A permanent fixture on the agenda of the Coil&Winding industry

We launched Coiltech in 2010 in Pordenone/Italy. Over the years, it has become an internationally renowned meeting point in the end of the summer for the Coil&Winding industry.


Due to the great demand from visitors and exhibitors, we have taken the initiative in 2019 to also realise the event in Germany.

We chose Ulm as the location for Coiltech Deutschland because of its central location for the German coil&winding industry.

The next editions:

Coiltech Deutschland, 06/07 April 2022, Ulm
Coiltech Italia, 28/29 September 2022, Pordenone

Product categories featured at the show

World Magnetic Conference - the #1 of its kind

Coiltech hosts the World Magnetic Conference (WMC), which is the biggest conference in its field. (Chairman: Prof. Marco Villani, Università de L'Aquila, Co-Chair Prof. Doppelbauer, KIT Karlsruhe).

WMC offers both visitors and exhibitors an excellent opportunity to update one's knowledge about the innovation of materials, methods, and technologies for further improvement of efficiency in production, distribution, transformation, and consumption of electrical energy.

Coiltech has the best KPIs for exhibition value

At Coiltech, you get a lot of things done in a short time:

Compact exhibition format

The format enables the visitors to get a complete overview within a day and to meet more suppliers in the given time than at other shows. For exhibitors, it means less costs.

One level only 

The entire exhibition and conference take place under one roof and on the same floor. Visitors don't lose time changing from one floor or part of the venue to another.

Short distances

The average size of the booths at Coiltech is smaller than at other fairs. This means less walking and more talking for visitors and lower costs for the exhibitors.

The heart of the market

Ulm is located at the border of the two economically and technologically strong regions Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, and therefore in the center of one of the most influential areas in Europe.

Do you want to talk to us?

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