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QUiCKFairs® Coiltech Deutschland 2023

Augsburg, 29/30 March 2023

What our exhibitors think about Coiltech: 
Statements from our exhibitors

Read the statements of some companies who have already exhibited at Coiltech.

Cost-benefit ratio
Contracts closed as a result of participation
Easiness to exhibit
Organization and technical assistance
Qualified visitors
Positive atmosphere and quantity of contacts

Cost-benefit ratio

R.M. - Nestech Srl (Coiltech Deutschland)

"Thanks to all Quickfairs staff, the exhibition was a very important and constructive event. We have already rebooked for the next edition."

S.W. - M-Pulse (Exhibitor since 2010)

"We exhibited since the very first edition of Coiltech in Pordenone in 2010. It is fast, it is cheap, and it is effective."

M.B. - Cemb (Exhibitor since 2019)

"Our experience of trade fairs have been historically focused on more generalist and dispersive events. Coiltech, with its small size and specific target, impressed us for the targeted effectiveness of the meetings and for the above-average time that visitors have dedicated to conversations."

G.G. - Filmcutter (Exhibitor since 2011)

"The cost per contact at Coiltech is four times lower than that of other field exhibitions."

S.A.- VMF (Exhibitor since 2013)

"We exhibit at Coiltech in Pordenone since 2013 and we feel very satisfied for the following reasons:
- Various foreign companies visited us, this year, in particular, an Irish company operating in the field of traction motors has shown great interest and we have now started some business negotiations;
- Participating at Coiltech does not need a great commitment or a lot of time;
- The costs are moderated and everything is very well organized. Our management has already confirmed our presence for the next editions."

R.B. - Von Roll (Exhibitor since 2011)

"The budget required for the participation in Coiltech is so low that it can compete with the expenses for a business trip of a sales manager!"

Visitors: Growth and internationality

P.B. - MyP Magnetica Italiana srl - (Exhibiting since 2021)

"We are very happy about the possibility to present our company in an international environment. We are counting on the opportunity to meet with both Italian and international contacts. Already by now, we can say that we have already met and talked with an international audience."

C.S. - voestalpine Stahl GmbH (Exhibitor since 2013)

"The exhibition is growing, and I bet it won't take long before the Tier 1 will arrive here as well. I like the economic concept of the fair and how thoughtful the exhibition management is.  And so do - obviously - many others."

F.F. - Trancerie Emiliane (Exhibitor since 2017)

"It is a pleasure to be here, a must to return."

E.C. - RIMAC SRL (Exhibitor since 2013)

"I've noticed an increase in visits to our stand; especially an increase from international visitors. Keep working like this!"

A.M. - Mafel s.r.l. (Exhibitor since 2015)

"We've noticed a large increase in international visits, it was almost twice as many as last year!"

G.P. - Zetti srl (Exhibitor since 2018)

"The first day we worked until 6:30 p.m. We saw so many customers that otherwise, we would not have had the opportunity to visit, and collected new international contacts."

A.T. - SPIN (Exhibit since 2011)

"We have been exhibiting Coiltech since 2011, we are very happy with the opportunities we find and that it increases internationally. We are excited about the World Magnetic Conference to which we can participate and contribute annually with several papers."

R.K. - Thyssenkrupp (Exhibitor since 2012)

"We had a lot of interesting conversations. Everything was very well organized. There were a lot of interesting visitors from this field, and new contacts were established, but above all our contacts were intensified. From my experience in Coiltech, I can only say that I look forward to the next edition."

S.F. - LJU (Exhibit since 2014)

"We have decided to exhibit at the next edition of Coiltech due to the proximity of the location to our south and east European customers, the great atmosphere, the excellent service offered and the wonderful area near Pordenone."

A.A. - Castech (Exhibitor since 2013)

"I am satisfied with the contacts we had in the 2 exhibition days; at least twenty companies we didn’t know yet. An excellent number of international visits definitely increased compared to the previous year."

S.V. - C.D. Wälzholz (Exhibitor since 2011)

"We are happy to note that a trade fair in the "low-cost" format, focused on materials and machines for the production of electric motors, generators, and transformers enjoys a remarkable echo among international exhibitors and a large attendance of competent visitors."

