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QUiCKFairs® Coiltech Italia 2024

Pordenone, 18/19 September 2024

Why choose Coiltech to seize the opportunities. 

"The real price of everything is the toil and trouble of acquiring it." (Adam Smith).

Coiltech is designed to keep costs to a minimum, both direct costs (space hire and stand construction, etc.) and indirect costs (organisation, hotels, etc.).

Experience has shown that the opportunity to meet other market players in person is crucial. At Coiltech, you obtain this at a reasonable cost.

Coiltech's format is designed to keep the cost of participation structurally lower than at other trade fairs.


The advantages for the companies exhibiting at Coiltech in both Pordenone and Augsburg

Exhibiting at both events not only doubles business opportunities but also means to benefit from attractive discounts.

In addition, from September to the online upload of the floorplan, double booking prices have a flat rate: they do not differ according to location or number of open sides.

From 18% discount for double booking

Who approaches their clients in both markets enjoy a significant reduction in cost (see adjacent table). We apply the discount as well if you sign up to the two exhibitions at different moments.

If you want to book your booth in these terms, please contact us (+39 02 87 23 40 50, to obtain your fidelity code with which you can book at these rates.

Ready to do business booths - what is included in the price

The Coiltech format reduces your organisational effort in preparation

The cost of exhibiting at a trade fair is not limited to the rental of the surface area and the booth building. It also includes the effort and working time of the people involved in the organisation and the preparation of a trade fair. Coiltech's format and services significantly reduce your internal costs.

Exhibiting at Coiltech is simpler than at other trade fairs

Online shop for all additional services and furniture

In collaboration with specialized companies, we offer all the services that may be useful or necessary for participating in Coiltech.

We provide these services exclusively through the shop in your MyQUiCKFairs account. This ensures an orderly and coordinated execution of the jobs.

Also, exhibitors do not receive e-mails or telephone calls from a wide variety of suppliers as happens in many other events.

One contact person for all matters

On the one hand, we are committed to making all information available online. On the other hand, you can always count on direct personal assistance for any questions you may have.

One contact person in QUiCKFairs looks after all the aspects of your participation - from sign-up to follow-up and is always happy to answer your questions.

A focused exhibition: the organiser invites only Coil Winding professionals

An important indicator of the success of a trade fair is the number of people that visit the exhibition. But what is even more important from the exhibitor's point of view, is to what extent the demand matches the supply.

At Coiltech you know exactly what to expect.

We only invite people from companies that produce electric motors, alternators and transformers and some companies that use the same machinery and materials for their production.

We hold the World Magnetic Conference at Coiltech, under the technical-scientific guidance of the University of L'Aquila. Therefore, we attract visitors with high technological expertise by highly qualified content.

We keep up to date and continuously improve the invitation list that we have built over more than 10 years; we pay particular attention to keep informed the R&D and production professionals within the companies.

We submit our statistical data to an audit. This enables companies to make their decisions on the basis of objective and reliable data. 

Further details:

Coiltech is close to the market and easy to reach

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