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Pordenone, 28/29 September 2022

A first quantitative analysis of the visitors at Coiltech Italia 2021

For many, Coiltech Italia 2021 was the first opportunity since the outbreak of the pandemic to visit a renowned industry meeting place and to schedule and hold many discussions in a short time.

Many were eager to find out: What will the attendance be like? Who will come? What might be different from before the pandemic?

On this page, we give the answers to these questions. For the detailed analysis of the visitor data, we will update the Coiltech visitor profile page as soon as the certification of the statistical data is completed.

An event with an international atmosphere

The share of non-Italian visitors was slightly lower in 2021 than in 2019, mainly due to fewer intercontinental visitors.

This was to be expected given the travel restrictions and strict rules for entering the EU.

In view of the uncertainty due to the latest developments and forecasts on the pandemic, we also forecast that the share of intercontinental visitors at industry trade fairs will not yet reach the pre-pandemic level in 2022.

Strong growth of the share of first-time visitors

Coiltech has used the months of the pandemic for a number of initiatives that one hardly has the opportunity to do in so-called normal times. We did not introduce a single day of short-time work to make the best of the situation.

For example, we added two languages and 200 technical terms to the Coil Winding Dictionary and merged it with the combined exhibitor list of Coiltech Germany and Coiltech Italy. The result is the International Coil Winding Industry Guide.

Another initiative was the total of 10 sessions of Electric Motors Talks and High Voltage Talks.

At the same time, we continued to maintain personal contact with visitors and used the time to maintain and expand the invitation list to Coiltech.

The result of these initiatives and work: compared to 2019, significantly more people visited Coiltech for the first time.

Catching up on personal contacts

Compared to 2019, the proportion of visitors who took the time to come to the fair on both days has risen strongly.

This indicates that many took advantage of Coiltech Italia 2021 to catch up on face-to-face meetings with business partners.

It is also an expression of the high level of interest visitors have in the exhibitors' offers and a quantifiable confirmation of the exhibitors' impressions submitted in the testimonials.