I.A. - Isovolta (Exhibitor since 2012)

"Both, the growth of Coiltech (in an industry in which is hard to establish oneself) and the high level of the event are noteworthy. We've also noticed the quality of contacts and organizational efficiency combined with the extraordinary human relationships."

J.W. - Kienle + Spiess GmbH (Exhibitor since 2011)

"More leads than last year. We've noticed the increase from the automotive sector."

C.P. - Sipro (Exhibitor since 2010)

"We have been participating at Coiltech since the very first edition. The show has grown exponentially over time, giving us the opportunity to meet established customers, but also to meet new companies every year, successfully proposing them our machines.”

M.B. - Cemb (Exhibitor since 2019)

"The strategic location of Pordenone brought visitors from Austria, Germany and Eastern Europe to our stand, all of which we look forward to with great interest. Our experience was therefore positive, and we decided to try the "Coiltech concept" also in Germany."

L.F. - Trancerie Emiliane SpA - (Exhibiting since 2017)  

"We are pleased to be here again at the exhibition in Coiltech Italia. We are even more excited to participate again in an exhibition in Germany: Coiltech Deutschland next spring."

P.C. - BTSR International Spa - Exhibiting since 2012

"After two years of downtime due to Covid, Coiltech Italia 2021 was a success. There were many interesting visitors: from the USA, but I could say from all over the world, and many Italians. This trade fair allowed us to finally meet in person and reopen business relations."

Orders from customers as a result of exhibiting at Coiltech

Kienle + Spiess GmbH (Coiltech Deutschland) 

"What a success at the Coiltech®, International Coil Winding Exhibition! Great show, great visits and great conversions! First-time #CoiltechDeutschland and first time together as a team."

S.W. - M-Pulse GmbH & Co.KG (Exhibitor since 2010) (Coiltech Deutschland)

"Being successful in the show is what every exhibitor would request from the exhibition. Creating relations in a focused, looked after, and fun atmosphere is amazing. The combination of success in business and being able to network, thus creating personal relationships, is how business should be. This is what we like about Coiltech and how we define how business should be."

D.B. - Stiefelmayer-Lasertechnik GmbH & Co. KG(Exhibitor since 2011) (Coiltech Deutschland)

"The best show ever. See you in Pordenone in September."

A.M. - F.lli Motta (Exhibit since 2017)

"This was the first time we exhibited at Coiltech, and within a month, from the show, we had our first order. It will be a pleasure to exhibit at Coiltech again next year."

R.V. - Ardemagni (Exhibitor since 2012)

"Many people have visited our stand. Today, after two months, we have already three new clients. We believe that Coiltech is a good opportunity to strengthen the relationships with them. The timing is perfect both for discussing agreements of the last quarter, as well as, the negotiations for the following year."

R.A. - Blink - Limitor (Exhibitor since 2013)

"We participate at Coiltech since 2013 and every year we make more meetings; this year we have already sent the first proposals to new contacts and there are excellent conditions for developing our business relations.
We have also used the tool “marketing to visitors”, a very helpful service that QUiCKFairs® does, that allowed us to create new relationships, restoring contacts that we already knew, but had not had the chance to follow, checking companies with which we are already in touch with and get to know people that we did not know before. Thanks to the service of QUiCKFairs® now, we have a database of qualified contacts and we saved a lot of time and km concentrating everything in only two days of the fair."

G.P.- LCD LaserCut (Exhibitor since 2010)

"At Coiltech we discussed concrete projects with over 40 clients and prospects, and not even 15 days after the show we already received the first order.
The set-up of the show and the customer-oriented support by the organizer were perfect.
We already booked our booth for next year."

M.S. - Statec (Exhibitor since 2011)

“We had very interesting contacts, which turned out to be really concrete: the technicians we met at the exhibition visited us at our headquarters in the 3 weeks following the show and we have already taken our first steps towards the beginning of a business relationship.”

