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QUiCKFairs® Coiltech Deutschland 2022

Ulm, 06/07 April 2022

Coiltech Deutschland:
Sure to be the Coil Winding industry meeting place in 2022

Since our decision to bring Coiltech to Germany as well and to hold it in Ulm - one of the most convenient locations for interested professionals in the homeland of Georg Ohm - the number of exhibitors has grown steadily. And numerous companies have decided to present themselves to the coil winding industry in Germany exclusively at Coiltech.

In cooperation with our local partners (exhibition center, service providers for security, cleaning, etc.), we are working at full speed to implement the trade show and look forward to welcoming visitors and exhibitors in person in April.

For the preparation and implementation, we also benefit from having already organised two editions of Coiltech Italia under pandemic conditions in 2020 and 2021 (see also the documentation of the impressions).

Here we share important information regarding the impact of the pandemic development in Germany on the preparation of the exhibition and update this page continuously.

(Last update: 03.04.2022)


Corona status at the venue
Assessment of the situation and further development

Since 3 April, there are no more regulations from the local authorities imposing obligations on participants of fairs regarding vaccination status or the wearing of masks.

Our exhibition, your safety
The protection and hygiene concept

We are implementing the following measures:


Notice boards regarding the obligation to wear masks at every suitable place
Prevention of neuralgic points with regard to the formation of accumulations:

Separate entrances for visitors and exhibitors 

Two visitor entrances
Free refreshments all day in all bars to avoid crowds and contact during the payment

Continuous cleaning of the entire fairgrounds by a specially contracted service company
Disinfection dispensers at all central points (e.g. entrance, hall crossings) and at all stands
Air circulation - more than necessary, the pavilions are designed for many more visitors than those expected at Coiltech Deutschland

Pre-registration online and electronic access control

What we expect from all participants

The health, safety, comfort and well-being of everyone involved at Coiltech is the premise of everything we do.

We create the framework for this. Each individual contributes to the success of the measures through their own behavior. Therefore, we ask everyone to adhere to the guidelines and, if required, to follow the instructions of our staff and of our contracted security service providers.