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QUiCKFairs® Coiltech Deutschland 2023

Augsburg, 29/30 March 2023

Everywhere joyful expectations and smiling faces.
That was Coiltech Deutschland 2022

Can anticipation vibrate? Oh yes, it can - Coiltech Deutschland 2022 was truly electrified, lively and full of energy! Everyone who was there felt it: the anticipation, the spirit of optimism, the desire to sit down together and discuss. And then the many warm greetings from acquaintances and valued business partners. Gratitude that everyone had brought a mask and that many had only taken it off for our photographers.

Long planned finally becomes good

September 2018: Coiltech Italia has cemented its reputation as a well-organised international trade exhibition for manufacturing electric machinery. It is an exhibition where participants conclude the negotiations of the last quarter and start planning the budget for the following year.

The exhibition format, which aims for a favourable cost-benefit ratio, good accessibility and attractive hotel costs, has been extremely popular with exhibitors in Italy for years. Trade visitors from all over Europe and even overseas attend the trade fair because they are impressed by the innovative power of the exhibitors. The World Magnetic Conference (WMC), which is held in parallel with the fair, is also compelling and attracts top-class speakers and audiences.

In Germany, on the other hand, the exhibitors are very fed up with the self-important behaviour, the outrageous prices and surcharges of renowned trade fairs in big, famous cities. And we also think it is time to launch Coiltech in Germany: 10 days after the first announcement, 80 stands have already been booked.

Rising booking figures, even though Coiltech Deutschland is not allowed to launch due to the pandemic

Facts, Facts, Facts.
About Coiltech Deutschland:

Who are our visitors?  

Coiltech is a trade show focused on the coil winding industry. The professional visitors are decision-makers and specialists involved in selecting suppliers and products in their companies. In addition, there is a growing, highly specialised group of visitors who attend the WMC to listen to scientific lectures from universities and research departments of renowned companies.

Numerous visitors from abroad

The very first edition of Coiltech Deutschland recorded a higher proportion of international visitors than Coiltech Italia, which has been very well attended for years. Many Italian exhibitors and trade visitors had come to Germany to learn about the German coil winding industry. There were even visitors from overseas.

We counted a total of 2,180 trade show visitors: 574 professionals were present on both days. (Stand personnel were not counted).

With the counting method usually used in Germany, multiple considerations of multi-day visits and stand personnel, Coiltech Deutschland 2022 recorded over 4,500 participants.

Geographical origin of national visitors

The national visitors came from all industry-relevant sectors in Germany.

The majority came from southwest Germany - no surprise given the geographical location of the industry in Germany. Because German mechanical and automotive engineering is established in the south, the exhibition is held in this area, close to the industry and not in some major German city.

Visitors also came to Coiltech Deutschland from the north and northeast of Germany.  

Visits on one or both days

Number of visitors per company

Who are our exhibitors?

Coiltech Deutschland 2022 has brought 73 new exhibitors to a coil winding trade exhibition in Germany for the first time.

That was just the beginning: 30% increase in bookings within the first four weeks!

This was the POST SHOW REPORT of Coiltech Deutschland 2022. Here are a few more quick facts about Italy for you to consider:

After Brexit, Italy is the third-largest economy in the European Union and the eighth largest economy globally. Italy's GDP in 2021 was estimated at around 2.1 billion US dollars. In 2022, Italy's GDP is forecast to be around US$2.06 trillion. The statistics show the country's GDP from 1980 to 2020 and forecasts until 2027. It might be worth it to discover the Italian coil winding market personally! © Statista 2022

Are you looking for a precise coil winding partner in Italy?

After more than 10 years of trade show activity, we are very well networked with the Italian coil winding industry. Our list of exhibitors is well worth reading. If you have any further questions, please give us a call. We will be happy to help!

Come and visit us: The sound of Coiltech is unique!  

It is energetic, joyful and powerful, mixed with the sound of engines and the hot aroma of espresso. So get to know our Coiltech exhibitions and become an exhibitor in Italy and/or Germany! We will be happy to answer your questions: send a message to with proposed dates for a conference call.


We look forward to hearing from you!