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QUiCKFairs® Coiltech Italia 2023

Pordenone, 20/21 September 2023

What Visitors think

Coiltech keeps growing and has now become an important meeting point in the Coil & Winding industry.
Every year a higher number of professionals from all over the world come to visit and see for themselves the reasons for this growth.

Have a look at what visitors of our previous editions think:

Quality of exhibitors and products

M.Z. Baumueller

Y.H. - Technical office manager - AACO Manufacturing Srl - Italy

"We manufacture motors and I like Coiltech very much, as it is well organized and I usually find what I am looking for.  Visiting Coiltech gives me a chance to meet all the players in this fieldOver the years, I've noticed that the exhibition has become wider, there is more choice and I make more contacts."

M.Z. - Plant Manager - Baumüller - Czech Republic

"[This is the first time I am visiting Coiltech. My colleagues recommended me the exhibition. I have to say that my colleagues and I have found great things and I am already looking forward to visiting next year.] I can highly recommend this fair to other people from the electric motor industry."

A.M. - Engineer - CERN - Switzerland

"We build the largest particle accelerators in the world, and I am in the technology group specialized on magnets.
I visited Coiltech so that I could meet business partners who work in the electromagnetic field. What convinced me to come was the interesting international companies on the exhibitor list.
I already knew some of the companies that were exhibiting. I was pleasantly surprised to meet small and medium-sized companies which whom undertake new projects.
Unlike other fairs, Coiltech is more focused and business oriented.
I will definitely come back next year and invite other colleagues to visit it."

S. R. Electroprecizia Motori Elettrici


"[We arrived first time in Coiltech and] we are very impressed with the organization, about the companies that are here, with the new technologies and our intention is to visit Coiltech also in the future."

F.C. - CEO - F.M.T. Snc - Italy

"I am in the transformer business. Coiltech is the only interface between our industry and our suppliers. Suppliers are one of the main components for a company's success, and we must take advantage of the opportunity that Coiltech offers us to meet them.
I have been visiting Coiltech continuously since 2010, accompanied by the company's technical manager. Coiltech is the right trade fair for transformers!"

L.F. - Electric Motor Designer - Magnax BV - Belgio

"Really great atmosphere. Coiltech is definitely the place to be if you work in the automotive industry. Anyone who works in the automotive industry needs to be here."

F.D. - Mechanical Design Engineer - Somfy Group - Francia

"When working in R&D, you get to work only on developing your product of interest, so it's interesting to meet technical support and new advantages of new technologies in person. When I return to the office, I will say that this is an exhibition to return to."

A.I.N. - F&E Manager - Max-Holzinger & Co. GmbH - Germany

"As a transformer manufacturer, we find that Coiltech is the best way for us to develop new partnerships. Thank you, Coiltech! We can no longer miss it as an event as it is very important for us."

A.I.N Max-Holzinger&Co

A.S. - Electric Motor Technical Manager - Motovario - Italy

"In my opinion, Coiltech is the most important trade show in the field in Europe now. The exhibition is very important because it succeeds in combining the technical aspect with the commercial aspect, which is not very easy to do for the trade fairs of this field."

N.L., Director and D.M., Mechanical Design Engineer - SC NECOM SRL - Romania

"This was the first time we visited Coiltech Pordenone and we came for both days. We are glad we did because it was necessary to get the best of the event.
We found all the suppliers that we were looking for our production of transformers."

L.D. - Quality control - TEM Electric Motors srl - Italy

"Given the high quality of the products in the stands, the companies that produce electric motors cannot miss this exhibition."

Growth and internationality

M.D. - Electrical Senior Design Engineer - Umbra Group - Italy

"Coiltech has become the reference point for the design of electromechanical motors and actuators."

