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Ulm, 06/07 April 2022

Why it will be safe and pleasant to visit Coiltech in 2020

(With this page, we informed the participants of Coiltech Italia 2020 about our thoughts and the measures taken to face the Covid situation. We report this text here, pending the elaboration of a similar concept for Coiltech Deutschland, taking into account the particularities in Ulm.
Once finalized, we will publish it here.
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Concern for the health of all of us will remain with all of us for a while. As the organizers of the trade fair Coiltech, we face new challenges to make the exhibition a success.

At the same time, face-to-face discussions are the most efficient form of communication to deepen existing business relationships and establish new ones.

It is obvious that rather more than fewer such contacts are necessary to absorb the economic consequences of the lockdown, and at a trade fair, you can hold a large number of them in a short time.

From our numerous direct contacts with visitors and exhibitors in the last few weeks and months, we have understood that a considerable part of the market wants to meet its business partners right now.

On this basis, we decided to enable the market to meet at Coiltech in Pordenone in September notwithstanding this special situation, even if other trade fairs have been cancelled.

Why it is reasonable to hold Coiltech Italia 2020

Our concrete measures to make Coiltech safe for all participants and for ourselves

We carefully follow the information regarding the factors that can put an event at risk and have studied the practice on comparable occasions (for example train stations, airports, restaurants, hotels).

With our measures, we aim to make Coiltech a pleasant environment to do business and a safe event in which a risk of infection for the participants is excluded with reasonable certainty.

The areas of intervention are

The team during the preparation period

Home office

Even after the lockdown, we kept working from home

Organization of the work and Coiltech staff before the event

Separate teams

We have divided the entire team into teams that carry out the preparatory work in Pordenone separately from one another

The workplace of the team

We arrange the working places of our team taking into consideration the safety distances. Each team member will have a expressively designated space for work.

Disinfection of the workplaces

Workplaces will be disinfected every day

Organization of the lunches and dinners for the team

During meals, each team will have its own dedicated space and set time

Organization for the staff accommodation

Each team will stay in separate hotels

Use of masks

Use of mask mandatory during the entire period in Pordenone, in the presence of more people

Measurement of the body temperature

We measure the body temperature of team members every day before they go to the venue

Washable material that can be easily disinfected

The materials of the stands and the furnishings are products with materials that facilitate the entire disinfection of it.

Booth construction

Just one booth builder

As always, we commission only one booth builder with the setup of the exhibition. This reduces the number of contacts to the bare minimum.

No direct contact between booth builders and organizers

The organization's staff - who will be in contact with exhibitors and visitors later on - will not have direct contact with the booth builders team

Disinfection during the booth construction

All materials will be disinfected during al the intermediate stages of construction

Welcoming exhibitors and visitors at the exhibition

Separate entrance for visitors and exhibitors 

In order to avoid gatherings, we will have a separate entrance area for visitors and exhibitors.

Not-pre-registered visitors will be accredited at a separate point from the entrance

We invite all visitors to pre-register ahead of time. For non-pre-registered visitors, we have set up a dedicated separate counter that can be found right before the entrance to the exhibition. 

Use of plexiglass walls

Where appropriate and feasible (e.g. issuing visitor badges), plexiglass walls will be mounted.

Temperature screening before entering the exhibition

Red Cross personnel will measure body temperature for all participants (visitors: at the entrance gate in front of Hall 5; exhibitors: at the side entrance of Hall 9).

Registration of all attendees

Coiltech is a b2b trade fair and only people working in the Coil Winding industry have access to the exhibition. The admission is free, but it is subject to registration.

QUiCKFairs, the organizer of Coiltech, strongly encourages all participants to register online in advance. To provide an additional incentive for pre-registration, QUiCKFairs offers exclusively to pre-registered visitors free parking (subject to prior reservation).

The organizer checks the entered information for authenticity via a link that needs to confirmed in an email which is sent to the visitors after the pre-registration.

Those who do not register online can do so on site, but should expect waiting times. The organizer takes suitable precautions to ensure that the details of attendees who register onsite are correct.

Changes to the floor plan

Wider hallways

The width of the hallways is wider to facilitate the maintenance of safety distances.

Each stand has at least 2 open sides

This measure facilitates a greater change of air

Entry and exit in two different locations

With this measure, we aim to avoid gatherings

Signage on the ground

Participants will be aided in maintaining a safe distance with the help of adhesive tapes present on the floor

Facilitating the circulation of air

We reduce the number of suspended ceilings over the stands and keep the doors open.

Promoting greater hygiene and safety

Hands disinfectant on the stands

Each stand has a supply of hand disinfectant and a kit for disinfection of surfaces

Disinfectants in heavily frequented areas

Disinfectant gel dispensers will be present at the entrance of the exhibition, at the restaurant and bars areas, in the bathrooms, and in other most appropriate places. 

Safety measures signage

To facilitate orientation, signs will be placed on the ground floor. Posters with general information on safety regulations will be present in the most frequented areas, such as the entrance and bars.

Refreshments and social life

Free of charge refreshments

In order to avoid crowding, and the exchange of money, all food and beverage will be free of charge for all Coiltech 2020 participants.

Preparation and delivery of food and drinks

The food will be prepared fresh and will be distributed in individual food shopping bags. Single-use cutlery-packs will also be provided.

Workers Lunch, Wine Tasting, and Exhibitor Get-Together 

We arrange the tables in such a way that you can have a good conversation and still keep the recommended distances. At the get-together, there will be background music, but no opportunity to dance.

Conference rooms settings

Entrance and exit to the conference rooms will be separate to ensure an easier flow. Individual seats of the participants will be set in order to respect the safety distances. 

Highly qualified advice and support

Expert advice for the revised floor plan layout

We have implemented the new changes and revised the floor plan with the help of Studio De Marco, a company specialized in this field.

Presence of a doctor at the exhibition

As in previous years, a first aid physician will be present for the entire duration of the exhibition. The entrance procedure has been modified based on the doctors' advice.

What we ask from the participants

Additional information