Easyness to exhibit

B.O. - Dema S.r.l (Exhibitor since 2010) (Coiltech Deutschland)

"We like coming to Coiltech because the organization of the booth is straightforward and quick. Everything is ready when you take possession of your stand on the set-up day, and you have time to relax and save energy for the clients. Compared to other exhibitions, where everything is complicated and you are afraid of what you might find, coming to Coiltech is just a pleasant experience."

T.K. - IDI Fabrication EMT GmbH (Exhibitor since 2017) (Coiltech Deutschland)

"The 2 days format, easy to reach, smaller booth sizes and no need for a big stand to be seen is perfect for us."

R.W. - Ingrid West Machinery (Exhibitor since 2013)

"This year's show was the best ever organized one I have been to... in over 20 years of exhibitions...
Thank you for all your help and kind assistance... It made the show so easy to participate...."

R.B. - Von Roll (Exhibitor since 2011)

"We appreciate the clever concept of the fair which aims to reduce the cost of participation from every single point of view. We also like the absence of hidden costs and the perfect location of the show. We’ve noticed with satisfaction that the number of visitors grows every year. In other fairs, the costs continue to rise while Coiltech is keeping stable low prices compared to others.  The show lasts only 2 days and there are no costs for bureaucratic things. We have now lowered the number of fairs we will attend and have chosen to invest more in Coiltech by increasing the size of our stand at the exhibition”

Organization and technical assistance

CW Bearing GmbH (Coiltech Deutschland)

"Many thanks for the great organization of Coiltech Deutschland 2022. It was a pleasure to expose our company, products and services. In addition to Coiltech Deutschland we are looking forward to Coiltech Italia next year, too."

B.O. - Dema S.r.l. (Exhibitor since 2010) (Coiltech Deutschland)

"Compared to other trade fairs, the ease of organising the stand is a great added value for us and allows us to focus on our customers."

R.C. - C Brandauer & Co Ltd (Exhibitor since 2017)

"The "all-inclusive" offer of Coiltech makes it easier to participate and present products than other events. At Coiltech, with a few clicks, you know immediately how much it costs to participate and, if necessary, without the need for further help, online, you can do everything you need. Moreover, you have your own sales manager that is a certain and unique point of reference in case of questions."

H.M. - JL MAG Europe (Coiltech Deutschland)

"Everything was organized perfectly at the Coiltech Deutschland! See you again next year in Italy and Germany."

C.K. - Marsilli Deutschland GmbH (Coiltech Deutschland)

"We at Marsilli appreciate that Coiltech is so super organised."

P.V.N. - Pyrox BVBA (Coiltech Deutschland)

"Coming to Coiltech and setting up the booth is enjoyable and relaxing work. Everything is well organized and I enjoy being here. It's a family atmosphere where you feel welcome and at ease. At other shows, people are running around stressed. Here you have time to talk afterwards with other exhibitors and have a glass of wine."

Reissmann Sensortechnik GmbH (Exhibitor since 2017) (Coiltech Deutschland)

"Coiltech in Deutschland was an excellent start to the Exhibition Year 2022 for us. Thanks to the Quickfairs team headed by Mr Küster for the excellent organisation and realisation."

K.N. - UniTurn Ltd (Coiltech Deutschland)

"Thank you for all the help. I can tell the hospitality and everything else was 5*. You set the bar real high. Thank you and see you in Pordenone."

M.S. - CABLEADOS Y EXTRUSIONES DEL SUR, S.L. (Exhibitor since 2016)

"We believe that Coiltech is the right context for developing our brand and will certainly be here next year. The management, the organization, the contact with all the staff helps us a lot with our work."

M.S. - REISSMANN Sensortechnik GmbH (Exhibitor since 2017)

"Also this year the organization was at the top. At Coiltech, you feel appreciated as a customer and you come willingly to the fair."

B.P. - Elektro-Isola A/S (Exhibitor since 2018)

"I have been impressed by the excellent organization of all steps from booking the stand to the running of the exhibition."

J.D. - Doherty Hungary (Exhibitor since 2019)

"I had a very good experience with the Coiltech organization. I had a very good look around the show today, all day, and I'm happy to report from I've seen that I will be booking a place for next year's exhibition".