D.C. - Methods Engineer - Valeo - Poland

"The visit was very efficient for me because I could discuss, face to face, a lot of technical aspects that are more difficult to be dealt with via phone or e-mail.
Next year I will try to arrange to visit Coiltech during both days of the exhibition so that I have the time to see also possible technicians from new suppliers, to compare and to follow some presentations of the conference. I think that a visit to Coiltech is recommendable to anyone involved in the decision-making process concerning materials and components."

A.I. - Process Engineering Supervisor - Xylem Water Systems Hungary Kft. – Hungary

"My 4 colleagues and I traveled 7hrs  by car to visit Coiltech and meet face to face the exhibitors interesting for us. It was a successful business trip, and we were happy with the visit."

F.F. - President - ANIE - Italy

"Every year, Coiltech renews its presence, increasing the number of visitors interested in the field of transformers and transformer-related materials." 

F.C. - Technology Developer - Atlas Copco - Belgium

"I've been attending the Coiltech for many years now. I am currently working abroad, and this was not enough for me to prevent me to come here for Coiltech because I believe this is a very good fair. It's growing, and it's getting bigger and bigger year by year so I think this could be competitive with other international fairs in Europe and all over the world [...]." 

F. C. Atlas Copco

G.S. - Technical Sales Manager - Electro Adda S.p.A. - Italy

"Pordenone, this small town was chosen for the exhibition Coiltech, proved, and I sincerely wish that it will continue to be, a good international reference providing an excellent opportunity for creating relationships and giving insight on the state of the art applications, innovations, materials, and services equipment related to electrical machines."

V.G. - Operations & Supply Chain Manager - Bonfiglioli - Italy

"I have been visiting Coiltech since 2010, and every year I see it grow regarding quality and number of exhibitors. Here I generally have the opportunity to meet our usual suppliers and within the day discover the latest news of our business, something for which I would not normally have time. Every year I try to involve colleagues from the technical area as Coiltech is an excellent opportunity to exchange opinions and evaluate new materials and machines"

G.F. - R&D electrical motor - Caprari Motors - Italy

"...It is important to visit every year because of the new companies that add themselves to the exhibitor list; this helps us to find new suppliers that otherwise would have to be searched individually. Also, the fact that the exhibition is held at the end of September allows us to make a useful analysis on the results of the current year, enables us to forecast the first six months of the following year, and compare the market progress."

G.S. - Purchasing - Ebara Pumps Europe Spa - Italy

"I have been visiting Coiltech since 2012, and I can say that the fair is growing more and more every year. I find the annual visit to Coiltech very useful, because I can meet most of my suppliers in one place. Here I have the opportunity to personally see new potential suppliers, which allows me to make the right evaluations and start new relationships."

G.C. - Consultant - Tamini Trasformatori - Italy

"I have been following the Coiltech exhibition for three years now and I notice that the range of components and participating companies in the field of transformers has increased every year."

G.P. - Technical Director - Transfluid - Italy

"What is impressive for me that I visit Coiltech each year is its impressive growth. Every year I see new exhibitors and they come from every part of Europe."

B.T. - Supplier Quality - Hidria doo - Slowenien

"I have noticed a really interesting growing progress. I found what I was looking for, met the majority of my suppliers, and attended the highly technical conferences that were beneficial to our business. I can say that the visit was very useful and that I am quite satisfied."

P.Ž. - Technology Department - Mahle Letrika doo - Slovenia

"From Slovenia, the exhibition Coiltech is very close, just one hour by car... Having very limited time, with this opportunity we managed to meet with different suppliers and place orders for winding machines.
I should say that for our business, the exhibitor list was quite complete and we didn't need to look any further."

A.S. - Research & Development Engineer - Lafert Servo Motors S.p.A. - Italy

"I have been visiting Coiltech since 2012 and if the growth rate continues like that of recent years, the show will turn out to be an excellent alternative to some of the most important trade shows of this field. In order to take full advantage of the exhibition, there were a lot of us that came to visit. We were looking in particular for a winding machine and visited the booths of different suppliers. With some of them, we decided to deepen the discussion even after the exhibition."

