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QUiCKFairs® Coiltech Deutschland 2022

Ulm, 06/07 April 2022

Why put Coiltech Deutschland in your agenda

Save the date: 06/07 April 2022 Venue: Ulm Messe, Germany

#1 The who is who of the Coil&Winding Market is exhibiting in Ulm

Coiltech is bringing the successful format of Coiltech Italy to Germany and has achieved a critical mass.

Click here to see the complete exhibitors list of the first edition of Coiltech Deutschland.

At Coiltech, the decision-makers and specialists of the electromechanical sector meet. It is the most qualified electromechanical Meeting Point in its industry.

The range of products offered by our exhibitors covers all the production steps of electric motors, transformers, magnetizers, generators, and electric pumps.

The visitors of Coiltech are mainly responsible for production, development, and purchasing and appreciate the quality and variety of companies that exhibit.

#2 Ulm is easy to reach and quick to get around in

Ulm is halfway between two of Germany´s most important industrial hubs: Munich and Stuttgart.

You can reach it easily, also thanks to the 3 airports located in the cities of Stuttgart, Munich, and Memmingen. Furthermore, Ulm railway station is part of the high-speed train network (ICE) and at the intersection of the A7 and A8 highways. Distances in Ulm are minimal, and there is little traffic.
From one of the affiliated hotels near the entrance of the venue to Ulm, the fairground entrance is only 30 meters.
From the highway exit to Coiltech Fairground entrance: 3,000 meters = 8 minutes drive.
From the fairground to the city center (where there are other affiliated hotels): 1,500 meters = 5 minutes drive or easily 5 stops with tram number 1 (free tram ticket for early-bookers).
Parking is free for registered visitors and close to the entrance of the exhibition.

#3 Coiltech's compact format helps you to use your time efficiently

The fairground is conceived with a “less is more” approach: Coiltech has a compact format. The exhibition layout is designed with small booths, and all exhibitors are under the same roof.

The compact format of Coiltech allows for easy orientation and a targeted visit towards your goals, meeting all your contacts in a short time.    

#4 See the latest developments in academia and industry at the World Magnetic Conference (WMC)

Several presentations will take place during the 2 days of Coiltech Deutschland, held by speakers from academic institutions, and industry specialists who share technical information and their latest developments.

Chaired by Prof. Villani and Prof. Doppelbauer, the World Magnetic Conference is outlined to enhance networking between manufacturers, suppliers, stakeholders, academics, and policymakers.

Focused on electric motors for e-mobility, the conference will make contributions to innovative designs, manufacturing techniques, design tools, technologies, new materials, and components for the electric revolution of the automotive industry.

You can participate in the conference and contribute with a presentation that is relevant to the topics.

Submit your presentation in English to the steering committee:

The World Magnetic Conference (WMC) is the largest in its field, and, every year, it presents high-quality discussions from both industrial and academic points of view.

#5 At Coiltech you can meet with your peers and grow your network

In a relaxed and friendly environment, exhibitors and visitors take advantage of the show's format and moments of informal interaction, to share information on the evolution of the market, new technologies, materials, and procedures so that they can improve the quality and durability of their products and strengthen the relationships with their peers.

One of the most appreciated aspects is the opportunity to meet other professionals and keep up-to-date with the latest news of the industry in a relaxed and friendly environment.

#6 At Coiltech you keep up with the offers of the market and see product innovations

Even if you are not actively looking for specific suppliers, time at Coiltech is usually well invested. You get an overview of the development of the market, of new suppliers, and will get inspirations for your product development and new technological approaches.

Meet new suppliers and forge new commercial relationships while enhancing established ones.

#7 Our format aims to make it as easy as possible for you to visit the exhibition

#8 There are nice places to visit in Ulm and around Ulm

From the left: Marktplatz in Munich; Ulm Münster; the Castle of Neuschwanstein