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Key visual Coiltech Coil International Winding Expo and Conference

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Coiltech 2019

Pordenone 25/26 September 2019  

Key information for budgeting


Where and when


Venue: Pordenone, Venice area.  

When: Coiltech is an annual international trade show that is always held on the last Wednesday of September
Date: 10th edition, 25-26 September 2019
          11st edition, 23-24 September 2020

Why put Coiltech in your budget:

  • the format is smart: the booths are "ready to do business" and all exhibitors have the same visibilitywithout creating a "Beauty competition";
  • the location of the show is easily accessible; italian visitors like about Pordenone that it is easily reachable by car, thanks to traffic jam free motorways; international visitors find it comfortable to join Coiltech thanks to the airports in Venice and Treviso;
  • the accountability of information: Coiltech is the only Coil and Winding expo that is listed in the directory of the UFI* Approved International Event (more info on the dedicated page); this means for the exhibitors take the decision to exhibit on the base of verified numbers and get financial support from local governments;
  • Coiltech is the #1 in customer satisfaction and #1 in visitors growth.

The numbers of Coiltech


Crescita dei visitatori ed espositori di Coiltech

At the 2018 edition, 390 companies exhibit at Coiltech.

The 11% growth compared to the previous edition is in line with the positive trend of recent years.

12% of the confirmed exhibitors have enlarged their booth to accommodate the ever increasing number of visitors.

The number of visitors (only industry professionals) has increased by 8,6% in 2018, compared to the 2017 edition.

Almost 1/3 of the visitors in 2018 were from outside Italy, making Coiltech a truely international meeting point.


Find out more about the people you can meet at Coiltech in the Visitor profile.


Price list

Cost may vary by booth dimension, location and number of open sides. Other shows

Price list Coiltech

disclose their offer only if a prospective exhibitor has filed an inquiry.

At Coiltech, all cost is available on the website

Cost is given as a total, all-inclusive number, and not as a list of price per sqm, fees, and other surprises.

Also, exhibitors source all services, online, on a "one-stop-shopping" base, and do not have to contact and control various suppliers.



What the price includes

Furniture and serivces for booth size

The booths are supplied with an identical structure with the necessary tools (furniture and services ready to use).

In the price of each module are included the same services, the furniture changes according to the size of the booth.

Basic furniture 
  • walls and structure
  • table (quantity depending on the booth size)
  • chairs (quantity depending on the booth size)
  • movable prospect holders
  • LED spotlights
  • wastebasket 
  • nameplate the with company name 
  • multiple sockets
  • carpet in standard color (orange)
  • coat hooks
  • internet Wi-fi connection
  • electrical current usage; 
  • general daily cleaning
  • promotion by phone (marketing service)
  • promotion by flyer
  • digital promotion

Check out our brochure Click&Fit for further details.


Floor plan: choice of your booth


  Discover your neighbors 

Coiltech exhibitors choose the location of their booth themselves on the base of a simple principle: first come, first serve.

If a company wants to exhibit at Coiltech for the first time can navigate to the interactive floor plan and choose its stand position, as booking a seat for a flight.

After choosing the location in only 5 minutes you fill in the form for the registration link at the online floor plan.


Additional equipment and services

In other exhibitions, the services, and furniture are generally provided by

Example of cutomized booth 

external suppliers with the result of a loss of time and frustration, due to endless e-mails needed to coordinate them all. 

At Coiltech everything you could need to participate is available in the shop online: you can find customized furniture, chairs, plants.

Upon your arrival at the show, the stand will be delivered clean and with all the accessories you ordered directly from your MyQUiCKFairs account.


Payment terms

About 30, 50%  of the booth price at the sign-up time, balance at the end of June. 

For the extra furniture by 10 days before the beginning of the show.


Further links 

Why exhibit
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What visitors think about Coiltech
Example of Ready-to-do business booths

Do you want to talk with us? Call us at + between 09 and 18 UTC+2 during summer time, UTC+1 in the other months.



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