G.P. Transfluid

A.d.A. - Professor and Director at ISR - University of Coimbra - Portugal

"It is the first time that I am coming to Coiltech and I am positive surprised by the number of exhibitors. There is a very wide coverage of manufacturers and technologies and I suppose this is the result of the market situation. Because of the sustainable development, the economy is moving towards electrification [...]. Electric vehicles will represent a huge market for electric components and systems, mainly electric motors"

Level of the conferences

D.A.G. - CEO - GET Innovation - Austria

"...Coiltech is bigger than what we originally thought: there were a lot of exhibitors, both Italian and international, and it was nice to see that the conferences were cured by the University of L'Aquila (underlining a close relationship with the organization of the exhibition). Overall a very good experience from which we got lots of contacts."

K.P. - Electrical Machine Leader - Cummins Inc. - UK

"At the conferences, presentations were very good, short but well selected. Therefore, we could participate to those that were relevant for us and have enough time to check the exhibitors."

N.L. - Project Manager - Fuji Electric - France 

"...I had the opportunity to attend some of the conferences and was very pleased with their technical quality and how they were really applied to the working world."

G.Z. - R&D project manager - IFP Energies Nouvelles - France

"We work on the development of new innovative high power density electric motors, and we joined the Re-free Drive consortium to develop new solutions for electric motors without rare earth magnets, and we are very happy to be at Coiltech to present our solution and to meet a lot of performing exhibitors."


J.S. - Head of System Design Motors and Pumps - KSB - Germany

"This is my first time here at Coiltech. [...] in general a good opportunity to see so many manufacturers here altogether. I'm especially interested in the World Magnetic Conference which is held here in parallel to follow up on what's new in the academic world of electric motors."

A.S. Motovario

G.J. - Professor - University of Montenegro - Montenegro

"I am very impressed by the organization and of the participation of a great number of industrial exhibitors, also people from academia. I am sure that I will be part of this Conference also next year."

A.S. - Technical Director of Electric Motors - Motovario - Italy

"I have participated in all the editions of this fair. I consider this fair to be very interesting for the industry because it succeeds in combining the technical aspect with the commercial aspect."

G.F. - Equipment Technical Director - Technogym - Italy

"It's a pleasure to be here, to come back and listen to seminars, share experiences, and be able to connect with industry players who tell us about their innovations."

N.B. -  Department of Electrical Engineering - University of Padova - Italy

"I visited Coiltech last year, and I was very impressed, so this year I invited all the Ph.D. students from the lab because I think Coiltech is a good mix of industry and university theory."

Quality and quantity of the meetings

F.F. - President - ANIE - Italy

"Colitech is an appointment that brings together professionals from the electric motors sector and, increasingly also the participation of the transformer world, who find here strategic suppliers."

D.S. - Purchasing Specialist - Embraco - Slovakia

"I have finally managed to talk face to face with suppliers I have been emailing with for the past two years, and I could also meet new people."

A.S. - Manufacturing Engineer - Emerson Group, ASCO Numatics Sirai - Italy

"Overall I consider it to be a positive experience for the quality of the contacts and the opportunity to begin interesting negotiations."

D.K. - Technical Director - Koncar Instrument Transformers Inc. - Croatia

"There is a lot to cover that it is impossible to do in just one day. I like Coiltech because it is focused, and every minute is actively used. It is good to meet face-to-face with exhibitors; that way, I can also discover their entire portfolio, which can be broader than what I originally thought (...)."

B.A. Fundation Cidaut

B.A. - Research Project Manager - Fundatión Cidaut - Spain

"Coiltech is a wonderful opportunity to hold a dissemination session for an H2020 project [...]. We are looking forward to coming again next year exploring synergies and new contacts within the industry of the automotive electrical machine world."

A.Z. - Technician - Marelli Motori - Italy

"I found out about Coiltech from my colleagues and I found it interesting, a nice impression in general.
I came to visit as I wanted to talk in person with one of our suppliers of winding tools. The show gave me the chance to compare other suppliers that I had not previously considered."

