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QUiCKFairs® Coiltech Italia 2023

Pordenone, 20/21 September 2023

The major international companies exhibit at Coiltech

Coiltech is the most qualified electromechanical Meeting-Point in its sector. The range of products offered by companies that exhibit at Coiltech covers all the production steps of electric motors, generators, electric pumps, transformers, and windings in general.

Why put Coiltech Italia 2023 on your agenda

To visit a technical trade show means to make the best use of your time: within one day, you can meet many industry peers, get inspired for new business ideas, or to making your products more efficient, and compare alternative offers.

At Coiltech you can find components, materials, and machinery to manufacture: electric motors, transformers, generators and coil and winding systems.

What visitors think about Coiltech:

P.Ž., Tech Department of Mahle Letrika, Slovenia:

“… the exhibitor's list was quite complete, and we did not need to look any further.

D.A.G., Owner of Innovation, Austria:

“…Coiltech is bigger than what we originally thought…”

V.G., Advanced R&D Technical Project Leader of Brembo, Italy:

“…We had a list of suppliers that we wanted to meet, and, in addition, we found some new ones that we did not know before, thus improving our list of suppliers…"

Coiltech fosters the exchange of technical information in a professional and friendly environment

Exhibitors and visitors take advantage of the format and moments of informal interaction to share information, with partners and suppliers, on the evolution of the market, new technologies, materials, and procedures.

The exhibition structure allows a maximum of straight face-to-face contacts between customers and suppliers, respecting visitor time.

One of the most appreciated aspects is the opportunity to meet people, and keep up-to-date with the latest news in the industry in a relaxed and friendly environment.

What visitors think about Coiltech:

E.R., Export Manager, MERO-Tsk, France:

"Visiting Coiltech is very efficient for its technical focus and its visitor-friendly setup.
Since the stands are smaller than at other exhibitions, it is easier to get a broader vision of the offer. ”

N.L., Project Manager of Fuji Electric, France:

“…talk in a friendly environment about specialized technical issues that we had…”.

Z.M., Technical Manager of Siemens, Hungary: 

“…Coiltech exhibition is a much more friendly place that allowed me to have really successful meetings…".

Coiltech proposes an innovative and functional format

Our “less is more” approach: the size of the booths is, on average, 20 sqm, and the floorplan is on one floor under the same roof. Coiltech is the ideal place to be, to keep on top of your business.
Thanks to the compact format, it is straightforward to visit Coiltech, meeting old and new contacts in a shorter time compared to other exhibitions, respecting the proverb: time is money.

The compact format of the show allows visitors to meet more companies in less time.

What visitors think about Coiltech:

A.L., CEO of Elkosun, Slovenia:

“…We have seen most of our suppliers all at once hence the trip was cost and time effective…”.

T.G., R&D of Schaffner, Switzerland:

“…I generally visit other exhibitions, but I really liked the format of Coiltech because it is more compact and, by not losing time, I get to meet all the companies that are interesting for me…”.

T.T., Engineer at Motors Department of Somfy, France:

“…For us, the exhibition format of Coiltech is a lot better than other important exhibitions of the same field where you are just tired from the exhibition itself, to be able to take full advantage of being there."

Coiltech organizes the #1 conference in the Coil&Winding industry: the World Magnetic Conference (WMC)

Coiltech organizes the #1 conference in the Coil Winding industry: the World Magnetic Conference (WMC)

The topics that will be discussed at the WMC are:
E-Mobility, Advanced powertrains for electric vehicles, Electric Motor Industry, Transformers, Electric motors for pumps and compressors, Special electrical machines and actuators, EV charging station and batteries, Electric motors for household appliances, Materials, Manufacturing technologies, Software.
Click here for more info.

To participate in the conference and contribute with a presentation that is relevant to the topics, submit your presentation to the steering committee: Click for the Speaker Guidelines.

The WMC is the largest in its field which is held parallel to a Coil Winding Exhibition and, every year, it presents high-quality discussions from both industrial and academic point of view.

What visitors think about Coiltech:

A.T., Professor of University of Trieste, Italy:

"The WMC represents something unique in the field of technical-scientific conferences [...] It combines the practical aspects of the industrial world with the theoretical aspects of the academic world [...]". 

G.S., Technical Sales Manager Electro Adda, Italy:

“…The technical seminars are coherent with the context as they treat current issues illustrated by professionals and academics working in the field.”

N.L., Project Manager of Fuji Electric, France:

“…talk in a friendly environment about specialized technical issues that we had…”.

Coiltech is located in Pordenone which is easily accessible and highly functional

Pordenone is located in the neighborhood of one of Europe's most active industrial regions and also near Venice, which is known for its beauty, and one of Italy´s most remarkable destinations. There are more than 100 direct flights to major European and World cities.

Shuttle service will be available to/from airports and the Pordenone train station.

By car: through highway A28, you can reach Pordenone and avoid the traffic. Parking is free and close to the entrance of the exhibition. 

By train: there are Frecciarossa and Italo trains to Pordenone and/or to Venezia Mestre every day.

By plane: it takes less time to get from/to Coiltech/Pordenone to/from the airports (Venice - VCE, Treviso -TSF, and Trieste -TRS) than from capital city airports to capital city centres.

What visitors think about Coiltech:

K.B., R&D Manager of Böhner- EH GmbH, Germany:

"I rarely visited such a well-organized exhibition as Coiltech. We appreciated the possibility of free parking as well as the great service inside the exhibition halls".

Z.M., Technical Manager of Siemens, Hungary:

“This was my first visit to Coiltech and I was certainly impressed by the organization (free close parking…)"

P.R., Sales Manager of EMKOR Technology, Netherlands:

" ....We used the shuttle service from the hotel to the exhibition center organized by Coiltech and we felt like a business class visitor."

How to save costs - Coiltech supports you

QUiCKFairs®, the organizer of the exhibition Coiltech, wants you to optimize your costs and, to do this, has arranged special rates with some of the hotels in the area. To access these discounts, register your visit under your MyQUiCKFairs account and proceed with booking the hotel room.