M.S. - EMB (Exhibitor since 2016)

"For the world of electric motors, Coiltech is the right platform. It has a simple organization, efficient staff, competent visitors and is a very pleasant fair."

F.Z. - Meteor AG (Exhibitor since 2013)

"Excellent organization, you can choose your stand easily online, justclick and it is yours. Excellent price. Well-organized and friendly staff.
Coiltech is industry-dedicated in the right way.
Other exhibitions are so big that they can be chaotic and confusing."

L.R. - Yokogawa (Exhibitor since 2012)

"I greatly appreciated the excellent general organization of the event and the quality of the pre-fitted stands. The choice of poplar makes everything look nicer and warmer than the usual stands fitted out in other materials.
I was also very satisfied with the quality of visitors. I believe Coiltech has been well directed and has reached the right target. I was visited by potential customers looking for solutions to well-defined technical problems.
I also noted that the quality of the conferences added to the exhibition content, attracting interested people."

D.B. - GMB (Exhibitor since 2017)

"This was our first time exhibiting at Coiltech, in Italy, and so far this has been the best-organized fair we have ever participated in. Taking possession of our stand was more like a check in at a hotel, where the guests were personally brought to their stand."

A.C. - Cibas (Exhibitor since 2010)

“At first I was sceptical that Pordenone could be a good choice for the exhibition Coiltech. Now with the experience of some years I must admit that I’ve changed my mind because the right visitors are coming. I was positively impressed by the venue you chose. We will never know if a different location could be more convenient, so please go ahead as you have done until now."

F.D. - Kienle + Spiess (Exhibitor since 2011)

“During the first day of the show, we noticed it would have been more convenient to have the electricity connection moved. 5 minutes after we requested it, the job was done. I have never seen such a quick and polite reactivity in any exhibition before.”

L.G. - LJU Sondermaschinenbau (Exhibitor since 2014)

"Your team did a very good job setting up the exhibition and, as usual, we can only give the best grades for your service quality. We wish you all the best and keep going with this show concept!"

F.B. - Strunk Connect (Exhibitor since 2014)

“The organizational effort to participate is considerably less than at other exhibitions. At the same time, the prices at Coiltech are abundantly lower. Besides that, the customer care is very good, before, during and after the show. QUiCKFairs is a benchmark for the exhibition industry.”

B.K. - Aumann Espelkamp GmbH - (Exhibiting since 2015)

"It was a real pleasure to attend the fair after these crazy times with the pandemic. The QUiCKFairs team did an excellent job.
We met many existing and also potential new customers, developed many new projects. It was very nice to see that people start travelling again to visit the fair. Let's not get stuck with online meetings with limited productivity! It is better to see each other "face to face", and Coiltech is the ideal place for business meetings. We want to thank all visitors and the QUiCKfairs team, see you soon in Coiltech Deutschland."

D.L. - MLM srl (Exhibiting since 2021)

"This was our first experience here at Coiltech, our second day, so we can happily say that we were pleasantly satisfied, that we managed to deal with technicians, customers and suppliers in the safest way possible. We are pleasantly surprised by everything regarding the organization, we had a very good time and definitely see us here again next year."

R.D. - C.D. Wälzholz GmbH (Exhibitor since 2011)

"We feel safe and secure thanks to the great organization by Sebastian and his QUiCKFairs team. We are looking forward to being next year in Coiltech Deutschland and be part of a great first Coiltech Ulm exhibition. All the best!

P.B. - MyP Magnetica Italiana srl - (Exhibiting since 2021)

"I thank the staff for the organization because it was perfect: from the entrance to the exhibition to the organization of the stands. We'll see you in Germany next year."

D.B. - Stiefelmayer-Lasertechnik GmbH (Exhibiting since 2011)

"It's been a lot of fun participating in this wonderfully organised exhibition, and we're looking forward to meeting next year in Coiltech Deutschland."

I.Z. and S.Z. - Avvolgimenti Zampolli S.r.l. - (Exhibiting since 2012)

"We want to thank QUiCKfairs because, as always, they gave their best for the success of the fair and offered the opportunity for a positive, professional experience, attentive to details and the needs of the exhibitors."

