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QUiCKFairs® Coiltech Italia 2021

Pordenone, 22/23 September 2021

Visit Coiltech is also a pleasure because of the culinary experience

Coffee and water are on us

A coffee or a water is simply part of every project meeting or negotiation. To save participants waiting time and cash exchange, the organiser of Coiltech Italia 2021 will provide water and coffee free of charge to all participants.

The consumption of other drinks and food offered in the bars and restaurants is available at a flat rate.

If you book this online in advance, you pay €9.90 per day for all consumption. If you purchase at the fair, the price is 19.90€ per day.

The online pre-sale is available exclusively in the MyQUiCKFairs account. All you have to do is choose the day(s) on which you want to take advantage of the gastronomic offer of the exhibition and pay conveniently with your credit card.Once the payment gateway has confirmed that the payment has been made, the badge is activated to gain access to the restaurant and the paid offer at the bars.

What you get for your money:

The offer at the bars

The offer at the restaurants

Networking Get-together starting at 4 p.m

LTC Group and Von Roll together with Coiltech invite all participants to the Aperitivo

Most of the participants have not seen each other in person for almost two years and are looking forward to seeing each other again and to the opportunity for an informal exchange.

The get-together is intended to make exactly that possible. We are pleased that the LTC Group is supporting us with Spumante and Von Roll with beer. Trusted chefs will serve specialities freshly prepared from the northeast of Italy.  

The official opening time for visitors ends at 6 p.m., so there will be a smooth transition from negotiation to Get-together time. Therefore visitors are also cordially invited, firstly, to participate in the Get-together, and secondly, to stay at the exhibition beyond 6 p.m.

The consumption of all food and drinks is free of charge from 4 pm.

All this together should also ensure that the visitor concentration is smoothed out: Many visitors come to the Fair during the first few hours and leave during the afternoon; with this concept, we give visitors an incentive to come to the Fair later and stay longer.