Admission only with "Green Pass"

Article 3 of Decree 23 luglio 2021, n. 105 prescribes the conditions for visiting a fair: Only persons with a valid "Certificato Verde" (Green Pass) may enter a tradeshow. Here is the link to the original text of the decree (in Italian):

Article 9 of Decree 22 aprile 2021, n. 52 defines what is certified with the "Certificato Verde" ("Green Pass") (Vaccinated, Convalescent, Tested) and for how long the respective certificate is valid (Vaccinated/ Convalescent: 6 months, Tested: 48 hours). Here is the link to the full text of the decree:

What is the "Green Pass"?

It is the term used in Italy for the certificate issued by the authorities to certify the status of "vaccinated/genetically/tested". Certificates from other countries that are readable with the QR code are accepted. For more details, we suggest you refer to the information on the Website of the European Commission.

The organiser shall ensure that participants present a valid certificate when entering the fairgrounds. In doing so, he is not allowed to check identity (for example by presenting an ID card - only law enforcement bodies are allowed to do that) or to store or process data.

Coiltech will therefore ask all visitors and exhibitors to present the certificate and use an app to verify the validity of the certificate. The expiry must be after the closing hour of the exhibition on the respective day.

We will provide a swab test centre, located at the entrance to the fair, for participants who do not have a valid certificate. 

Service for participants who do not hold a valid Green Pass

The certificate must be valid until at least the end of the opening hours of the day of the exhibition. Those who do not possess a certificate or present one that does not cover the entire day can have a test carried out in a mobile laboratory at their own expense (see link to the website of the lab on the bottom of this page).

Lab location

The laboratory will be positioned near the entrance to the venue to keep distances as short as possible.

About the laboratory

The exam is conducted by a local provider of mobile laboratory services, Hdomicilio. General information about the laboratory can be found on their website. The responsibility of all aspects regarding the testing resides with Hdomicilio. QUiCKFairs® (organiser of QUiCKFairs® (organizzatore di Coiltech®) and Hdomicilio do not exchange any data.

The procedure, waiting period, issuance of the certificate

The test is performed by medical staff and the result is communicated after 15 minutes. The laboratory issues a printed certificate immediately after a negative result. This attestation is recognised not only at the exhibition, but everywhere. You can find the procedure in case of a positive result in this document from Hdomicilio.

Approximately one hour after the examination, the tested persons will also receive a link via sms, which they can use to download the QR code for the certificate to their mobile phone.

Order in which the tests are carried out - Possibility of reservation

The laboratory carries out the tests in the order of arrival in which the persons show up. Participants can reserve their test online in advance. Those who have reserved online will be examined before those who turn up in impromptu.

You can reserve your appointment in a form directly on the laboratory's website. General information about the lab here.

Cost of the service

The total fee is 20€ (consisting of 15€ for the examination and 5€ for the administration).