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Pordenone, September 23/24 2020

World Magnetic Conference

The World Magnetic Conference (WMC) takes place parallel to the exhibition Coiltech. It is brought to you by intense cooperation between the University of L' Aquila and QUiCKFairs, the organizer of Coiltech.


The WMC is an essential component of Coiltech, acting as a medium for critical information exchange that our visitors, as well as exhibitors, benefit from. That way, we foster discussions about technological progress as well as the transfer of knowledge and opinions.

The WMC is a unique opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in electric machines and windings. It is the largest conference of its kind in the field. In 2019, for example, 63 technical papers were presented here.
Admission to WMC 2020 is free for visitors and exhibitors at Coiltech 2020. As the organizer, we do not charge any fees for the presentations, because our only criterion is professional relevance. Under this motto, our lecturers also waive fees for a presentation.

Share innovation - A unique opportunity to keep up to date with the technical innovation

The World Magnetic Conference (WMC) enhances interaction and sharing of skills and knowledge among the academic world, industry, research centres, and associations.

At the WMC, you can divulge and spread your innovations, make yourself known within the community and start new partnerships.  

WMC Pordenone 2020 - Topics


WMC 2020: Topics
  T1   E-Mobility
   T2   Transformers
  T3   The Electric Motor Industry
  T4   Special Electrical Machines and Actuators
  T5   Measurements and Testing of Electric Machines
  T6   Materials
  T7  Manufacturing technologies
    T8     Software


WMC2020 Program Schedule
Wednesday 23/09/2020

  Conference Room


  Sala C8    
    The Electric Motor Industry 11:00 - 13:30
  Sala C7    
    Measurements and testing of electric machines 11:00 - 12:15


  Sala C8    
    Software 15:00 - 17:05
  Sala C7    
    Manufacturing technologies
15:00 - 17:05


WMC2020 Program Schedule
Thursday 24/09/2020

  Conference Room


  Sala C8     
    E-Mobility 11:00 - 13:05
  Sala C7    
    Materials 11:00 - 11:50


  Sala C8    
    Transformers 14:30 - 15:45
  Sala C7    
    Special electrical machines and actuators
14:30 - 16:10

WMC2020 - Conference Program
Wednesday 23/09/2020
   11:00 - Sala C8

Wednesday 23/09/2020 
The Electric Motor Industry  
11:00   A. Credo University of L'Aquila
  Robust design of electric motors
11:25   R. Spießberger Technische Universität Wien
  Robust sensorless control of permanent magnet synchronous machines
11:50   G. Arrigoni  Sisme motors
  Line start permanent magnet motors 
12:15   L. Di Leonardo University of L'Aquila
  Losses evaluation in hairpin winding fed by PWM Inverter in e-mobility
12:40   G. Stanic, G. Mucciacciaro Electro Adda
  Shock proof dual speed marine motors driving lubrication pumps
13:05  E. Della Loggia R13 Technology
  An integrated low-cost drive for industrial applications
        11:00 - Sala C7 

Wednesday 23/09/2020  
Measurements and testing of electric machines
11:00   L. Ferraris Politecnico di Torino
  Soft magnetic materials: New measerument methods and magnetic characterization
11:25   A. Caprara Techimp - Altanova Group
  An overview of RPDIV measurements and accelerated life tests to assess the dielectric strength and endurance of the insulation system of motors under impulsive voltage
11:50   L. Mierczak, S. Siebert Dr. Brockhaus Messtechnik
  Measurement technologies for evaluation of magnetic proporties of stator cores

Wednesday 23/09/2020
   15:00 - Sala C8

Wednesday 23/09/2020 
15:00   A. Rubino SPIN
  FluxMotor: a complete tool for the electromagnetic, thermal and NVH analysis of electric machines
15:25   P. S. Nasab Braitec
  Multi-disciplinary study and design of electric machines
15:50   E. D'Alessandro   EnginSoft
  ANSYS techniques and methodology for the analysis and optimization of electric motors cooling system
16:15   V. Leconte Altair
  Predict and reduce the noise produced by electric machines
16:40   J. Le Besnerais   EOMYS
  NVH virtual prototyping of main EV HEV traction motor topologies considering magnetic noise and vibrations with MANATEE software
Wednesday 23/09/2020
   15:00 - Sala C7

Wednesday 23/09/2020 
Manufacturing technologies    
15:00   Dr. Andreas Wetzig
Fraunhofer IWS
  The opportunities of the laser in the production of electrical machines
15:25   S. Nuzzo, D. Barater University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
  Review and future possibilities of hairpin technologies in transport applications
15:50   A. Levermann   SynFlex Elektro
  High perfomance flat wires made by SHWire
16:15   F. Wigh Magnet-Physik Dr. Steingroever
  High energy impulse magnetizer with short cycle time
16:40   F. Sell-Le Blanc   Aumann
  Automated trickle winding: An alternative approach for manufacturing or distributed round wire windings