Qualified visitors

J.R. - Asia Pacific Magnet Wire Ltd. (Coiltech Deutschland)

"We are delighted with Coiltech because the people that came to our booth are really interesting and one would've had a hard time finding them otherwise. Future business partners you are looking for, from massive companies with lots of divisions, come to see us and our product + other suppliers."

R.R. - Asia Pacific Magnet Wire Ltd. (Coiltech Deutschland)

"The quality of customers you get at Coiltech is fantastic. It is what makes us come back year after year."

F.V. - bdtronic Gmbh (Coiltech Deutschland)

"What a fantastic Coiltech®, International Coil Winding Exhibition & Conference this week! I'm happy about the inspiring conversations and reassured that the future of #emobility is in good hands!"

G.A. - C. Brandauer & Co Ltd (Exhibitor since 2017) (Coiltech Deutschland)

"The strategic geographical position of Coiltech Deutschland and the quality of the meetings on the first day of the exhibition convinced us to reconfirm the stand for 2023 edition."

T.F. - Hangzhou Permanent Magnet Group Co., Ltd (Coiltech Deutschland)

"Lots of good contacts at Coiltech. Especially new ones and established "elephant" customers."

A.T. - Himtej Stampings Pvt Ltd (Exhibitor since 2019) (Coiltech Deutschland)

"The first day of the exhibition was even more profitable than expected, we got a lot of quality contacts which made us book for the next year right away."

HÜBERS Verfahrenstechnik Maschinenbau GmbH (Coiltech Deutschland)

Coiltech Germany ended yesterday, and the show was very well received by the professional visitors. We made many new contacts and met up with long-standing customers in person. We are happy about the promising start to the trade fair season and see the new trade fair as a good start after the long break from face-to-face events. “We would like to thank everyone for a well-organized trade fair with great contacts and good discussions. We are looking forward to the year and our further shows – see you there!”

T.K. - IDI Fabrication EMT GmbH (Exhibitor since 2017) (Coiltech Deutschland)

"We like Coiltech because of their high-quality visitors."

H.M. - JL MAG Europe (Coiltech Deutschland)

"Coiltech's location is very strategic and well-chosen as it is close to the market. All the significant companies are located here."

L.V.B. - Metis Instruments (Coiltech Deutschland) (Exhibitor since 2019)

"We like Coiltech because it attracts the people we want to see and know that we can do business with them."

D.F. - Faet Srl (Exhibitor since 2015)

"Coiltech Italia 2021 was a great event with an attendance that exceeded expectations for the whole duration. Despite the period in which we are, there were quality contacts from all over Italy and from abroad."

C.K. - Marsilli Deutschland GmbH (Coiltech Deutschland)

"We appreciate the concept of Coiltech. Here, you get visits from specialists instead of marketing specialists. So we look forward to the following days."

S.L. - MLM SRL - (Exhibiting since 2021)

"Coiltech Italia 2021 was definitely a positive experience, one that generated new connections for our future and, most importantly, was concrete."

W.D. -Strunk Connect GmbH & Co. KG - (Exhibiting since 2014)

"It was very good to be here this year because we had many quality contacts. We will see each other in Coiltech Deutschland and Italy next year."

S.Z. - Avvolgimenti Zampolli srl - (Exhibiting since 2012)

"This year we are once again present at Coiltech, a trade fair that is giving us good satisfaction, that is growing and that we have been attending since the first edition. This year we are seeing a satisfying movement of visitors who come with specific requests."

Positive atmosphere and quantity of contacts

Dema S.r.l. (Coiltech Deutschland)

"The first Coiltech, International Coil Winding Exhibition Deutschland has just ended, giving us many new ideas. A very successful event lived, as we like it, as protagonists!"

Fritz Diel Isoliermaterial für die Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG (Coiltech Deutschland)

"What a success at the Coiltech®, International Coil Winding Exhibition! Great show, great visits and great conversations!"

M.F. - M-Pulse GmbH & Co.KG - Exhibiting since 2010

"After the closures (rif. to the pandemic) returning to Coiltech was a great success. We met many of our long-standing customers and made some new contacts, which gives us enthusiasm and optimism for the future."