B.C. - Plants Purchasing Technician - Nidec Sole Motors - Italy

"I liked the Coiltech exhibition because it is interesting and constantly developing. Roughly twice a year we look for specific machinery for the production. Before the show I knew that I could meet some interesting Coiltech suppliers, a good opportunity to evaluate them better and talk about technical aspects face to face. In the end we're satisfied and we found what we were looking for."

M.T. - Department Head Windings - Pedrollo Spa - Italia

"We met all of our suppliers, old and new. Great organization, and it was easy to find them. Good quality of the exhibitors, and we were able to find everything we were looking for."

P.R. - General Manager - JULI Motorenwerk s.r.o. - Czech Republic

"I have really enjoyed my time here and had time to see the key suppliers needed to support my company's growth. It is good to be here to stay in touch with the market."

K.A. - Technical buyer - Traktionssysteme GmbH - Austria

"Coiltech 2021 is very interesting for me. This is my first time here. I can now meet new suppliers again, get new impressions, and what makes me most happy is the fact that I can see my current suppliers again after two years of Corona period. Everything is top organized, and I am very happy to be here."

A.L. - Production Engineering Centre, Motors - Panasonic Appliances Refrigeration Devices - Singapore

"We had an excellent experience at Coiltech because we were able to meet all our potential suppliers. As we visited, we were able to obtain direct information and better understand the products presented by the suppliers in person."

A.H. - Managing Director - Tooska Applied Hardwares Development - Iran

"It was a good idea to come to this exhibition. After one day of tour, I found a lot of suppliers that I had been looking for a long time."

J.B. - Chief of Maintenance - Zelmotor - Poland

"Generally we find our suppliers on the internet but face to face meetings really help. We came looking for different products and at the end of the exhibitions we got some really good contacts."

V.G. - Operation - BMR, Bonfiglioli Mechatronic Research - Italy

"I have been visiting the fair regularly every year because it is a specialized trade fair where I find all the suppliers for our needs and the conferences always have an interesting program.
The organization of the fair is good: you enter quickly, the parking is well managed and it is free upon pre-registration." 


J. M. - Technical Director - Biomat Transformers - Greece

"I come here from Greece, Coiltech was great, it had a lot of people from all over the world. The staff, the shuttle service, and the hotel were great."

P.R. EMKOR Technology

P.W. - CEO - Mec Wolf - Italy

"Well-organized car parks, fast reception staff and in a sufficient number as not to create the usual annoying waiting lines to enter the event."  

S.L. - Sales Coordinator - Brovind Vibrators Spa- Italy

"The organization was perfect. You put me at ease, and I felt protected in terms of security measures."

M.S. - Buyer Senior - Caprari Motori SpA - Italy

"This is my second visit to Coiltech during Covid times. I am pleasantly surprised by the organization and the feeling of security despite the high number of visitors and the large presence of exhibitors from the industry." 

G.M. - General Manager - Micromotor Ltd - Bulgaria

"This was my first visit to this exhibition – Coiltech. The organization and exhibition were perfect.
If we have the possibility, we would visit the exhibition again."

K.P. - Electrical Machine Leader - Cummins Inc. - UK

"The best exhibition we've been to with the best hospitality ever! All information needed was on the website. Two days is good timing because it gives you enough time to meet people and enjoy the fair. (...).
Even with a huge number of visitors, no long queues were observed."

M.T. - Head of Winding Department - Pedrollo Spa - Italy

"We appreciated that we didn't have to queue to get lunch. There are no cons. It was easy to go around regardless of the number of people."

P.R. - Sales Manager - EMKOR Technology - Netherlands

"The exhibitors are really 1st class, very interesting. We used the shuttle service, hotel service of Coiltech organization and you feel like a business class visitor."

