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QUiCKFairs® Coiltech Deutschland 2024

Augsburg, 20/21 March 2024

Why put Coiltech Deutschland on your agenda

Save the date: 20/21 March 2024, Coiltech Deutschland, Augsburg

#1 Top companies in the coil & winding industry are exhibiting at Coiltech Deutschland, Augsburg

After the long-term success of Coiltech Italia in Pordenone, we launched Coiltech Deutschland with massive success in April 2022.

Coiltech is the international meeting place for the electromechanical industry, where the most qualified managers and professionals in the sector come together.

The exhibitors' offer covers all production steps for electric motors, transformers, generators, electric pumps and coil winding. 

Visitors to Coiltech come mainly from the production, development and purchasing sectors and appreciate the quality and diversity of the exhibiting companies.

#2 Augsburg is easy to reach for the German industry 

Augsburg can be easily reached by car, train and plane: Munich in 50 minutes, Memmingen in 55 minutes, and Stuttgart in 90 minutes.

From the exhibition grounds to the city centre: 15 minutes by car. From the station 20 minutes by bus line 41 or by regional train.

Taxi Augsburg : +49 (0) 821 35025 or +49 (0) 821 36 333.

Parking is free for registered visitors and close to the exhibition's entrance.

#3 Coiltech's compact format helps you to use your time efficiently

The fairground is conceived with a “less is more” approach: Coiltech has a compact format. The exhibition layout is designed with small booths, and all exhibitors are under the same roof.

The compact format of Coiltech allows for easy orientation and a targeted visit towards your goals, meeting all your contacts in a short time.    

#4 See the latest developments in academia and industry at the World Magnetic Conference (WMC)

A World Magnetic Conference (WMC) is held at every Coiltech. The conference focuses on innovative designs, manufacturing techniques, construction tools, technologies, materials and components, among others, for the electrical revolution of the automotive industry.  

Chaired by Prof. Marco Villani (University of L'Aquila) and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Achim Kampker (RWTH Aachen University), the World Magnetic Conference is outlined to enhance networking between manufacturers, suppliers, stakeholders, academics, and policymakers.

Focused on electric motors for e-mobility, the conference will make contributions to innovative designs, manufacturing techniques, design tools, technologies, new materials, and components for the electric revolution of the automotive industry.
Become a speaker at a WMC too, submit your presentation in English to the steering committee:

The conference does not charge for providing a speaking slot; the only criterion considered by the steering committee is the technical competence of the presentation.    

The conference language is English.  

The World Magnetic Conference (WMC) is the largest in its field, and, every year, it presents high-quality discussions from both industrial and academic points of view.

#5 At Coiltech you can meet with your peers and grow your network

Coiltech attracts trade visitors from all over the world and is an excellent platform for networking within the industry. The exhibition layout encourages the informal meetings among visitors that are important at every trade fair, e.g. by providing "networking lounges". Visitors can arrange to meet there for encounters, exchange ideas and information about the latest developments in the industry, and stay without time pressure.

One of the most appreciated aspects is the opportunity to meet other professionals and keep up-to-date with the latest news of the industry in a relaxed and friendly environment.

#6 At Coiltech you keep up with the offers of the market and see product innovations

Even if you are not actively looking for specific suppliers, time at Coiltech is usually well invested. You get an overview of the development of the market, of new suppliers, and will get inspirations for your product development and new technological approaches.

Meet new suppliers and forge new commercial relationships while enhancing established ones.

#7 Our format aims to make it as easy as possible for you to visit the exhibition

#8 Augsburg, the "City of Water", a Unesco World Heritage Site

Augsburg is a record-breaking city: the oldest and third largest city in Bavaria and also the largest of those touched by the Romantic Road, the charming route of more than 300 km that allows you to discover the beauty of the Bavarian Land.
Rich and powerful for centuries, Augsburg was first an imperial city and then the seat of dynasties of bankers and merchants, so much so that it became a sort of financial capital of the past. The lives of many illustrious names have been linked to it, including Mozart, Bertold Brecht and Rudolf Diesel. The two symbols of Augsburg are the Renaissance town hall (Rathaus) and St. Peter am Perlach church, which overlooks the Rathausplatz, the main square. Augsburg today is a modern city, home to a major university and important companies in the fields of electronics and information technology. It has a beautiful centre with interesting museums and historical buildings.

From the left: Marktplatz in Munich; Rathausplatz in Augsburg; the Castle of Neuschwanstein