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Pordenone, 22/23 September 2021

Electric Motors Talks

The Electric Motor Talks and High Voltage Talks (click here to see more info and the programme of HVT)are a joint initiative of University of L'Aquila and Coiltech to promote the exchange of expertise between specialists in Coil Winding and related fields.

In this way, we make at least part of the World Magnetic Conference (the largest conference held in parallel with a trade fair in its field) accessible online in this exceptional situation.

The aim: to offer the Coil Winding Community frequent and streamlined opportunities to interact and share research results.

Participation is open to all professionals in the field. This is a Coiltech service for the community in this specific context, so no contributions are requested for the Spring/Summer Term 2021.

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High-Efficiency Motors and Testing




Electric Motors for Aerospace Applications




Design of Electric Motors for the Automotive Applications





Cooling of Electric Motors




Magnetic Materials




Manufacturing of Electric Motors for the Automotive Industry: cores manufacturing




Manufacturing of Electric Motors for the Automotive Industry: winding and PM




Insulating Materials




Call for presentation

Presentations and Networking

We realise the webinar series on the Zoom platform. Before and after the individual sessions, participants can contact each other directly via the chat function.

We have also set up the group "Electric Motors Talks" on LinkedIn, which is open exclusively to participants. In this group, we also publish the contact details of the speakers and access to the video recording of the individual events.

All interested parties receive the link to join the group by email after they have registered for an event.

High-Efficiency Motors and Testing - 14 April 2021

Edoardo Fiorucci - Università de L'Aquila

Issues about the uncertainty evaluations in efficiency measurements: the case of the separate losses in induction motors

Alberto Rubino - Spin

A new generation of high-efficiency, silent & rare-earth free reluctance motors

Dragana Popovic Renella - Senis

Fast Magnetic Angle Sensor For Smooth Motor Control

Alberto Tessarolo

Regenerative full-load testing of modular high-power machines: an alternative to the back-to-back method

Electric Motors for Aerospace Applications - 28 April 2021 (h 10.30 - 12.00)

Moreno D'Andrea - Umbra Group

Electromechanical linear actuators with integrated electric motor for aerospace applications

Markus Schiefer - SciMo

Innovative winding technology for aerospace applications

Giuseppe Fabri - Università de L'Aquila

High reliability electric motor drive for Helicopters tail rotor

Christopher Gerada - University of Nottingham

Electrical machines and winding technologies for aircraft application

Design of Electric Motors for the Automotive Applications - 12 May 2021 (h 10.30-12.00)

Nicolas Riviere - Motor Design Ltd

Optimised Electrical Machine Design for E-Mobility Applications

Andrea Credo - University of L´Aquila

High speed Synchronous Reluctance motor for electric vehicles

Pedram Nasab - Braitec

Application of Computer Aided Engineering in Designing the Electric Motors for Automotive Applications

Mario Kuschnerus - Elantas

How to select the right Insulation Material related to Motor Design and Application Technique (for automotive market)

Design of Electric Motors for the Automotive Applications - 12 May 2021 (h 14.30-16.00)

Max Hullmann - Leibniz University Hannover

Prediction of eddy current losses in permanent magnets of inverter driven IPMSM based on magnetostatic FEA results considering the reaction field

Marco Santececca - CPM - Compact Power Motion

High power density electric motors for e-Auxiliary applications

Matteo Betti & Claudia Di Lodovico - Spin

The vibroacoustic aspects of an Axial Flux PM Motor for E-mobility

Cooling of Electric Motors - 26 May 2021 (h 10.30-12.00)

Mircea Popescu - Motor Design Ltd

Advanced cooling systems for high power / torque density e-motors

Fabio Campanini - Elantas

Thermal conductivity: outlook on electric motors encapsulation and future developments

Pedram Nasab - Braitec

Application of Computer Aided Engineering in optimizing the cooling systems of high-power electric machines

Giuseppe Pasquarella & Philipp Bucher - LCD LaserCut

Cool motor stacks for hot summer times

Magnetic Materials - 09 June 2021 (h 10.30-12.00)

Stefano Fortunati - CSM

Next Generation of Electrical Steel grades for Motor Applications

Luca Ferraris - Politecnico di Torino

Soft magnetic materials: new measurement methods and magnetic characterization

Thierry Waeckerlé - Aperam

Mechanical and magnetic capabilities and also facilitates the production process

Jürgen Klinkhammer - Magnet-Physik

Quality Control of Permanent Magnets

Magnetic Materials - 09 June 2021 (h 14.30-16.00)

Koen Vervaeke - Magcam

Fast advanced inspection of PM rotors using magnetic field camera scanners

Simone Sgarzi - SPIN

From theory to practice and vice versa: how Spin nails final performance prediction thanks to its Lab

Cesare Tozzo & Gabriele Rosati - Comsol

Fitting B-H hysteresis data in time dependent and frequency domain FEM analyses

Manufacturing of Electric Motors for the Automotive Industry: cores manufacturing - 23 June 2021 (h 10.30-12.00)

Lukasz Mierczak - Brockhaus

Detrimental impact of manufacturing processes on stator core properties and performance of electric motors

Markus Röver - Schuler Pressen GmbH

Highspeed production of traction motor stacks with bonding varnish (Backlack)

Thomas Stäuble - SWD AG

Segmentation of stators

Mauro Guido e Barbara Ottonello - DEMA

Innovations for E-Powertrain Stators manufacturing

Manufacturing of Electric Motors for the Automotive Industry: winding and PM - 24 June 2021 (h 10.30-12.00)

Francesco Lucchetti - Tecnomatic

Hairpin 2/3 D forming systems: new practice and progress

Paolo Caviggioli - BTSR

Intelligent devices for the on line control of wire and yarn tension

Robert Goehring - MARPOSS GmbH

How to detect latent defects in e-motor testing

Federico Russo - Laboratorio Elettrofisico

PM rotors in situ magnetization for Powertrain motors

Insulating Materials - 07 July 2021 (h 10:30-12:00)

Heinz von der Heide & Stefan Hilbenz - Synflex

Thermal evaluation of electrical insulating materials

James Bonnett - Victrex

How new magnet wire with peek polymer coating can improve electric powertrain performance

Nils Bergemann - Elantas

Thermal management of impregnated stators: a computer modelling approach with practical results

Lars-Goeran Rohrbeck - Axalta Coating Systems

Voltatex® 4224 - Impregnating Resin with high thermal conductivity

Insulating Materials - 07 July 2021 (h 14:30-16:00)

Christoph Herold - Von Roll

Testing of electrical Insulation for High Performance Motors

Alexander Litinsky - Axalta Coating Systems

Polyesterimide Resins for Medium and High Voltage Applications

Alberto Menozzi - Demak

EV/HEV Motors Potting with high-performance resin systems

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High-Efficiency Motors and Testing


Electric Motors for Aerospace Applications


Design of Electric Motors for the Automotive Applications


Cooling of Electric Motors


Magnetic Materials


Manufacturing of Electric Motors for the Automotive Industry: cores manufacturing


Manufacturing of Electric Motors for the Automotive Industry: winding and pm


Insulating Material


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