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QUiCKFairs® Coiltech Italia 2023

Pordenone, 20/21 September 2023

Meet customers and future buyers

The leaders of machinery, materials and techniques to produce electrical machines such as motors, alternators and transformers exhibit at Coiltech and meet their customers and prospects.

Coiltech is the youngest exhibition in its field (we launched it in 2010) and sets the standards in some decisive criteria in evaluating a show for the decision to exhibit at it.

#1 in customer satisfaction

384 leading companies in the Coil Winding industry have chosen to exhibit at the Coiltech Italia 2022 international trade fair in Pordenone: 59% of them are based in Italy, 35% in other European countries, 6% on other continents. 44% of the exhibitors are present for at least the sixth time, 42% have participated between two and five times.
This a very strong and objective indicator of customer satisfaction.

#1 for the size of the conference held in parallel

A well-made conference with high profile presentations is one more good reason for key players such as CTOs to visit an exhibition.

A presentation spot at the conference is cost-free. The only criterium is the technical and scientific relevance of the paper. An independent and international steering committee under the guidance of the University of L' Aquila decides on the themes of the conference and the admittance of papers proposed by the speakers (WMC).

 #1 in low barrier of cost to entry for exhibitors

One of the most appreciated aspects of Coiltech is the format that aims at a low cost-per-contact ratio.

As a consequence, there is no competition on who has the biggest and most representative stand. Two-thirds of the booths have the surface of only 12 sqm, the average booth size at Coiltech is 20sqm.

Even multinational companies, listed on the NYSE, meet their customers and leads in booths of this dimension.

All booths are delivered "ready-to-do-business." Booth construction and services as booth cleaning and access to the internet are included in the cost. This set-up reduces the organisational cost of participation for the exhibitors. 
You can book a booth at Coiltech for as little as 3.990€. Moreover, there are significant discounts if you book at least 11 months in advance (Early Booking) or for two consecutive editions (Double Booking).

For more details, consult the specifications of the booth building and services and the price list.

#1 in clearness of cost

Other shows disclose their offer only if a prospective exhibitor has filed an inquiry. At Coiltech, all costs and relevant information to exhibit are available on the website. Cost is given as a total, all-inclusive number, and not as a list of price per sqm, fees, and other surprises. The exhibitors source all services, online, on a "one-stop-shopping" base, and do not have to contact and control various suppliers.

#1 for accountability of information

Coiltech is the only coil and winding expo that is listed in the directory of the UFI* Approved International Events.

An exhibition has to have their statistical data on visitor and exhibitor numbers and exhibition surface audited by an independent certifier to obtain this cachet.

This means various advantages for the exhibitors:

They can base their decision on attending the show on verified numbers. In addition to this, many governments and authorities such as Chambers of Commerce that support the companies in their territory by subsidizing a trade show participation do so only if the exhibition is a UFI Approved Event.

*UFI: Union des Foires Internationales

#1 for comprehensibility in booth allocation 

The exhibitors themselves choose the position of their booth, on the base of a simple principle: first come - first served. The organizer does not favor anyone for any reason (i.e., booth size, nationality, etc.).

If you sign up to Coiltech in Pordenone for the first time and do so after the end of October, you pick your position on the interactive floorplan.

Rebooking exhibitors have the right of first refusal until the end of October (regardless of the booth size or other possible considerations). If a position is not confirmed by this deadline, we offer it first to the rebooking, then to the early-booking exhibitors (criterion: date of arrival of the downpayment).

We usually publish the floorplan of Coiltech in Pordenone around mid-November.

#1 for "one face to the customer"

Human beings prefer to interact with other people and not computers. Therefore, every exhibitor of Coiltech is personally followed
by one member of the staff. Our staff speaks 7 languages to make communication as easy as possible.

Also, since we have started up Coiltech we have acquired every exhibitor personally, and we haven't co-operated with agents.

Therefore, we know everybody personally and the exhibitors have just a referent for every need.

#1 to publish exhibitor list and floor plan

About 9 months before the beginning of the show, Coiltech publishes the floor plan and then the exhibitor list.

This is another Coiltech plus that highlights the transparency and simplicity of the format.  

#1 for good feeling

Since arrival at Coiltech, visitors and exhibitors are pleased to note the professional, kind and hospitable welcome.

The restaurants and bars are very popular, and it is possible to taste good, genuine and local food.
Coiltech takes place in Italy and this means better food and wine.

Pordenone is located in the centre of an area known for its gastronomic excellence such as S. Daniele ham, Grappa and Valdobbiadene prosecco and we take it to Coiltech.

Do you want to talk with us? Call us at + between 09 and 18 UTC+2 during summertime, UTC+1 in the other months.