U.P. - Püttmer (Exhibitor since 2022) (Coiltech Deutschland)

"The exhibition was very family, with good connections with customers and suppliers. I will be back next year. Coiltech was perfect."

M.C. - Rimac Machines (Coiltech Deutschland)

"It has been lovely to meet you all again! Thank you to Coiltech, International Coil Winding Exhibition, for the excellent organization of this exhibition that brought us so many interesting leads!"

K.F. - JOVIL - Exhibiting since 2011

"Coiltech Italia 2021 was a great surprise; the turnout of visitors was much more than anticipated: many meetings with old customers and many new contacts. Before coming from the USA, I was a bit concerned because of the period we are currently living in (ref. to the pandemic), but I can say that I am very pleased with the results and glad that Jovil Universal took part."

D.C. - MARTY S.n.c. - Exhibiting since 2010

"Even compared to previous editions, this edition was undoubtedly very successful, with many new contacts."

K.S. - GDG Gerätebau GmbH - Exhibiting since 2015

"The experience was quite good: we had a lot of requests from clients and had very useful conversations. We noticed how the demand, after two years, was quite high. It was obvious that everyone was happy to meet with us and our machines and equipment in person."

H. Heinz Meßwiderstände GmbH (Coiltech Deutschland)

"Finally fair again! We can look back on a successful participation in the Coiltech®, International Coil Winding Exhibition in Coiltech Deutschland. Exciting conversations and a great exchange are already whetting the appetite for the next edition."

S.R. - I.E.E. srl - Industrie Elettromeccaniche Europee (Coiltech Deutschland)

"Coiltech was surprisingly successful for us. This fair was very, very good; we have to say that we are very satisfied and will probably be back for the next fair. We are happy with the potential contacts and suppliers. We had excellent contact opportunities with potential new customers, and of course, we had a perfect party here yesterday with all the customers. Very good and very interesting."

J.A. - InTiCa Systems AG (Coiltech Deutschland)

"The fair was great. We were very successful here and look forward to being back next year. We had excellent contacts with existing partners, both on the customer and supplier side, and also new potential contacts that we hope will be our partners in the future."

Laboratorio Elettrofisico (Coiltech Deutschland)

"Coiltech®, International Coil Winding Exhibition & Conference Deutschland 2022 ended yesterday! The first edition in Germany was a great success! Really grateful to meet all of you at our booth in #Ulm. Thank you so much for coming to see us. We appreciated your great attendance. It was a great pleasure to share with you our expertise! See you next year."

G.B. - mechaSYS GmbH (Coiltech Deutschland)

"Coiltech Deutschland 2022: Great trade show, super atmosphere and great organization."

SHWire, Schwering & Hasse Elektrodraht (Coiltech Deutschland)

"After two years, finally a physical trade fair again, for the first time in Germany - we were very excited.
In summary, we can say: a complete success. Both visitors and exhibitors were visibly pleased to be able to meet in person again to discuss projects and products.Two successful days at the fair with great conversations in a relaxed atmosphere..."

M.S. - Atra - (Exhibiting since 2010)

"At Coiltech Italia 2021, we achieved our own personal record of contacts compared to previous years, around 20% more than in 2018.  We perceived the economic recovery we hear about at a national level. Coiltech proves to be a very interesting event for us, especially for the relationships that can develop with other exhibitors, colleagues in the industry."

M.T. - Oxyweld - (Exhibiting since 2015)

"Coiltech Italia 2021 was a big, wonderful and unexpected surprise."

S.B. - TM s.r.l. - Exhibiting since 2019

"The participation in the fair was very positive, the first fair after the pandemic. There were many visitors, a lot of friendliness, a lot of willingness to get to know each other and to start again. Let's say it was a good starting point."

J.K. and J.W. - Magnet-Physik - (Exhibitor since 2014)

"Even with a big number of exhibiting companies, the atmosphere at Coiltech remains great and family-type oriented: the staff knows your name, and you get the feeling that they care about you and your need to make the exhibition as successful as possible. Coiltech represents a good meeting place where you get to meet focused customers that know what they want. There is no reason not to come back, and we love it here. It is like meeting old friends."