between 09 and 18 UTC+2 during summer time, UTC+1 in the other months.



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