G.V. - E-Machine Engineer - Motor Design Ltd - UK

"I went to Coiltech for the first time three years ago with my University helping the organisation. Today I am a speaker at one of the conference sessions. Therefore it was amazing joining Coiltech also from this point of view."

T.P. - Owner - Papiro Snc - Italy

"From parking to in-house assistance, I have never seen such an organization."

N.L., Director and D.M., Mechanical Design Engineer - SC NECOM SRL - Romania

"We found that the organization is full of wonderful people that have done a really good job."

T.P. - General Manager - ELNOR Motors - Belgium

"This is the 3rd time that I come to visit CT. I appreciate a lot the efficiency of the fair where I can meet existing suppliers and I can establish contact with new suppliers all in one convenient location."

A.V. - Laboratory Technical Manager - Delonghi Appliances Srl - Italy

"I found the show very interesting. Considering the logistic aspects and the cost efficiency, the location is great for us as we can afford to sustain the expenses for more people from the same office. I already saved the date for the next edition."

V.G. - Advanced R&D Technical Project Leader - Brembo S.p.A. - Italy

"We are studying solutions that use electric motors and we found that Coiltech is very useful because it is more focused compared to similar exhibitions."

G.P. - Professor of Power Converters, Electric Machines and Drives - Politecnico di Torino - Italy

"Congratulations to the organizers. The atmosphere is great, everybody is happy despite the limitations related to Covid, and we are looking forward to the dinner event tonight. Thank you, Coiltech!"

Smart and quick format

A.L. - CEO - Elkosun d.o.o. - Slovenia

"Visiting Coiltech has been very interesting and productive. We have seen most of our suppliers all at once hence the trip was cost and time effective. We're quite satisfied and will definitely come visit again next year."

P.B. Somfy

P.C. - Corporate Commodity Manager for Steels - Nidec Leroy-Somer - France

"I booked the hotel and the shuttle service through the fair's system, and it was convenient and useful. Compared to other field exhibitions, Coiltech is also more concentratedfriendlier and easier to visit."

P.R.G. - Lean Manufacturing Director - Otis Elevator Company - Spain

"The trip was completely successful. Compared to other field exhibitions, Coiltech in Pordenone has the right format: easy to visit, and well organized. Everyone we wanted to talk to was there and we even had the chance to discover new suppliers. We will certainly come back."

T.T. - Engineer Motor Dpt. - Somfy - France

"For us the exhibition format of Coiltech (booths are all the same size making it a lot easier to visit) is a lot better than other important exhibitions of the same field where you are just tired from the exhibition itself, to be able to take full advantage of being there."

R.P. - Corporate Supply Chain Management - Bosch Home Appliances - Spain

"I got a very good impression of Coiltech 2017 for several reasons: 
1. Really good organization with very effective and quick solution in case of a problem.
2. Excellent shuttle service! 
3. The size of Coiltech and the number of expositors was perfect for a 2 day-exhibition. 
4. Location is nice, and it is easy to get there. Even though I have been several times in Berlin, it is very probable that in the future I will come only to Coiltech, in Pordenone as you offer better assistance to visitors."

E.R. - Export Manager - MERO-Tsk Sas - France

"Visiting Coiltech is very efficient for its technical focus and its visitor friendly set up.
Since the stands are smaller than at other exhibitions, it is easier to get a broader vision of the offer.
Coiltech is more human than other shows and therefore the atmosphere is friendlier which makes it more pleasant to do business with the suppliers and partners you meet."

O.S. - Production Director - Sonmez Transformator Sanayi - Turkey

"Compared to other field exhibitions, even though we had only limited time, the Coiltech format gave us the opportunity to reach people who interested us more easily, which was really great!"

P.B. - Head of Engine Pole Division - Somfy - France

"I have been visiting regularly shows in the Coil Winding for the past 15 years and Coiltech for the past 5 years. In recent years, I think Coiltech has progressed well. It has a very nice presentation and the show is starting to get more and more interesting because it is simple, soft and the suppliers can be reached easily. I think I will come more often to Coiltech and I will start visiting less others shows of the Coil Winding."

