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Coiltech Deutschland 2020

Ulm, 01/02 April 2020  

Good reasons to exhibit at Coiltech Deutschland

In the course of the past years, exhibitors kept asking us: "Why don't you hold Coiltech with its easy, quick and customer-oriented format in Germany as well?"

Our approach to this invitation was always: we will only do this if it is possible to achieve a Coiltech in Germany with the same characteristics that made the show successful in Pordenone (a summary of the past 10 editions is available on our website) :

  • a format that aims at an outstanding cost-/benefit relationship;
  • close to the market;
  • easy to reach;
  • low cost;
  • customer friendly.
After having conducted a feasibility study, we discussed our ideas with several exhibitors, we are now ready to launch Coiltech Ulm on the April 1st and 2nd, 2020.

Why we chose Ulm

Ulm im Zentrum des Marktes
The concentration of producers of electric motors, generators and transformers in Germany.
Source: Database of possible Coiltech visitors

Close to the customers of the Coiltech exhibitors

Hardly any other venue is so close to the production sites of producers of motors, generators and transformers and R&D centers of automotive companies as Ulm. The who-is-who of the market is within less than two hours of driving distance.

Easy to get to

Ulm is along the A8 Autobahn that connects Munich and Stuttgart. Who comes from there to Coiltech, goes in the opposite direction of the rush hour. The A7 takes the visitors from the north and south of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, western Austria and eastern Switzerland to Ulm.

At the passage of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg

Ulm is located in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria is just across the Danube river with the city of Neu-Ulm. Both "Länder" host the leading automotive companies (Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche) and their tier one and tier two suppliers.

The venue with the right dimensions

The dimension of the venue is ideal for a focussed event like Coiltech. It means for the visitors: less time walking, more time talking with the exhibitors.

All halls are at the same level and well connected among each other. The parking lots are right in front of the pavilions. The tramway station is next to to the entry and connects the venue with the train station in 10 minutes.

A city with a tradition of innovation

Ulm is the home town of many successful inventors and scientists. A large number of companies run their R&D centers here, for example, the "Daimler Forschungszentrum". The local university is a known STEM faculty.

Why we hold Coiltech Deutschland in springtime

Calender Coiltech Deutschland 2020, Ulm 1./2. April
Concentration on two days in Germany, too. No April Fool's trick!

A milestone moment in the execution of the budget


Towards the end of the first quarter of the calendar year, most companies have a better idea of the evolution of their business. Therefore it is the right moment to engage in negotiations about tangible commitments.

The date is outside of any holiday period, and future editions will follow the same guideline.

This set-up makes it easy for exhibitors and visitors to send the right people at the show.

Two locations - one format

Shell scheme stands for all exhibitors at Coiltech
At Coiltech, all you need to source is at available at a mouse-click in your MyQUiCKFairs account.

Shell scheme booths for all exhibitors

The organization of Coiltech in Ulm will be the same as in Pordenone. The stands are handed over to the exhibitors the day before the opening "ready to play".

This arrangement keeps low not only the direct cost but also the organizational effort and hence, cost for all stakeholders.

Transparent cost

The offer includes standard booth-building on a shell scheme base, basic furniture, and basic services. It is possible to add further equipment and services to cater to your specific needs through the MyQUiCKFairs account. 

Admission free for preregistered trade visitors

We promote the event with an in-house visitor relationship team to invite exclusively producers and designers of electric motors, generators, and transformers, increasing the focus on e-mobility solutions. QUiCKFairs validates the preregistering visitors to ensure that they are pertinent to the theme of the show.

Only two days of exhibition

The experience shows: two days are enough for a focused show as Coiltech and keeps low the collateral cost as for hotels, restaurants, etc. In Ulm, we will create the same networking opportunities as in Pordenone: the Workers' lunch, the Wine-/Beer tasting session, and the exhibitor get-together party.


Cost, sign-up and booth allocation


Stand at Coiltech
Book your booth now! 
First come, first serve in the floor plan.

As in Pordenone/Italy, Coiltech pursues the approach to concentrate on the essential to offer a low-cost trade show participation to exhibitors.

The price includes basic booth building, furniture and basic services as electrical current, access to the internet via WiFi and daily booth cleaning.

You can download the detailed specifications in our brochure Click&Fit.

The sign-up procedure is online. It takes less than five minutes to complete it.

At Coiltech, the exhibitors choose their booth position

We will finalize the floorplan on the base of the launching customers sign-ups (deadline May 31st, 2019), considering the booked booth sizes and wishes to be placed close to other launching exhibitors.

Once this is concluded, the later booking exhibitors will be able to choose their position at the moment in which they book their stand.

Do you want to talk with us? Call us at + between 09 and 18 UTC+2 during summer time, UTC+1 in the other months.



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