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QUiCKFairs® Coiltech Italia 2021

Pordenone, 22/23 September 2021

The arrangements to ensure that your attendance at Coiltech is safe

Almost two years after the start of the Sars Covid-2 epidemic, we are all adapting to the current circumstances. Immediately after the outbreak, many people voluntarily refrained from social life and policy makers scaled down public life. These days, most of us want to go about the activities of daily life as normal as possible, even though the number of new infections is currently increasing in many countries.

This includes attending a fair as much as going to a restaurant, for example.

Government regulations in most countries aim to make that possible through a framework of rules and laws.

As organisers, we do everything within our responsibility and power to organise the exhibition so that all participants can move around the event in a manner that limits their risk of infection.

On this information page, we provide an overview of the regulations in force in Italy and how we implement them at Coiltech Italia 2021 - so that you feel safe and comfortable during your stay.

In this file you can find the Covid Emergency Plan.

Latest update: April 25th, 2021

Admission to the Exhibition Area

Participants' registration

Coiltech is a B2B trade fair and only people working in the Coil Winding industry have access to the exhibition. The admission is free, but it is subject to registration.

QUiCKFairs, the organizer of Coiltech, strongly encourages all participants to register online in advance. To provide an additional incentive for pre-registration, QUiCKFairs offers exclusively to pre-registered visitors free parking (subject to prior reservation).

The organizer checks the entered information for authenticity via a link that needs to confirmed in an email which is sent to the visitors after the pre-registration.

Those who do not register online can do so on site, but should expect waiting times. The organizer takes suitable precautions to ensure that the details of attendees who register onsite are correct.

Separate entrances for exhibitors and visitors

To avoid gatherings, we will set up a separate entrance area for visitors and exhibitors.

We encourage all visitors to use the online pre-registration feature to avoid crowds at the exhibition entrance and avoid long queue times.

For visitors who have not pre-registered online, we will set up a dedicated counter separate from the entrance to the exhibition in the open area.

"Greenpass" and other certificates, body temperature measurement

Admission to the fair will only be granted to persons who present a valid green pass or other recognised document (legal framework: see at the bottom of the page).

Anyone not in possession of such a document may have a quick test carried out in the vicinity of the entrance area at their own expense.

In addition, dedicated staff will measure the body temperature before entering the fair.

Organisational measures to make the stay at the exhibition safe and pleasant

Hygiene in stands and on corridors

The organiser already provides all exhibitors with hand disinfectants on the tables in the stands before the start of the event. Should anyone require additional quantities, they can be collected from the exhibitor reception

Common areas
The organiser shall provide dispensers at all points imaginable where disinfectants may be reasonably useful such as hall entrances, bars, conference rooms

Spacing between participants

Floor markings
At all locations on the exhibition grounds where queues may form (refreshment stands, entrances, etc.), markings will be placed on the floor to make it easier to maintain safety distances.

Each exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that the distances on his stand are observed

Shared areas and spaces
The arrangement of seating and tables is such as to ensure that the distance between people is respected. If there are no chairs, floor markings are applied.


Coffee and water available free of charge throughout the fair
To avoid queues and the direct contact that is inevitable with cash exchanges, the organiser of Coiltech Italia 2021 provides water and coffee free of charge to all participants.

Other food and drinks: "Open Bar and Restaurant" concept and online advance booking
To prevent waiting times and congestion, all further food and beverages will be offered via a flat rate.önlichen Admission to the restaurant and paid services at the bars can be purchased online in advance through the MyQUiCKFairs account. Those making use of this option then only need to present their visitor or exhibitor pass at the respective entrance. You will find the selection of food and beverages as well as the costs for these on the information page set up especially for this purpose.

On the exhibition as well: cashless purchase of access to the restaurant
To avoid the close personal contact that inevitably happens with cash payments, access to the payment services in the bars and restaurants can also be purchased online at the fair.
A QR code on the visitor or exhibitor badge can be used to call up a payment gateway page where payment is made by credit card. After the payment has been confirmed by the payment gateway, access to the restaurant is activated.

Delivery of freshly prepared food, served in individual portions
Food and drinks are served in single portions protected by appropriate packaging: This prevents guests from coming into contact with food they do not consume.

Extended opening hours
The restaurant is open for lunch from 11:30 to 15:30. This extended opening time equalises the flow of visitors.  
From 16h00 onwards, the restaurants and bars are free of charge.

Spacious layout of the restaurant area
An indoor area, a marquee and an outdoor area allow for a generous arrangement of tables and chairs and sufficient ventilation to ensure a safe distance between guests.


The entrance and exit from each conference room are separate. You will find signs on the floor that differentiate them.

Seating for participants is positioned in such a way as to maintain a safety distance of at least 1 metre.

The allocation of rooms to individual sessions is based on the size of the room and the estimated audience.

Disinfection of microphones after each presentation.

The structure of the conference rooms was designed to maintain constant ventilation.  

Networking events

Medical standby service

A doctor specialising in emergency medicine, who otherwise works in the local hospital, will be at the exhibition center during the entire period during which exhibitors and visitors are at the venue. He will have exclusive use of a treatment room located in the entrance area of the fair.

Emergency Plan Covid-19

Coiltech has drawn up an emergency plan with the procedures to be adopted if an attendee experiences symptoms that might suggest a Covid infection in close cooperation with the event doctor.

What all participants can and must undertake themselves

We put a lot of effort into creating the conditions so that visitors and exhibitors can feel safe and comfortable.
The exhibition, however, is nothing more than the result of the meeting between demand (visitors) and supply (exhibitors). The success of the measures we put in place depends, therefore, upon the participants.

We, therefore, remind you that this is anyone's legal obligation:

Also, we kindly ask youWe also recommend that you

Entering Italy

The Ordinanza 29 luglio 2021 defines 5 different categories of countries and the relative framework for travels to and from Italy.

Which country is currently on which list can be found on the website of Ministero della salute

The legal framework in Italy

The organisation of and participation in trade fairs in Italy is mainly regulated by three legal decrees:

  • Decreto legge 23 luglio 2021 n. 105 
    This legislative decree sets the framework within which economic and social activities can be carried out, taking into account the pandemic.
  • Ordinanza 28 maggio 2021
    This ordinance regulates in detail how trade fairs can be organised. It makes the protocol drawn up by the Italian trade fair association AEFI to the state standard.
  • Decreto legge 22 aprile 2021, n. 52 
    This legislative decree defines the standards of the certificates that must be presented before entering restaurants, sporting events, etc. and also trade fairs.
  • Ordinanza 29 luglio 2021
    This legislative decree contains the regulations for entering Italy. It divides the world into 5 lists and establishes the regulatory framework for each of them. More detailed information, see paragraph “Entering Italy”

*dPLF - digital passenger localisation form

Passenger Locator Forms (PLFs) are forms used by health authorities when passengers have been exposed to a contagious disease while travelling on board any mode of transport (ship, plane, train, bus or car) to facilitate contact tracing. The information contained in PLFs can be used by health authorities in destination countries to contact passengers quickly to protect their health and that of their contacts and prevent the further spread of disease. PLFs are therefore a fundamental tool for protecting individual and collective health.

Countries requiring PLFs currently use paper forms or online digital PLFs. To combat the COVID-19 pandemic, a website was developed to promote the use of a single European digital form - the EU Digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF) - with the aim of facilitating the use of PLFs in responding to cross-border health threats. This digital format allows for easier and faster data collection and exchange, making contact tracing more effective and efficient in combating the spread of COVID-19.