O.T. - Owner - Faz Elektrik as - Turkey

"We booked the hotel and shuttle (which was very good and very comfortable) through the fair's system and it wasn't too expensive, I would say moderate costs. Pordenone has the advantage of being a small town which enabled us to get to the exhibition venue easily and quickly."

F.O. - Electromagnetic Simulations Department - Johnson Electric International Ltd. - Italy

"Logistically it's very easy to get to the exhibition. Visiting Coiltech, gave us the opportunity to be updated on the latest trends in the market and to synchronize better with our suppliers so that we can save time and money."

D.Z. - Motor Design, R&D - Parker Hannifin Manufacturing - Italy

"I found the exhibition Coiltech easy to visit because it is compact and well organized. I was, therefore, able to make new contacts with many of whom I later developed business relationships.  I also found very interesting and specific the technical conferences."

Best meeting place to meet face-to-face

Accessibility of the venue

L.C. - Purchasing Manager - Mecc Alte Spa - Italy

"The exhibition is very well organized and easily accessible.
I visit various industry exhibitions, both nationally and internationally, and I find Coiltech very interesting and always growing."

G.P. - Professor of Power Converters, Electric Machines and Drives - Politecnico di Torino - Italy

"There is a great atmosphere, a great mix of companies, technologies, knowledge and also research and academia. There are a lot of contexts to be taken here, and there is a lot to learn about technologies and the manufacturing of electrical machines."

M.Z. -  Manufacturing engineer - Robert Bosch Campinas - Brazil

"My boss and I came all the way to visit Coiltech from Brazil,  where unfortunately there isn't a specialized exhibition like this one. At Coiltech we had the opportunity to visit multiple suppliers all at once and start negotiations for special parts needed in winding machines."

S.H.- Owner - Bibotrafo - Bosnia and Herzegovina

"This was my first time visiting the exhibition Coiltech in Italy. It was a great visit. By coming to this event, I had an opportunity to meet many suppliers and manufacturers, exchange contacts and possibly create cooperation in future with some of them. It was great to see what is new in the "coil world" and what new technologies are out there. As a small business owner, this exhibition was of great help to me and I am looking forward to the next one."

E.A.B. - R&D Project Leader - Marelli Europe - Italy

"This year's experience was extremely positive; I particularly enjoyed the richness and variety of the World Magnetic Conference and the number of exhibitors. A note of merit also for the reception, which was perfect as always, as well as for the refreshments and the closing aperitif, which was yet another opportunity to engage in some technical discussions, but in a very relaxed context."

G.F. Technogym

G.F. - Technical Equipment Director -Technogym - Italy

"We really needed to get back to attending trade shows in attendance. It's a pleasure to be here, to come back and listen to seminars, share experiences, and be able to connect with industry players who tell us about their innovations. Innovation is the soul of business, and we absolutely cannot be without it. Thank you!"

R.B. - Purchasing Strategic Leader - Somfy Group - France

"We prefer coming to Pordenone and Ulm rather than any other exhibition."

D.D. - Purchasing Manager - Somfy Group - France

"The exhibition is amazing! The atmosphere created facilitates, in the best possible way, the creation of relationships between suppliers and exhibitors. I could find all suppliers I needed."

A.B. - Supplier Quality Engineer - Stihl GmbH - Austria

"This exhibition has allowed us to finally meet all those people in person, who up until now, we've been in contact with only by email or phone. There is finally the possibility of talking about interesting subjects more quickly, going straight to the point. Here, we also have the opportunity to discover other suppliers who can join our product portfolio."

A.U. - Senior Electromagnetic Design Engineer - WattsUp Power AS - Denmark

"It is great to be here at Coiltech in Pordenone 2021 meeting a lot of very interesting people, a lot of good suppliers, potential partners and it is good to be interacting with people and having very good technical discussions."