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Pordenone, 20/21 September 2023

Nice places to see in and around Pordenone

Pordenone is a picturesque place nice to stroll, rich in cultural, natural, sport and gastronomic attractions.

It is located in a strategic position less than 30 minutes from the seaside and from the Alps.

Here you will be able to taste some of the most famous and unique wines and typical products of Italy.

Why don’t you take the chance to do the immediate exhibition follow-up at your hotel in Pordenone on Friday and then combine your business trip with some tourist activity during the weekend?

The QUiCKFairs staff is very often in Pordenone for business purposes.

During our stay for the exhibition and for business meetings we also like to explore the territory and enjoy good food and wine. We suggest you do the same.
Here some starting points for your visit:

A tour around Venice

From Coiltech it is easy to reach one of the most beautiful cities known for its splendour around the world: Venice.

From Pordenone's train station, with about 10 euros you can reach Venice via direct train in less than an hour.

From the train station, you cross the bridge Calatrava and start enjoying the walk from Ponte di Rialto to Piazza San Marco. We recommend not to miss the Peggy Guggenheim Collection.

Should you be looking for something unique then the "aperitivo" (classic Italian happy hour) at Squero di San Trovaso is perfect. There you can enjoy wine tasting and trying typical local snacks.

We recommend eating outside to enjoy the climate and the frontal view: a shelter where the gondolas are brought to be repaired.

Another suggestive stop to add to your trip is a visit to the Libreria Acqua Alta (High Water Bookshop) not far from San Marco.

You will be surprised to find that here the books are not placed on regular shelves, but are kept in gondolas, ready to float in case of high waters.

A tour through the vineyards of Friuli

In the very near surroundings of Pordenone, you can find several small, high-quality family-run vineyards: real oases of peace and taste where to tase the exquisite local wines.
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A gourmet experience: taste the authentic products of the region!

The Friuli region is famous for its local gourmet products. If you come to Pordenone you cannot miss tasting the real San Daniele ham, known all over the world for its unique delicate taste, the result of the ancient wisdom of experienced hands.

This delicious ham can be accompanied by a slice of Montasio cheese, produced a few kilometres from Pordenone, and a glass of the prosecco of Valdobbiadene.
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Cities and villages with a medieval flair

The region around Pordenone is rich in large cultural cities and small medieval villages. You can take advantage of your stay to visit these romantic towns and stroll through their charming alleys.
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Within less than 2 hours of car- or train-drive, you reach cities like Venice, Trieste, Padua, Verona, Mantua, to name just a few.

A trip to the seaside

Pordenone is just 25 minutes away from the beaches that extend between Venice and Trieste. The end of September is the perfect period to make long walks on the endless coast shore. Moreover, the water temperature is often still warm enough for a swim.
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A trip to nature

After a swim in the sea, you can climb the eastern Alps. The foot of the Alps is in Pordenone's backyard. Only 15 minutes by car or 30 minutes by bike, start some stunning ascents through spectacular gorges or sunlit mountain flanks towards summits looking over the Adriatic Sea.

The Dolomites are only 90 minutes away by car, so you can make a round-trip through these mountains having enough time for walking and taking a breath of fresh mountain air.


The region of Pordenone is the ideal place for sports activities. The numerous cycle paths allow you to discover the territory, breathe fresh air and enjoy wonderful panoramic landscapes. For the more adventurous, it is possible to go canyoning in the narrow gorges of the numerous waterways that run through the region or enjoy the sea breeze

and challenge the waves along the coast that goes from Venice to Trieste doing some windsurfing.
For those who prefer a more relaxing activity, however, the territory offers large green expanses equipped to play golf and enjoy the mild weather of September.
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