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Ulm, 06/07 April 2022

High Voltage Talks

The High Voltage Talks are a joint initiative of the University of L'Aquila and Coiltech to promote the exchange of expertise between specialists in Coil Winding and related fields.

In this way, we make at least part of the World Magnetic Conference (the largest conference held in parallel with a trade fair) accessible online in this exceptional situation.

The aim: to offer the Coil Winding Community frequent and streamlined opportunities to interact and share research results.

Participation is open to all professionals in the field. This is a Coiltech service for the community in this specific context, so no contributions are requested for the Spring/Summer Term 2021.

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Topics and dates


Date of the session


Call for presentations

Power & Special Transformers - terminated



Magnetic Materials for Transformers - terminated
16/07/2021 10.30-12.00 closed

Call for presentation


We will release the list of presentations and authors one day after the call for presentation is closed (see above). Currently, the information for the following sessions is available:

Power & Special Transformers - 5 May 2021

Fabrizio Ferrari - ANIE

“Green” transformers. The technology of the ANIE members in favor of Sustainability."

Kerem Koseoglu - Best Transformer

Bio-oil applications for power transformers

Franco Marini - SIM srl

Manufacturing and Applications of Cast Resin Transformers

Magnetic Materials for Transformers - 16 July 2021 (h 10.30-12.00)

Stefano Fortunati – RINA Consulting Centro Sviluppo Materiali

Electrical Steels For Transformers Applications : Magnetic Quality And Manufacturing Perspectives

Giuseppe Carlo Abbruzzese - SPIRES SRL partner of RINA Consulting

Use Of Metallurgical Models To Predict GOES Magnetic Properties And To Design New Production Technology

Rüdiger Koshorst - thyssenkrupp

Development of GOES-grades and its contribution to Eco-Design Tier 2 and environmental aspects

Participant registration

Participation in the webinars is open to all those interested in the topic and is free of charge. You can find the registration link in the "Topics and dates" table in the section above.

Coiltech/QUiCKFairs will use its established communication channels to inform people on the invitation list (visitors and exhibitors) about this opportunity.

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