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Augsburg, 20/21 March 2024

The Cheat Sheet on the practical aspects of the exhibition participation

We're in the people business. That's why we love getting calls from visitors and exhibitors. But we don't want anyone to have to call us because we've failed to make the information easily available on our website. That's why we've created this page.

Directions for Your Navigation System to the Event Venue

Am Messezentrum 5, 86159 Augsburg

Opening hours

Parking and accessibility

(status: 31/03/2023)
Parking is available directly in front of the main entrance. If parking area 1 is full, the parking staff will direct you to parking area 3. Please follow the appropriate signage.

Please be aware that even though parking staff will be present throughout the fair, you park your vehicle at your own risk.

The use of the parking lot is reserved for exhibition participants and is free of charge for visitors who have preregistered online and for exhibitor staff.

Parking for people with reduced mobility
On the north side of parking lot 1, there are also parking spaces for youi. The entire venue is accessible to people with limited mobility or in wheelchairs.   

Charge your electric car for free during your visit to the exhibition
There are 4 charging stations located on P1. Upon arrival, please contact the parking staff personnel to activate the free charging for you.

Special Bus Line from Main Train Station to the Exhibition

(This is how it was in 2023:)
The use of this service is exclusively reserved for pre-registered visitors and accredited stand personnel.

Please have your registration confirmation ready when boarding the bus.

You can access the online registration here if you haven't yet registered as a visitor. Alternatively, you can also send an SMS with the word "COILTECH sign me up" to this number: +39 347 12 48 851. You will then receive a registration link to make the process even faster. 

Departure location at the train station

When you exit the train station from the main entrance, you'll see the Coiltech bus waiting for you on the plaza outside. It's easy to spot, as it's clearly marked with the Coiltech logo.

Departure location at the exhibition venue

The departure point is located directly at the main entrance and is easy to find as it is almost impossible to miss.

Munich Airport Shuttle

(This is as it was in 2023:)
The service is free of charge for users who reserve their seats before March 24, 2023.

A fee of €30 per trip will be charged for bookings between March 25 and 27, which must be paid directly to the driver.

Individuals who have not registered by then will be charged €100 and will only be transported if available seat capacities remain.

29/03/2023 12.00 At the moment the service is full boocked;new update available from 3.00 p.m.

Meeting point at Terminal 2 of Munich Airport

Central meeting point at the exit after baggage claim and customs control, in the immediate vicinity of the Starbucks coffee shop.

The responsible person of the transportation service will be waiting for you and will show you the way to the next departing vehicle. To help you find him easily, he will be holding an iPad with the Coiltech logo. Thanks to your registration for the ride, he knows when you arrive and is also informed about delayed flights.

Meeting point at Terminal 1 of Munich Airport

The drivers will pick you up directly at the exit of the area where you leave the passenger arrivals zone. There are 5 exits, designated A, B, C, D, E, and passenger sorting occurs based on the origin of the flight (Schengen, Continental, airline).

Thanks to your advance booking, the driver will know the exit point at which you will leave the terminal building.

The responsible person from the transport service will contact you at the mobile number you provided for the service after landing to ensure that you are waiting at the exit point where the passengers from the flight you have chosen are processed.

Easily spot the Coiltech Germany shuttle at Terminal 1.

Our shuttle service serves the various exits and is not allowed to park to wait for passengers. Therefore, you should keep an eye out for the vehicle and make yourself recognizable to the driver. To help you identify the Coiltech shuttle, we decorate the outside of the wing mirrors with the Coiltech logo (see photo).

Booking confirmation / Contact details of the transportation service

The transport service will send its phone number in a confirmation email to all individuals who have booked a spot. If you need to contact them, please refer to that email.

Change of Travel Plans / On-Site Assistance

At the entrance to the fairground, near the wardrobe area, there will be a shuttle service helpdesk: here you can communicate changes to your travel plans and requests for seat availability.

Bus 41 - stop and timetable

Bus 41 stops a short distance from the exhibition entrance and takes you to the Augsburg Hbf station in 12 minutes. The buses run very frequently, you can consult the timetable here.

Taxi Augsburg

Finding Your Way Around the Trade Fairgrounds

The floor plan, showing the location of each company's booth at the trade fair, is in the Show Guide we provide at check-in.

General locations of points of interest, such as the medical station, lobbies, refreshment points, toilets, conference rooms, cloak room, lost&found and more, can be found in the overall site plan, which is available at various central locations throughout the trade fair. You can also access it by clicking here on the left.

Refreshment facilities

QUiCKSnack Point

There is a QUiCKSnack Point in each hall where you can grab a small selection of food and drinks throughout the day. 
And yes, it's true, use is free of charge for all participants. 


There is a Cheers Point in each of Halls 2 and 3.

Here, participants can continue conversations enjoying San Daniele ham, which we brought from Friuli, as well as a beer, which Volz Tapes in Freiburg had brewed exclusively for Coiltech participants, and Italian Prosecco offered by Euro Group.

Map of refreshment facilities

In the map on the left, the locations of the Cheers Points and QUiCK Snack points spread across the three exhibition halls are highlighted.

Conference Rooms

The World Magnetic Conference is held in three dedicated halls in as many pavilions. For easy reference to the programmes of the three conference halls, follow this link.

Get Toghether

(This is how it was in 2023)
Venues may change, but good habits don't.

Once again this year, we have arranged the Get Together on the evening of the 29th Wednesday from 6pm in the Foyer, an informal networking opportunity for everyone involved in the coil winding industry.

Here you can continue the afternoon's conversations with pleasant background music (thank you, Synflex), enjoy Bavarian finger food, sip the beer brought by Von Roll from the Austrian Alps, or opt for a glass of Bertellino, hosted by LTC.

Suggestions / Ideas for improvement / Feedback

Our goal: A great exhibition and conference for everyone.
But we know there is always room for improvement.
Who could help us more effectively to understand what can be optimized than our participants?
That's why we have prepared an online feedback form, so that you can share your ideas and suggestions with us directly. We are, of course, also happy to receive appreciation.

To make it as easy as possible for you to give us your impressions, we will be placing boards with a QR code at numerous points at the exhibition, which you can use to access the feedback form. Here the link to the form.