WMC2020 - Conference Program
Thursday 24/09/2020
   11:00 - Sala C8

Thursday 24/09/2020 
11:00    M. Galbiati EnginSoft
  Improvement of cooling efficiency of high power density E-drives using moving particle simulation
11:25    F. Toso University of Padua
  Digital twin software for electrical machines
11:50    L. Boscaglia Ansys Italia, Chalmers University of Technology
  Conjugate heat transfer and CFD modeling of self-ventilated traction motors
12:15    G. Fabri University of L'Aquila
  Rare earth free E-drives for electric vehicle application
12:40 G. Zanocchi, E. Castagnaro SPIN, University of Padua
  Multidisciplinary optimization of rare earth free reluctance motor: a new powered version
        11:00 - Sala C7

Thursday 24/09/2020  
11:00    R. Chiodini, M. Raymond UL
  Part I: An introduction to compliance options for electrical motors
11:25    M. Migliavacca UL
  Part II: Evaluation of electrical insulation materials and systems used in electrical motors

Thursday 24/09/2020
   14:30 - Sala C8

Thursday 24/09/2020 
14:30   A. Bertuzzi Transformer process
  Implementing and monitoring overall equipment efficiency and preventive maintenance
14:55   F. Marini, F. Spinozzi Sim
  Monitoring systems for medium voltage distribution transformers and substations equipment
15:20   F. Marini, F. Spinozzi Sim
  Smart solutions for oil-immersed distribution transformers
        14:30 - Sala C7

Thursday 24/09/2020  
Special electrical machines and actuators
14:30   L. Rizzi SPIN
  Levitating rotor blood pump: from preliminary idea to the commercial products
14:55   J. Sammarchi, S. Sgarzi SPIN
  Linear electromagnetic actuators: how to achieve a complete design without managing complex simulation tools
15:20   A. Tessarolo University of Trieste
  Challenges in the modeling and simulation of large grid-fed synchronous motors
15:45   N. Elloumi University of Trieste
  Study of skin effects in flat turns of large medium voltage synchronous machines with open slots

Steering Committee

The World Magnetic Conference is chaired by Marco Villani, Professor of Design of Electrical Machines at the University of L'Aquila. The Chair of Prof. Villani supports QUiCKFairs with the continuous improvement of the contents of the conference and the exhibition.

All the members of the Steering Committee:

University of L'Aquila: Prof. M. Villani
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT): Prof. M. Doppelbauer
QUiCKFairs:  S. Kuester
University of L'Aquila: Dr. G. Fabri
ZVEI: Dr. R. Winter


WMC Presentations from 2010

At the previous editions of the World Magnetic Conference more than 130 companies have discussed the results of their innovations and  researches (updated 2018):

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ANIE o o o o o
Anofol- Steinert o o
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Aurubis o
Axalta Coating Systems o o
Best Transformers o
Breuckmann o o o
BrockHaus Measurements o o
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BTSR o o o
Cedrat o o o o
Centro Ricerche Fiat o
Cibas o
CG Electric Systems Hungary o
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Comsol o
Diasol o
DMP Miniprotettori o
Dupont Nomex o
Dv-Power o o
E.D.C. o
Electric Motor Labs o
Electro adda o o o o o
Electrolux o
Elica o o o
Emerson, Leroy Somer o
ENEA - Divisione mobilità Elettrica o o o o o o
ENEA - Divisione superconduttori o o o o
Enginsoft o o
Eomys o
Eurogroup o o o
FAET o o o o o
Fraunhofer Institute o
Favi o
Fundación Cidaut o
Garnet o
GDG Gerätebau o
GKN Sinter Metals o
Heidenain o
Hitachi o o
Hochschule Harz Fachbereich Automatisierung und Informatik o
IFP Energies Nouvelles o
Iles Engineering o
Italtech Wind o
Jsol Corporation o
Karl Rejlek o
Kienle+Spiess o o o
Kriwan o
Kolector o
Laboratorio Elettrofisico o
LAE o o o o o
Lafert o o
LCD Lasercut o o
Mag Cam o 
Magnet - Physik o o o
Marcegaglia o
Marelli Motori o o o o
Marsilli o o o
Mate o
McKinsey o
Metech o
Metrolab Technology o 
Miba Sinter Austria o 
M-Pulse o o
Michele Vanzi & Partners o
M&I Materials o 
Motive o
Motor Design Limited o o
Motovario o o
Mueller-Ahlhorn o
Munich University of Technology o 
Ne-It o 
Nidec Sole Motor o o o
Ningbo Permanent Magnetics o
Politecnico di Milano o
Politecnico di Torino o o o 
Politubes o
Polo Tecnologico Pordenone o
Powersys Solutions o
R13 Technology o o o o 
Rina-Centro Sviluppo Materiali o o o o 
RST Wire o
Rubadue &Co o o 
Salbia o
Schunk Italia o
Sekels o
Senis o o o
SIM - Studio Ingegneria Marini o o o o o
Sisram o
SKF o o o o o
Spin Applicazioni Magnetiche o o o o o o o
SWD o o
Tamini o o o
Tecnomatic o o
Teledyne Lecroy o o
thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel o o o
Transfluid o
TUM - Technical University of Munich o o
TU Wien - Technical University of Wien o o o
UL o o
Umbra Cuscinetti o o o o o o o
University of Bologna o
University of Genova o
Università dell’Aquila o o o o o o o
University of Ljubljana o
Universitò di Padova o o
University of Trieste o
Università di Udine o o
Vacuumschmelze o o
Victrex o

Editions WMC

World Magnetic Conference 2020

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