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Pordenone, 22/23 September 2021

Planning the 2021 exhibition under the sign of the Covid crisis

Note: We have prepared and published the content on this page, on February 11, based on the information and decision status as of 10 February. On 22 February, we added new information to the page. The next major update is planned for 4 March, following the next conference of the Minister Presidents with the Federal Chancellor. If the situation changes significantly before then, we will add or change the information as soon as we receive the news.

The current situation - never hesitate to start from the obvious

On 10 February, the Federal Government, together with the Conference of Prime Ministers of the Länder, extended the pandemic containment measures until 7 March. 

Falling infection figures in Germany until the end of last week gave cause for cautious optimism. At the same time, virologists warned, all the while, that the more contagious mutations of the virus will prevail. For several days now, the infection figures have not been declining anymore.

Policymakers are responding to increasingly vocal calls for an opening strategy. According to press reports on 22 February (e.g., Spiegel, Chancellor Merkel, who has so far been very cautious about possible openings, has stated that packages of an opening-up strategy should be put together.

Merkel was quoted to say that there could be three "packages". The first concerns people services, the second one schools, and the third one sports groups, restaurants and culture. A working group consisting of the Minister of the Federal Chancellery and the heads of the Länder Chancelleries is working out the details of the possible opening-up paths in the course of this week in preparation for Merkel's next conference with the prime ministers, which is scheduled for 3 March.

Therefore, it remains to be seen how the contagion will develop, which opening strategy the politicians will decide on and how all this will affect people's propensity to join a B2B trade fair.

Germany's mood is currently divided, as the result of a survey conducted by SPIEGEL suggests.

For example, in a survey conducted between 6 and 8 February among more than 5,000 participants, roughly the same number said they believed the worst part of the pandemic was still to come (38%) as those who said they thought the worst was over (43%).

In another poll conducted among more than 10,000 respondents between 29 January and 8 February, those favouring keeping the current rules in place (39%) were balanced with those calling for relaxations (41%).

The next conference between the federal and state governments to assess the situation and decide how to proceed will occur on 3 March.

How does this affect the realisation of Coiltech Ulm?

It is encouraging that some important key figures point to an improvement in the situation (see above). Moreover, one can see the will of those politically responsible for creating and communicating a perspective, albeit with caution.

As things stand today, one cannot be sure that it will be possible to host a fair in the first half of 2021. However, one cannot say with certainty that it would be impossible or pointless.

We expect that the restrictive measures until provisionally the beginning of March can create the prerequisites for it to be technically possible to host a trade fair again in May.

However, it is equally important that visitors and exhibitors feel comfortable with the idea of being among the people at a trade fair.

In many conversations with the Coil Winding community over the past weeks and months, we have gained the impression that there is a widespread desire to be able to meet face to face again soon at a focused trade fair like Coiltech (see also section "What is the feedback from exhibitors and visitors?").

We will systematically check this impression in the coming weeks. To this end, we will contact a representative selection of visiting companies by telephone from the end of February to March.
This survey will also aim to find out, in a quantitatively validated manner, how potential visitors rate our hygiene and safety concept, which has been tried and tested in practice, and what impact this has on their intention to visit Coiltech Deutschland in May.

Based on the results of this survey and the situation of the pandemic, we will evaluate around Easter whether a focussed B2B exhibition like Coiltech can be successful in the first half of the year and make our decision.

What is the feedback from exhibitors and visitors?

As always, we have been in constant telephone contact with exhibitors and visitors in the past weeks. The feedback was clear: practically everyone regrets the lack of opportunities to meet business partners face to face, especially at trade fairs, where you can hold a lot of meetings, also informal ones, in a short time. And many expressed their hope and wish that we can hold Coiltech in spring 2021.

Our survey among exhibitors and visitors in December "Experiences with online trade fairs in 2020" also revealed (among other things) that the vast majority of market participants are looking forward to being able to participate in a focused b2b trade fair again.

Very often, our interlocutors were impressed that we have successfully put in place a hygiene and safety concept at Coiltech Italia 2020 in Pordenone and interested in further details. Some remarked that we should be proud that we are one of the very few trade fair organizers who have their own track record with this topic.

We will continue this dialogue with visitors and exhibitors. In particular, we will personally contact a representative sample of visiting companies to determine whether a reasonable number of visitors can be expected in late spring or early summer. We will hold these discussions as soon as it is foreseeable whether it is technically realistic to hold a trade fair like Coiltech in May - i.e. probably from the end of February and in March.

Should it be unrealistic for Coiltech Deutschland 2021 to achieve the desired response, we will postpone the fair until 2022 and concentrate our efforts on Coiltech Italia 2021 (22/23 September, Pordenone).

Details of the new schedule

The impact on the preparation of Coiltech Italia 2021 in September

The current state of available information suggests that by the end of the summer the worst of the pandemic may be over. Coiltech Italia 2021 could therefore be one of the first fairs to take place again under more normal circumstances.

Should this assumption change, we will develop and publish a comparable decision tree for the event.