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Key visual Coiltech Coil International Winding Expo and Conference

Trade show Coiltech 2019 > > Exhibit > Visitor profile

Coiltech 2019

Pordenone 25/26 September 2019  

Visitor profile

Coiltech is a specialized event that aims to attract only professional visitors in the Coil and Winding industry. 


In 2018, 3.246 visitors from 46 nations from all continents met 390 companies, of which over 80% have already rebooked for the 2019 edition (exhibitor list Coiltech 2019).

  Visitors Coiltech Coil Winding Expo
  ISF Cert, an institute specialized in the auditing of trade-show numbers, verifies the visitor statistics of Coiltech.


Compared to 2017, the number of visitors increased by 8,6%.


26% were international visitors from outside Italy.


The top 10 visiting nations from outside Italy are Slovenian, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey, and Poland.


The visitors of Coiltech are technically highly qualified.

Visitor profile Coiltech 2018  
Source: information obtained by the Coiltech visitor marketing team on the base of personal phone interviews or encounters with visitors of Coiltech, and other research.  

 56% of the visitors fill a technical role within their company and have a decisive role in decision making on sourcing and purchasing


27% of Coiltech visitors is either a shareholder, the owner or a member of the top management of the company.


Coiltech's audience is therefore highly involved in the decision making of sourcing of material and equipment for the production of their companies.


The primary activity of the visitors' companies shows that the focus of Coiltech is on the production of electrical machines and related industries.

  Product groups Visitor Coiltech 2018

Source: Own research about company activities based on publicly accessible information (in most cases company websites) and personal interviews.


Practically all visiting companies attend the show inform themselves about sourcing possibilities. 


The figure for "exhibitors' competitors" (19%) is also linked to the growth of the exhibition, most of them visiting Coiltech, buy the stand for the next edition.


Foto Visitatori Coiltech 2018


General info on visiting companies

Turnerover - Volume del fatturato

Data on turnover and number of employees of companies visiting Coiltech show that the exhibition attracts more and more visitors from companies of all sizes. The number of multinational companies is growing.
Numero dei dipendenti
Duration of the visit
81% of Coiltech visitors concentrate their meetings in up to one day, the compact show format is efficient.

The clear and compact exhibition structure allows a maximum of straight face-to-face contacts between customers and suppliers..

Durata della visita
Source: "Customer Satisfaction Survey" Visitors Coiltech 2018

Visitors Coiltech 2018



Fields of interest

How useful is visiting Coiltech?

What visitors think of Coiltech 

ISFCERT data certification and UFI approval


Campi di interesse
Source: "Customer Satisfaction Survey" Visitors Coiltech 2018

Visitors Coiltech 2018


Exploring Innovations

I visit mainly to have a clear idea of how the market is developing."
G. L. - Purchasing Manager
Getra Power Spa - Italy


industry news

I have the opportunity to discover the latest news of our business, [...] something for which I would not normally have time."
V. G. - Operations & Supply Chain Manager
Bonfiglioli - Italy


Concluding orders

In only two days, we succeeded in finding solutions for our business' long-standing problems."
M. M.
Cramaco - Argentina

We managed to meet with different suppliers and place orders for winding machines [...] and we didn't need to look any further."
P. Ž. - Technology Department
Mahle Letrika d.o.o. - Slovenia

I came looking for winding machines for our factories around the world and now thanks to Coiltech we are in final talks with a specific company."
T. G.- R&D
Schaffner - Switzerland

Comparing suppliers

The show gave me the chance to compare other suppliers that I had not previously considered."
A. Z. - Technician
Marelli Motori - Italy

New contacts

We had a list of suppliers that we wanted to meet and, in addition, we found some new ones that we did not know before."
V. G.- Advanced R&D Technical Project Leader
Brembo S.p.A. - Italy

The exhibition Coiltech gave us the opportunity to talk personally, within a single day, with already established suppliers and also to learn more about others."
Eng. A. S.- Manufacturing Engineer
Emerson Group, ASCO Numatics Sirai - Italy

It allowed me to save a lot of time and build those personal relationships that the Web doesn’t allow you to build."
Eng. M. V. - Electric motors designer
FIR Electromechanics-Nidec - Italy

An important opportunity to meet our suppliers and scout for new ones."
R. M. - Purchasing
Nidec - Italy

Source: "Customer Satisfaction Survey" Visitors Coiltech 2018


Visitors Coiltech 2018




At Coiltech I always succeed to meet all of our most important suppliers."
A. C. - R&D Senior Principal Engineer
ABB - Italy

A rich exhibitor list, increasingly international."
F. C. - R&D
Bonfiglioli - Italy


I found lots of new suppliers as well I got to meet a lot of existing suppliers.
J.P. - Strategic Purchasing

Maxon Motor - Germany

Product range

Compared to other bigger field exhibitions, I feel that I did not miss anything. Coiltech probably has the advantage that the exhibitors are a lot more specialized."
B. K. - Head of Motor Development Department
Bosch Home Appliances Group - Slovenia

We were able to get first hand information and understand better the exhibitors' products."
A. L. - Production Engineering Centre
Motor Section Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration Devices - Singapore

We found at Coiltech what we needed for our business."
F. B. - Procurement Strategies
Siemens Energy Sector Power Transmission Div. - Germany

I found a lot of suppliers that I had been looking for a long time."
A. H.
Tooska Applied Hardwares Development - Iran

I was impressed by the quality of the show."
B. P.
Emerson, Leroy-Somer - France

Exhibitor number

 I think I will come more often to Coiltech and I will be visiting less other Coil Winding shows.
P.B. - Head of the Motor Division
Somfy - France

The list of exhibitors was attractive, and that made me come all the way from India to the show."
C. S. M.
SSE-Distribution Transformers, Power Transformers, Turnkey Projects - India

Interesting suppliers...a good opportunity to evaluate them better and talk about technical aspects face to face."
B. C. - Plants Purchasing Technician
Nidec Sole Motors - Italy


I also found very interesting and specific the technical conferences."
D. Z. - Motor Designer, R&D
Parker Hannifing Manufacturing - Italy

I am impressed by the successful blend of an industrial exhibition and interesting academic conference."
L. F.
Polytechnic University of Turin - Italy

Coiltech is a good university and industry meeting point."
N. B.
University of Padua - Italy


Visitors Coiltech 2018


Visitors Coiltech 2018



Visitors Coiltech 2018


Visitors Coiltech 2018


Visitor data certification and UFI approval

ISF Cert

Only visitors who have truly entered the exhibition are considered in our published figures. Exhibitors' staff is excluded from the calculation (Ask the organizers of other exhibitions about their method to count the number of visitors).

The data concerning the geographical origin are based on the information provided by visitors in the online-registration form of Coiltech.

The information about the duration of the visit is based on the electronic reading of the bar codes at the entrance and at exit.

Coiltech is the only Coil Winding exhibition that has the veracity and accuracy of visitor data certified by an independent company, ISFCERT.


When you want to exhibit at a trade show, ask the organizer for the certified visitor data. It's the only way you can be sure of the worth of your purchase.

Link ISFCERT document 2018


Since November 2016, Coiltech is also the only Coil & Winding exhibition to have obtained the seal of "UFI-approved event" from the Board of UFI (Union des Foires Internationales).

To become a "UFI-approved event", the organizer is required to have the data of the show certified by an independent third-party auditor and commit to using this data exclusively for all communications; this is a further point to help ensure the accuracy of information regarding Coiltech visitors and exhibitors.

For further information, click here.

Do you want to talk with us? Call us at + between 09 and 18 UTC+2 during summer time, UTC+1 in the other months.



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