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Augsburg, 20/21 March 2024

What makes Coiltech the Superior Coil Winding Exhibition

Coiltech is not the only Coil Winding trade show. We understand that you have options.

That's why we strive to ensure that exhibitors can focus on what truly matters before, during, and after the event: engaging with fellow participants and growing their business.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's what exhibitors have to say in their testimonials.

Closer to the customers

Short travel distances to the event also lead to higher attendance.

Therefore, we have chosen venues for Coiltech in both Germany and Italy that are located near a significant number of electric motor, generator, and transformer manufacturers' facilities and can be easily reached within a day. Why it matters: Statistical analyses reveal that companies are more likely to encourage employees from various departments and hierarchical levels to attend a trade fair when the venue is nearby, resulting in lower associated costs.

Both Augsburg and Pordenone are also easily accessible for participants travelling from distant locations. Getting to Coiltech from Munich or Venice airports is quicker than reaching some city centres that share the airport's name. 

More Premium Suppliers

Be it at Coiltech Deutschland or at its edition in Italy, no other trade fair in the field of Coil Winding exhibitions offers its visitors better possibilities to scout for smart ideas, advanced materials, innovative technology and premium machinery for the production of electric motors, transformers and generators.

A better trend

Competition is good for business, and Coiltech is gaining momentum with an increasing number of premium suppliers. For many years, there was only one coil winding exhibition and conference, and after its launch in 2010, Coiltech was initially only perceived as an additional opportunity to captivate customers.

The landscape changed dramatically in 2019 when Coiltech announced its expansion into Germany, a development which even the pandemic couldn't cut off. And already by 2023, the number of premium suppliers exhibiting at Coiltech Deutschland surpassed that of the former monopolist.

A higher level of professional exchange

The World Magnetic Conference is under the professional direction of a steering committee, including Prof. Marco Villani (Università de L'Aquila) and Prof. Achim Kampker (RWTH Aachen). 40 to 50 technically valid presentations per edition attract qualified trade visitors. By the way, you are still in time to submit your presentation proposal for Coiltech Italia 2023; the deadline is June 3oth.

Easier to reach

International: Munich Airport offers connections to 41 intercontinental, 128 European, and 8 domestic destinations, while Venice offers 16 intercontinental, 120 European, and 9 domestic destinations. Some capital city airports can't match that. And we provide participants with a dedicated shuttle service directly to the fair.
National: Highway access is right at the doorstep, ensuring a hassle-free arrival and departure due to counter-cyclical traffic. Parking spaces are available right in front of the exhibition entrance.

Simpler to organize

All processes are digitalized. The participation fees already include all necessary and meaningful services (standard booth construction, electricity, internet, cleaning, etc.). The organizer takes control of all service providers, so responsibilities are clearly defined. A personal contact person for all aspects ensures that any questions that may arise are promptly answered.

More satisfied exhibitors

Coiltech has consistently achieved the highest exhibitor re-booking rate in its field for many years.

Why this is important when choosing your Coil Winding exhibition
: The percentage of exhibitors at a trade fair who return to the following edition is known as the "rebooking rate" and is a quantitative indicator of customer satisfaction. Comparing this figure across competing events provides a hint of their respective reputations.

You can find the updated list of exhibitors for each edition at the following links:

Better connected in the industry

More than 6000 qualified individuals from all continents are followers of Coiltech's LinkedIn profile. We outperform similar exhibitions by 41%, and it is just one of many indicators of the strong, even emotionally positive connection between the motors, generators, and transformers community and the fair. More information.

More electrifying ambiance

Is it because we invite everyone for breakfast in the morning, refreshments during the day, and a get-together in the evening? In any case, we often hear that the atmosphere at Coiltech is better than anywhere else. Come and see for yourself: Video

More transparent with numbers - since 2012

One can establish and nurture numerous contacts at trade shows within a concise timeframe. However, participation incurs costs and demands the allocation of our most valuable resource: time.

Therefore, we believe it is essential for participants to make informed decisions based on reliable statistical data. Since 2012, we have entrusted an independent auditor to verify our data (visitor numbers, exhibition area, seminar offerings).

Consequently, we proudly hold the distinction of being the only Coil Winding trade show bearing the prestigious "UFI Approved International Event" accreditation. Further information.

Less expensive

The concept of Coiltech is structurally designed to keep costs as low as possible.

Therefore, the costs for a booth, including standard booth construction and all necessary services (e.g., booth cleaning, electricity, cleaning, internet access), are lower than the mere exhibition space rental at other trade shows. Also, the costs for optional booth equipment (e.g., wall printing, additional furniture, sponsorship) are unrivaled.

Act soon! The earlier you book your booth, the lower the cost. You can find the applicable costs for the upcoming editions of the event here: